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Man Dinh 09-12-2010 07:54 AM

The WCG Experience - LoL
So here I am and it is 8 in the morning. I have been up for 2 hours now, just about as much as it takes to sober up from the LoL crew's Epik drunk bowling. I am actually still dead tired but I think it is much more productive writing about yesterday's match than listening to Chauster's two tone symphony 2 nights and mornings in a row. Enough of the preface lets just jump right into it.

Coming into the game yesterday, I personally knew two things were certain. One, CLG was going to ban twitch, and Two they were going to go after my nuts in game. It was 2:30 PM, two hours before the match and we were all pumped. We all pulled each other aside and said, we need a team meeting to strategize for the match. After an hour long discussion we had agreed that Ezreal with a red buff is still the most broken thing in the game and giving CLG the Taric/Garen Combo.

Initially we expected the draft to go as follow: Ez/Twitch/Amumu/Taric as bans
EPIK: Vlad
CLG: Garen/Kog
EPIK:Miss Fortune/Janna
CLG: Sion/Morgana
EPIK: Nunu/Tristana
CLG: Udyr (or some type of jungle)

In our minds, we were almost certain that was going to be our line up for the match. After finishing the plans for the first match we barely gave any thought to the second game, packed our mouses and keyboards and headed to the venue. Upon arriving, we met up with Matt Marcou, to set up our gears and do our manual draft outside. As we were walking out, I remember our team using some reverse psychology to psyche them out. Saying something familiar to, "Miss fortune is OP" and me responding with, "Lady Luck is on our side." Immediately, the other team contested saying that Miss Fortune is banned from the tournament even though every other aspect is live, up to date, and playable. Because of the disagreement, Matt, pulled Araragi, Hotshot, Elementz, and myself aside to debate it out. After much talking and deliberation, Matt and Phreak went to talk in private. I remember so vividly when the came back and ruled, "Miss Fortune is In," I was thinking so fondly in my head, man that was some epik trolling my team did.

Immediately after, we gathered our entire team and started to do bans and picks for round 1. Since, we were first pick this time (a luxury we did not get either match of the online elimination tournament) we were 2nd ban. The ban draft started with them banning Twitch (I'm not surprised), then we banned Taric/Ezreal. Then they banned Kog'maw which was an unexpected move. Which I thought will completely, change our game. Continuing on with the draft, we first picked Vlad (a move every one expected). But the game completely, I mean completely changed when CLG picked Morgana and Amumu. In my mind, I was thinking, this game is ours for the taking. What were they thinking... giving us Garen...

You can safely assume that we took Garen/Janna for our 2nd and 3rd pick to counter Morgana and Amumu. Switching over to CLG, they picked Sion/Nidalee (completely expected move). Then finally for us, we took Tristana/Nunu (there's a story behind this and we have been using them since our last loss when they banned and picked all my best hero). Finally, the most surprise was their last pick was Ashe and I was rather happy. I remember thinking in my head, Tristana will murder Ashe if Jiji lane against me.

After the intense 15 minutes long ban draft session. We were all pumped from the tension and excitement and started approaching the stage. I remember walking through and giving the fan fist pounds and high fives. Right when I got on stage, I looked down and was amazed. It was a little venue but we packed the seats and had people standing to watch which no, other game was able to do. I mean, League of Legends felt real to me and this was the first time I thought League of Legends is going to get huge. I can put down as much money as you want and bet you, that our match had the largest and most enthusiastic audience. At one point their screaming and cheering sent chills down my back.

Right as the match started, CLG had already knew that we were up to no good. The plan that we had decided on before the game started was for Garen to buy boots and ghost to the Elder Lizard to drop a ward so we have Nunu teleport in to consume smite steal it. As Garen ran in to drop a ward we all saw CLG hiding in the bush right above and it totally put us all on edge. That my friend was when the tension first started building up. After that we kind of just waited for someone to peak around but nothing really happened and so we went to lane and farm. I remembered, laning against Hotshots Nidalee and thought man, I probably cant kill him but I can sure as hell harass the **** out of him. Every chance I had, I would push his lane to tower. When he tried to play offensively, I would trade a hit for a hit plus an explosive shot which heavily gimped his healing. After a while, I felt in rhythm because hotshot had drop so low that now I was just getting free hits on him. He was no longer in range for my explosive shots but I was free to hit him every time he was out of position.

My first big move was when Hotshot was in the brush poking out. I knew thinking in my head that I was not going to kill him if I rocket jumped on him. The best I can do was to force his flash or ghost or send him back to base. I did just that and right there I implanted the fear of what Tristana's early game burst is capable of making him play even more defensive. At one point, I saw Amumu running to doing the red buff and before he had even started, I called for Nunu to prepare to gank him. The plan was already set before the game. I had said, "the moment you see him, ditch whatever creep you are doing, pill back, and port on his Red and steal it. 5 Seconds later, I panned over to Amumu doing red and started screaming, "where is Nunu, why didn't you stop him from doing red." After seeing lizard at 50% health, I knew it was hopeless and went back to free farming.

Now, that Amumu had red, I was a little bit on edge. I started playing very passive letting my early game dominance on Nidalee slip. I had to stop farming and brush check to see if Amumu was up to no good once in a while. After brush checking, I resumed being very aggressive at farming again. I knew I had to farm as much as I can and stop Hotshot as much as possible. Then came, the most memorable part of the fight. I saw Amumu peeking out of the brush and ran right for me. I instant popped ghost and waited for his bandage, to do my cleanse jump combo for maximum effectiveness. I remember hearing the crowd screaming, "OOOHHHHHHH ****" in anticipation. The the bandage came. Then I cleansed thinking I was good to go but then immediately when I cleansed, I was smacked with an Arrow!" My heart literally skipped a beat as the crowd burst out in yells and screams. All I can hear were the screams of anxiety and excitement at the same time hearing myself say, "oooohhh ****." Fortunately my cleanse had reduced the duration of the stun and I was able to rocket jumped out. Then as Nunu teleported in, it deaggro'd the other team.

After that happened, I told myself, "theres no way I can let that come close to happening again." So I bought a ward and dropped it at river. At this point I had 1 mission. It was to farm and farm as hard as I can. We were likely, out comped early game but Vlad is one of the most destructive force end game and the same with a blood boiled Tristana. We knew for certain, even if they win early game, we can turn it around after 40 minutes. At this point, my goal was to just keep pushing top. Its going to give me a lot of farm and force the other team to come to me taking pressure off my allies.

*******************Continuation from the last Post**********************

One thing I fondly remembered was that I warded top and every time I see Nidalee leave, I just pushed really hard. In my mind, the two highest damage output with survivability late game is Twitch and Tristana. There was no doubt in my mind that if we drag the game out past 30 minutes, the game will be in our favor. At this point, I was just trying to get in the zone for farming and at about 10 minutes in I hear a "FIRST BLOOD," My heart raced for a bit and I was internally very happy because I expected to be losing the first 30 minutes. That first kill was very important because it made use lose our disadvantage faster.

After the first blood, I continued to farm really reallly really hard. Because I knew how important it is for me and Salce to farm. I remember keeping a ton of pressure on Hotshot up top. After coming back with a pick axe I can tell that HotShot was feeling the heat. Immediately coming back I did a Jump, Explosiveshot, and Buster shot combo on her with 2 auto attack chipping off a little more than half his hitpoints. I can hear the crowd going wild and I knew that was very important. It signaled to Hotshot that he cannot play the farm game against me and if he is low enough I can Gibb him. After a while it felt as though he didn't want to lane against me anymore and left me with Kobe's Amumu. I was thinking my head, "this is great, free farm ftw."

After another 2 minutes of free farming, Hotshot came back up to to try and gank me. At the same time, I saw massive pings on the map telling me to cut off Ashe. I kind of hesitated to myself because I would have been sandwiched by Amumu and Nidalee. I made a run for it anyways and tried to clip Ashe with the inside of my rocket jump to damage him and get as farm from Amumu and Nidalee as possible. I missed it but my auto attack and Buster Shot finishes off Jiji's Ashe. Once, again a very important kill for us, especially because they are up on us from Dragon.

After killing Jiji, I immediately resumed farming top against hotshot. By not I am lvl 10 and my range has gotten so long that he can no longer leap to close the distance. Hotshot miscalculated the distance a couple of takes and took some hit, then left lane again for me to free farm. Several moments later, he came back with red buff. I was thinking to myself how irritated I was at his red buff. Now he can finally throw a spear at me and exchange hits then cat form combo me. To my surprise, instead of exchanging hits to chip me, he would take my explosive shot and auto attack and back. Then he would run into the brush when Amumu came top again which really put me on the edge of my seat. I remember every time they do that, I had my finger positioned over cleanse and rocket jump to immediately escape what very well could have been a gank. After a min or so of passive farming I knew Hotshot had left again so I started bossing around Amumu upto. There is absolutely no way an Amumu can touch Tristana. In hindsight, I kind of felt bad for him and appreciated the free farm at the same time.

It wasn't until about 18 minutes into the game that their entire team went missing. It made me kind of ancy again. Then I looked mid and saw 5 of them with Xcessiv caught in the middle and thought, "ah ****. They are going to gank him then push." I needed to reinforce immediately. Upon Arriving, I saw Araragi's Nunu getting caught in Morgana's binding then got stun locked by Sion. I used my BusterShot knocking them all back then Grafic used Janna's Monsoon and I thought phew, if Araragi dies, they will have a tremendous lead. Two seconds later, Araragi dies to ignite and I remember screaming out, "why didn't you stay in Janna's Ult!" Then I mentally faced palmed myself and continued holding them off of mid tower.

****************Typing so much in 1 sit in is hard!*************************

Game 1: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9507051
Download http://ustream.vo.ll...751_9507051.flv

Game 2: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9508719
Download: http://ustream.vo.ll...751_9508719.flv

kcuf 09-12-2010 07:58 AM

Good read, hurry back from breakfast :P

Also, I have some questions if you wouldn't mind answering them.

1. I noticed that EVERYONE in game 2 had ghost, and almost everyone but 2 had flash. What I want to know is, do you think Riot should do something about these summoner spells, as they are making early - mid game very boring to watch.

2. As the camera panned over to your team playing, I noticed that all the computers were right next to each other. Which gets me, why would you be talking in chat if you could communicate so much easier by talking?

3. From what I saw in game 1, about 40 minutes into it, was HotshotGG getting caught out as nidalee in the jungle, and of course your team straight away jumped on her. This was bad positioning by HotshotGG, and as soon as she died your team was free to push, leading to a win. So my question is, do you think that mistake by HotshotGG could of possibly won you that game?

ILiekTehMudkipz 09-12-2010 07:59 AM

your hiemer was pretty pro....

omgwtflolbbl 09-12-2010 08:07 AM

I'm interesting in what you have to say about the lag. I noticed at times that you guys were complaining about moves being unresponsive and I even noticed on the spectator stream that there were quite a few lag spikes, and there was one really noticeable moment where Miss Fortune used her ult and it fragmented into sporadic bursts because of the lag, made it really obvious.

paiN eL Traidor 09-12-2010 08:13 AM

downvote this

SlyGoat 09-12-2010 08:14 AM

Livestream viewership tripled between when I started watching and when LoL started, by the way. A little bit surprised by that; the CS community has seen thousands of matches by now so of course they don't have the enthusiasm of the LoL playerbase for really their first major tournament, but I was expecting viewership to spike more for SC2 - it really didn't, and the gradual trickle of people coming into the stream all pretty much asked the same thing; "When does LoL start?" (it actually got a little annoying after a while).

Safe to say everyone came to see Dan. :3

samsterlicious 09-12-2010 08:20 AM

good read. these nagas got nothing on you dan

omgarm 09-12-2010 08:28 AM

I stayed up until 2:43am watching the first game. You can say you got hit by one of the most epic Ashe arrows ever.

Odekuun 09-12-2010 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by omgarm (Hozzászólás 2877737)
I stayed up until 2:43am watching the first game. You can say you got hit by one of the most epic Ashe arrows ever.

...and lived to tell the tale.

Munkiemann 09-12-2010 08:34 AM

chills :D so epic. Both teams did great! But, i was almost certain epik was going to win it. Congrats to both teams.

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