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Wiz el Poderoso 08-17-2012 10:01 PM

Idea for start game
Pre-Game Item Select!

I wondering who else would support an addition to the runes or mastery page (or its own page). This page will have a set of different item classes you would like to purchase, so when the game starts you can just stroll off to your lane or jungle.

For example, I make a General Jungling Rune Page for Warwick, along with a General Masteries Page (just for example) and now a Items Class (can be named whatever if it gets put into game lol). So as soon as I enter the game I see a Cloth Armour, Ward and 3 Health Potions in my items slot as I picked it pre-match. I know Jungling is a bad example as you have to still wait for spawns, but I'm sure some people can see the potential in this.

dk if getting off to a quick start is as important to other players but to me and my friends we generally like to have every (fair) advantage we can. This could be a Toggle setting so you could choose to have classes or do it the old school way and just wait 'til you're in the game.

Thanks for your time and consideration! :)

Wiz el Poderoso 08-17-2012 11:49 PM


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