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Moelon 08-16-2012 12:26 PM

'Ability Power Master Yi' is the future.
Alright, ap yi in my opinion is probably one of the most powerful champs in league right now... and forever. As master yi is my second most played in ranked at the moment and picking him in queue, it is frustrating having people complain every single time. Now, people think that ap yi is "just a q and a meditate that can be cc'd". Wwll, usually by 30 mins a farmed ap yi like myself has a full build. (SorcShoes/Rabadons/DFG/LichBane). By this time, 1 group fight by baron pit will end game. Now lets assume were in ranked 5's and people understand to target the carries. You get your team to go for the ad carry while you ult - dfg adc- q - basic attack (dead adc 95% time unless bv or such). Then you q again to focus the ap carry. And q again and again and only if in desperate situation you meditate. But remember that basic attacks with his ult can help out + lich bane. To conclude, please stop saying "omg, troll ap yi" and such because with a good team and in the right hands, ap yi will win games. gg.

mrevan387 08-16-2012 12:30 PM

so bad in ranked 5s

ehgamer25 08-16-2012 12:31 PM

not viable in ranked 5s

Neoman321 08-16-2012 12:42 PM

ad yi>ap yi

Rambo Marino 08-16-2012 12:46 PM

Standard AP Carry > AP Yi.
Yes, you can build AP Yi and melt ADCs if you're farmed. So can every other APC in the game. They're probably a better choice for range and utility.

Shashakiko 08-16-2012 12:49 PM

But in team fights he can just alpha strike 4 times in a row basically. lol if you burst someone, then alpha strike refreshes and those alpha strikes can hit 4 people in a time..
and who saves stuns for the end of the battle where yi heals and gains 200 +armor and mr

SG WildRaptor 08-16-2012 12:56 PM

So whoever says ap yi is bad/not viable...
First of all viable means "workable"
Second of all, you guys must suck to not make him viable enough...

KenjiKitsune 08-16-2012 12:58 PM

Totally agree with TA Breezy..

TempName3741 08-16-2012 08:14 PM

u know what f***s up a AP yi's day? Cho'gath's rupture.

AlphariusRising 08-16-2012 10:16 PM

He dunks all over ARAMs, lol.

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