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D3Reap3R 09-12-2010 08:20 AM

Candidate: Twisted Fate
Date: Unknown
Location: Institute of War


A sense of pride followed the tall person suit as his elegant steps softly echoed throughout the stone halls of the Institute. He had long since parted from the common mass of faces he met on his way, as the long halls seemed to stretch for nearing eternities. His coat hung loosely behind him, seemingly gliding and stemming itself against the invisible semi-barrier of the air.

A black hat with golden insignia and garnishes was purposely pushed into the face, hiding his charming features from the immediate, broad glances of possible by-passers. Golden plates with extraneous inscriptions strapped his square shoulders, leaving a hint of charm in the air, protected by a façade of an impenetrable image. A black jacket rounded everything up with similar coloured, casual trousers and boots, which were all embroidered with adornment. He left the image of an conceited man in his early to medium years in life.

Calculating eyes embraced a faint trace of dismay on their way along the stone floor. Lurking gazes carelessly hid their presence for the common man, as their observing was glued onto the adult. One would have dismissed him for a simple person, as near to no one cared enough to actually observe very close.

The appeal would seem ludicrous considering the feared reputation of the man, however did he learn in life that looks may deceive even the most shrewd observer. The fame of the man got the attention of many, parting It was one of the first lessons he achieved in gambling; Everyone deceives and is being deceived.

His long years of gambling literally screamed to keep his senses on overdrive. This path however was a gamble worth to him. These halls may show him the end of long years fleeing from authority replacing it with a life wagering admirable higher than previously; Ever.

Rough, grey stones confronted the individual, as faint lights reflected from a inscription in front of him. Carefully engraved loomed the words The truest opponent lies within. before him.

Without much of a concern portrayed in his expression, his steps flowed straight into the dark surface of the gate, unbeknown for what may come. A stinging sensation forced him to close his eyes, opening his seemingly impenetrable guard for a second as everything seemed to shift for him.

And thus, he did the only thing a gambler of his worth could do - he went all in.


Nothingness emerged around him as everything around him fell silent right away. Nothing dared to disturb the situation, while he still had the familiar sensation of the cards within his hands. Only a slow beeping started to crush into his head; The first thing he noticed now was the burning in his head. The Air shifted to coldness and tasted chemical, the feeling of a wasted environment hung terrifying strong in the air.

Nothing dared to move as his eyes refused to open up yet again; They refused to reveal their shape or the acknowledging towards this place. Faint presences encircled the situation to him as his mind re-produced the following situation.

Rage started to run through him again, but he calmed himself as these were merely memories of his past.

A man of middle age, hair of long and messy shape as well as the entitling of familiar white sheet robe worn by scientist was standing before him, a look of fear, curiosity but also of dismissal gleaming in his eyes."The Experiment... ensued unexpected.", spoke the individual now identified as Dr. Xavier Rath slowly.

"No visible change in appearance. No immediate interaction with any known element causing magical reactions.", continued the man in white gown. He looked over to a attending nurse, which slowly got out of her stunned expression. Nudging his head towards Twisted Fate, she quickly grabbed a needle from the table and walked over, injecting it into him.

The slightly stinging sensation caused nothing to happen. The room remained silent; No light was errupting from a magical reaction. "The injection of the enzyme did not cause a reaction. Subject is still classified as manaless.", finished the lead-scientist with a look of defeat.

The look however changed to a glare again, studying the by now officially self-proclaimed Twisted Fate intensed as he looked further for any oblivious changes, abominating or anything similar related. More Scientists seemed to exit their stunned expression very slowly as their mumbles filled Twisted Fate's ear.

Voices of interest, surprise, seemingly defeat and terrifing arose from the horde of scientists. The slowly raising wall of voices erupted in his head as paining torment and abuse.

Rage raised within him, as the back-then forgotten presence forced itself awake. The try to calm himself remained fruitless. "You...!", he started and attempted to shout as he raised the two cards, wanting to throw them at the scientist. To his former ego, this just couldn't have happened.

It was as if it lost against two of a pair; The knowledge of his bad luck was sickening him, not wanting to believe that all his confidence and his hope got useless. Why did he have to win whenever he attempted, just so he got dealt with the lower fee in situations of actual interest ?!

He worked hard to achieve the ability of casting magic, which he never received due a birth defect. He imagined the way he wandered to get here, holding onto his luck like a cliff in a canyon, as a rush of a back-then unknown power suddenly filling him.

His eyes opened in surprise, widening by the welcoming sensation as he felt himself fade and fall apart, just to reform. The picture of a by-passed place outside of Zaun burned itself into his head. His view shivered, crackled apart and he created the picture of him standing in a place outside of the city. He quickly realized this as the place burned into his mind.

The now three cards within his hand glowed in a bright yellow, a deemed radiating the after-effects of the magical spoken charm. He wore his regular clothings again, having had the cards seemingly encase him like cloth to create them. A smile formed on his face as he remembered the result of the day and the result of his dream; He was able to cast magic ever since and therefore won with the “Lady” again.

A voice slowly revealed itself in his head, breaking the silence of the dawning day like a hammer. "Lady Luck is smiling, isn't she ?", it asked him slowly. The whisper nearly sounding amused, copying a sentence he often exclaimed since then.

Twisted Fate nodded as he pulled cards out of nowhere out, revealing a blue, yellow and red card in his hands. Throwing them wildly in front of him, they increased in size to match the height of a man. The Cards stopped mid-air and towered before him, reminding Twisted Fate of a splinted path in a dungeon.

"How does it feel to share your feelings ?", it asked again as the cards glowed more intensive by each moment. It seemed as if they were challenging him for something. A voice in his head told him to take the challenge, which seemed to challenge Lady Fortune herself. A smile graced Twisted Fate before he slowly trailed through the golden Card in the middle.

The rare smile only seemed to grow as the red and blue cards beside the golden started to break up and dissolve. The results were immediate, as it strengthened his resolve even more to take the gamble. Whatever laid ahead before he finally entered; The “League of Legends” was deciding his dealer for now.

The golden Card shrieked and blurred to it's original state for a moment, showing a familiar shape shared by all of Twisted's magical cards. The Joker's grin seemed to radiate more twisted then ever, seemingly backing it's owner's resolve up before dissolving into magic to air.

To be (further) improved!

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#http://www.twitter.com/D3Reap3R for everyone interested!

suicide4daniel 09-12-2010 10:30 AM

pretty good :) cant wait for the rest~

Booty Colin 09-12-2010 11:12 AM

good writer, sir. 'preciate it :)

iStomp Randomz 09-12-2010 11:48 AM

Make his lore foreshadow TF's nerf.

Darshka 09-12-2010 01:38 PM

It seems as if this champion..

*Straps on laboratory goggles*

Is quite the card

Odysseus1 09-12-2010 06:01 PM

hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha iStomp Randomz i love you

Odysseus1 09-12-2010 06:02 PM

He however, would have no idea that entering this league would destroy virtually every single ability he had at first had lol

D3Reap3R 09-13-2010 01:40 PM

If I may point out; This is the Lore Section, not the Mechanics and Champion Section, so please leave these kind of comments behind and focus at the task at hand. I'll finish it some time soon.

Kazuz 09-22-2010 08:50 PM

I see this is were you spend your time when you are not editing the wiki, back to work Sysop!

Krellnus 09-22-2010 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by D3Reap3R (Hozzászólás 2877173)
A black jacket

I see what you did there

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