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1 LunA 1 08-08-2012 02:40 PM

How to leave ELO HELL
Hi all, I was at 850elo and now I got 1350 elo, although my rating is not high, but still I would like to share some tips of how to leave elo hell.

1. Dragon/Baron force/guard
I find that there are a lot of skillful players in elo hell, but their rating is still very low. I observe that they never know when to get the dragon or guard the dragon. I spectate many of my elo hell friend, and i find that, when they killed their rival at bot, they just keep cs, even the jungler is nearby and ur rival's jungler is dead, they still won't go to get the dragon. They can't fully utilize the adv. of winning lane.

2. Learn to ward
Many support would ward the river, but they wont' ward the back of them, and their own bush, if ur rival push hard, their jungler may probably go through their own turret and hide in your bush. Also the timing of warding and the position of wards is important. When I am winning, I ward my rival's jungle, if i know that I gotta get dragon soon, I will ward whole rival's jungle; vice versa. If I am losing, I will ward my top jungle and their top jungle, since I would predict a baron force

3. Utilize the Adv. to force teamfight
I observed that, many team with adv just hang around, try to push turret but in vain due to the tough defense, then they just hang around and lose lv and let their rivals come back. If u play support or jungler or wtever, get a pink, use it at baron, force fight, or directly take the baron.

4. Summoner's spell
As wtever role, except a few exceptional case like singed, plz take flash. It is not only for escaping. It is very useful in team fight, take an example, a soraka is out of position, she got caught but her team is nearby, then her rival focus her hard, but that soraka heal herself and just flash away, her rival would simply try to catch her and chase her like a boss, at this time, soraka's teammate ace her rival's whole team. What I try to say is, flash is not only for escape, it's for making your rivals get mad and lose focus.

5. Be a team leader
If u are good, tell your team how to play, POLITELY. Morale is the key to win this game, when i was in elo hell, once i won hard and becoz i talk in a bad manner to a taric, he went afk then I lost the game. Blaming won't make your team become better, but communicate and direct them what to do politely would help you win the game. Most elo hell support just sit and "babysit" her carry, claim that she has tried her best to help. But, they never call dragon, baron, direct the team where to go, call mia for mid or top.

6. Help your teammate more
Support could do a lot of stuffs, like a single ward, 75g could help ur jungler to resist counter-jungle, a ward at ur rival's blue could help ur carry and ur mid or even top (when top know that the jungler appeared at bot, he knows that he will be safe for about 2 mins).

7. Fight with purpose
Don't fight blindly, I only fight with reason:
(i) guard/take dragon
(ii) gurad/take baron
(iii) 5v4;4v3;3v2;2v1
(iv) I am leading a lot
(v) Def/pushing turret/base

8. Before team fight, estimate the result
You can estimate the result of team fight by several data:
Kills Score
Dragon (I count it as 2 kills)
Aoe CC
Who's fed now (carry fed or fighter fed could be a great difference)

There are still a lot of subtle skills or tips to win. But i can't write that much. I am not pro I am sure. But i just want to try to help those people in elo hell with my experience.
Thanks for watching and sorry for my bad English.

Sam Is Whoa 08-08-2012 02:57 PM

Ive won 141 ranked games 76 with rumble NEVER taking flash.

Flash is not the end all be all of summoner spells. Its good but not necessary like you state. In elo hell it is almost necessary because ppl dont know how to not over extend.

Your points are good however your reasoning is lacking.

1 LunA 1 08-08-2012 03:11 PM

I agree with you. Flash is not necessary. But bear in mind, you can win it's becoz you are good.
But not everyone is good. Say, if u are blind, u need a stick; if you are not, you don't need it.
Flash is relatively easy to be used for weak players.
Most important point is, what i try to share is how to be an average player, but not a good player.
So I mainly aims on, how to feed less. Flash helps. lol

Swiftblood 08-08-2012 07:58 PM

Wukong needs to take ghost not flash< is another example. I'd recommend it even for bad players on him. Covers alot more distance, and with his W you cover more distance stealthed than you would with flash and with flash theyll see where youre going more often than not, makes it easier to juke, etc. Higher survivability and killrate with it. Used to use flash with him but when I finally switched it up the difference is very noticeable.

HandnDaCookieJar 08-08-2012 08:07 PM

He said there were exceptions. I think a lot of your tips are valid and ones that I try and focus on myself. I think one point needs to emphasized even more though.

Wards win games.

The most convincing victory I had in a ranked game was a game that started with our top saying "everybody buy wards, not just support." As soraka I appreciated that and watched as our whole team bought at least 1 ward every time they recalled if they had the 75g to spare, and we snowballed off of a dozen successful ganks of the enemy in their own jungle.

This can happen in every game you play.

Thanks for trying to help all of us who feel we're stuck at too low of an elo

buddynickles 08-26-2012 05:25 AM

im at the elo where people buy wards but never look at them at least i dont.

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