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ViolentlyCar 08-15-2012 12:47 PM

Let's talk about Revive
As any reasonably high level player knows, revive is not an option. If you aren't taking revive, you're severely handicapping yourself not only for the opening fight of the game, but for general map control. It is, in my opinion, more required on Dominion than Flash is on Summoner's Rift, but is this really such a bad thing?

I'm going to quote Sauron's explanation of revive in his excellent Dominion guide, as he says it better than I could:


Originally Posted by Sauron
Everybody always wants to ask me why Revive is so important in high Elo. For a bot laner, the reason is simple: you can get right back to your capture point before the enemy can neutralize it, even if you died to a gank.

For a top laner, Revive is more of a list of reasons:

-Very strong in the windmill fight.
-Stronger than Ghost.
-Allows you to distract enemies in a lost team fight by running away from your team.
-Allows you to recover from a bad mistake such as getting bushwhacked.
-No other summoner spell is going to let you get out of ganks anyways, especially vs the meta picks.
-Allows you to maintain a winning game in the face of adjusted respawn timers (in favor of the enemy team).

Overall, the pros of Revive vastly outweigh its single con: long cooldown. Specced Revive is absolutely necessary to have, so be prepared to allocate something to the defensive tree.

While it's clear that revive is too good, does that make make Dominion less fun to play? I want to hear the community's opinions. I'm adding a poll, but I'm more interested in your replies.

Psi21 08-15-2012 12:58 PM

If revive is removed on Dominion then flash should be removed on Summoners Rift.

Very few take revive on Summoners Rift.
Very few SHOULD take revive on Dominion over flash but it never happens -.-

OxBaker 08-15-2012 01:17 PM

How come there's no option of "I enjoy revive but it's not a required choice". I enjoy Sauron's guide and agree with him on a lot of point but I don't check my mind at the door and blindly follow everything the "experts" say. Despite how good it is, the fact that you get to use it so few times balances it reasonably well vs many other spells.

I'm fine with it staying in and just shrug when I see it in games as it seems to have no more overall impact compared to other viable summoner spells.

Phourc 08-15-2012 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by Psi21 (Hozzászólás 28280840)
Very few SHOULD take revive on Dominion over flash but it never happens -.-

How do you figure that?


Originally Posted by OxBaker (Hozzászólás 28281405)
I'm fine with it staying in and just shrug when I see it in games as it seems to have no more overall impact compared to other viable summoner spells.

Then you haven't seen it used well, what converted me to running revive was barely winning a windmill and a single enemy came and took it back from us with 400 bonus health xP

I believe I once heard a top player say that if revive were ever removed, everyone would just run exhaust/garrison, because sadly, those three summoner spells are just massively better than the other choices on Dom. (Not that others aren't often run, they just are fairly niche in comparison)

lbgsloan 08-15-2012 01:59 PM

With season 3 I assume they're going to take a look at the summoners and masteries again. Personally I'd like to see Revive replaced with a rebalanced Barrier, and hopefully they'll do something with Promote and Surge to make them viable picks; or just replace them with new spells. I suspect they'll do something with CV as well, since not a single soul used it after it was nerfed.

Phourc 08-15-2012 05:21 PM

Cause barrier will totally help break the bruiser meta xP

DiscworldDeath 08-15-2012 09:53 PM

I want to vote for both 1 and 3 ;)

I enjoy revive. I think everyone has revive makes for fun games. It's still detrimental to the game by limiting a choice, even if it creates some strategic depth elsewhere (I'm only baiting their Revive. Their revive is off, do X - though this is more binary).

SkiTzSkip 08-16-2012 12:31 AM

Ah the Revive discussion yet again. This is how it goes really, personally as do a lot of others beleive it is second to none you have to have it to play high elo Dominion. However, as good as it is... It does have an extremely long cooldown (which is why a lot of people talk it down) now say you get a mediocre player whom pops it at the wrong time it definitely is a waste of them taking it. Revive is very much so a strategic summoner spell and if you're not switched on, you can't just click it when you die and hope for the best coz half the time it's not gonna do anything. Whom ever said you rarely get to use it, you either a) die to much... or b) not at all. Whilst KDR isn't as strong an influence in Dominion as it is in SR. If you're dying a **** tonne, there is a lot of outnumbered fights where your team WILL lose caps which therefore you will lose the game.

Anyone that doesn't use Revive currently and is interested in doing so, I highly suggest getting amongst watching the Dominate Dominion tournaments held every weekend and watching how it works and how it is used well (more with the high seed teams) and find a few high elo players who stream watch and learn before delving right into the deep end.

Tylerpb 08-16-2012 01:39 AM

I wonder if it would still be so important if they toned down the bonus hp and movement you get with it. It kind of feels like that stuff was added on because they thought there was no way to buff the spell so much it actually became good (as in SR). If all it did was bring you back from the dead with no bonus it would still be pretty much mandatory for bot lane and have potential at top but I doubt it would be mandatory the way it seems to be.

Risemix 08-16-2012 02:02 AM

Revive's pervasiveness is a bit of a problem, but SR suffers the same problem. Only a few summoner spells are worth taking on any map. On Dominion, it's usually Garrison/Revive/Exhaust. A few champs can use Cleanse or Ghost, and Alistar can use Flash.

On SR, it's usually Flash, Exhaust, and Ignite. The game grew out of CV and Heal for the most part. Most other summoner spells are niche or not as strong, or Smite.

It may appear to be a Dominion-specific problem, but really it's just a matter of summoner spell balance overall. If Exhaust and Garrison are really strong on Dominion it isn't that big of a problem. The problem is just that the rest of them can't compete. Like, who is going to use Surge? :\

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