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Treza 08-15-2012 12:54 PM

kayle awesome now?!
kayle was my first love and she got a small buff on her heal a few months ago and last night got what i consider a pretty massive buff to her righteous fury, doubling its ap scaling from 0.2 to 0.4. ap kayle is now much more viable than she used to be because her heal also scales on ap obviously. building ap gives you stronger on hit with righteous fury!

first game with her post buff i went for zerker greaves although i meant to go ninja tabi but anyway, then i build straight into nashors tooth and instantly i became such a threat! not sure what my attack speed was but righteous fury was hitting for 60+ 28 or something and then combining that with a malady and kayles passive i was hitting like 100 righteous furys + malady proc it was pretty crazy! combine malady defence shredding with kayle passive and magic does basically true damage after 3-4 basics

went 5/0/3 for an enemy surrender (didnt kill riven at all in lane) with my ult and heal i could simply walk into 3v1 mordor and come out with doubles assuming my team had roughed them up a bit! awesome! i think kayle might be really good now

the enemy team did seem a little disorganized and olaf jungler really couldnt gank me/didnt but still it seemed like i was "fed" after just farming myself a nashors/malady combo then just started killing people for fun

AlphariusRising 08-15-2012 01:05 PM

Kayle has always been awesome.
the 0.2 buff means that with a Deathcap she will be doing 36 more damage per hit 72 damage total now.
Infinity Edge is still the superior option with 80 more damage per hit + crit change so IMO you should still just build her as an AD carry or a Hybrid.

Treza 08-15-2012 01:08 PM

if you go for the ad carry route though your heal does less, your q does less, you cant have e active 100% of the time, and your ult cooldown would be longer
and yeah i liked kayle a lot before these buffs (one of my favorite champs) but it seems a lot stronger now

also, malady + nashors is like 4400 gold, infinity edge alone is 3800

and yeah your basics would do about the same maybe a bit more with an infinity edge, but your attack speed is *significantly* higher with the nashors/malady combo and you cant ignore the cooldown and heal improvements

infinity edge + phantom dancer combo costs like 6600 and youd still have less attack speed. you can do a lot of things for 2200 gold.. i just dont see the standard ad carry build as being the best for kayle. but if it works for you and others go for it its definitely an option whether or not the best, hard to say really

Treza 08-16-2012 12:53 PM

bump because its true! 3-0 in ranked since the kayle buff.. shes so amazing solotop. once you get nashors the cdr mana regen and damage/attack speed just crushes your enemies! i havent been pushed from my lane yet! i was in game vs malphite last game and even he wasnt winning trades with me. i quietly farm and once i get nashors+malady its gg, i go team fight and we just push endlessly and nobody can stop it because kayles ult is ridiculous when ur ahead

shes really so amazing now. support kayle is kinda meh, but lane kayle is the nuts

although this could all just be attributed to being against less skilled players and such, but ive pretty much been dominating with her since the buff

also for the first time i am past 1200 elo!! 1220!! :):)

KenjiKitsune 08-16-2012 01:01 PM

I agree with Treza, but only for early game...and Korean pro teams are all about the snowballing method!
So if you snowball early you'll win late...Alpharius sucks just search his elo up

Treza 08-16-2012 01:29 PM

i wonder how long until it really catches on.. i just engaged a same level rumble lane partner and he was doing fine until i had malady/nashors. once i had those items i slowed him he slowed me and engaged, i ulted he died i walked away at full hp! kayle op kayle op

if you look down a bit, youll see thats 4 straight ranked games victory as kayle solo top.. man shes good now!!

TempName3741 08-16-2012 08:16 PM


She didn't need the buff.

She got the buff.

And yes. She dominates lanes.

AlphariusRising 08-16-2012 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by KenjiKitsune (Hozzászólás 28315537)
I agree with Treza, but only for early game...and Korean pro teams are all about the snowballing method!
So if you snowball early you'll win late...Alpharius sucks just search his elo up


Level 22.
Go ahead and say you're a smurf, and then tell me why I couldn't be a smurf too.

I don't suck because I disagree with someone.

FraggingBard 08-17-2012 12:07 AM

The main disadvantage of AP Kayle was that her Q was the only thing she had going for her. Granted, it's a great Q, but everything else kinda sucked. Now that her auto attacks get a bonus with AP, all of her skills now work for her as AP rather than 1 great, 1 okay, 1 lolno, 1 okay.

She still works alright as a support, but only in the Karma, Lux, Ori way. Needs CS and AP/CDR in order to do it well. Soft support, soft dps, fantastic mix. As you seem to have seen in your 4th and 5th game, she's very squishy, very team reliant, and can be shut down early. The buff definitely helps though

Treza 08-17-2012 09:34 AM

yeah i dont like support kayle at all i feel very useless when i play her as support. its not even that she is a horrible support because her heal is on a fairly short cooldown for what it is, its just that she has so much untapped potential when shes played as a support!

the game 5th game i think when i lost it was mostly my teams fault. sure maybe i could have left my lane and supported them when they started to sink, but kayle is a snowballing champion and i need that farm! my team was chasing people into the enemy jungle and getting picked off, engaging the enemy team when they were already well behind in kills and cs, i had 2x the cs of the ad carry.. things like that.. im not so sure about team reliant since kayle is in my opinion one of the strongest 1v1 champs, but nobody can win with a team that just didnt play well. yeah maybe i could have made a difference, but im not going to follow my teammates to their deaths. one time skarner comes to gank, i think we actually got the gank, and then we checked their blue. it was up and we (i) took it, then we see someone on our way out, i turn and chase for a second, they got down to about 1/4 hp, but i glanced at the map, all mia, i ping like crazy to fall back he chases enemy team down to the opening near wolves and gets jumped on by 4 people. proceeds to blame me. i told you to fall back, we didnt need that kill. we got a kill and a buff now lets use that advantage elsewhere.. nope! im gonna die in the enemys jungle, essentially turning our 1+1 assist into a kill +3 assists, meaning we lost our own gank.. pretty sad

same thing happens bottom. we take dragon, theyre on our heels. i chase briefly to their wraiths, and then ping like crazy to fall back. the rest of my team goes deeper in, and get completely caught and picked off down by their red, meanwhile im back at base spending my dragon gold! im gold pinging like a retarded kid learning morse code but for what? we just grabbed an objected and got somewhat back in the game only to have it wasted.. its just poor play like that which caused that defeat! maybe it could have been different had i stayed both times, but i likely would have just been the second death and the eventual ace. we were already down 7 or 8 kills and bottom tower but instead of trying to catch someone with their hand in the cookie jar, we take the cookie and then dance around screaming hey enemy team my hands in the cookie jar nanner nanner boo boo

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