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Sam Is Whoa 08-05-2012 01:47 PM

10 ways to be a better summoner
10 ways to be a better summoner. Use these rules and you will not only win but you will improve the community and yours and others ranked play experience.

1. Do not call spots. Call preferences. Use words like plz and prefer. Say what your weakest position is. People will be more likely to let you play a position instead of forcing you into an uncomfortable role.

2. As last pick you do not have the right to play any position you want. We have all been there b4 help your team fill a role and ask for help if u need it.

3. If you are told to play a position you are bad at ask NICELY to play a position your good at. However if you can not play a champion that counters the enemy you forfeit your right to switch positions.

4. Never!! Say your playing a specific champ. Own and learn more than 2 champs in any role. Chances are you will counter yourself i.e "malph top" after first pick locks rumble.

5. Always listen to pings from your teammates Regardless. And use pings as well as text. Being on the same page as your team is important. talk and say why you were doing something so they understand you better. But never type during battle or during an escape or chase.

6. A death on your record not directly attributed to a team fight is your fault. 95% of the time you could have avoided it with map awareness wards and sticking with your team. Take responsibility for yourself. Saying my bad goes a long way.

7. Win ALL lanes. There is no excuse for you to not help out another lane if your winning your lane, killed your lane counterpart or have your lane pushed well. Dont complain if you end up 10-2 if you got no assists lane phase and didnt help other lanes win.

8. Side objectives are important. Try to secure dragon often and uncontested if possible. The jungle is an easy way to get gold if enemy is mia and lanes are pushed. Dont lose gold to a tower. Keep baron warded.

9. Remember that your objective is to kill the nexus, not to have the most kills. Do not chase low hp targets(i.e.singed,teemo,shen etc.) through the jungle when your towers pushed or you have the opportunity to push a lane. Towers are your ultimate goal, low hp champs cant defend towers so regardless of kill or not the turret goes uncontested.

10. WARD WARD WARD WARD WARD. There are 5 ward warnings for a reason. All 5 champs have the abilities to buy wards, not just jungle and support. If you see a spot that needs a ward, ward it. You cant afford it is not an excuse unless you finish a core item and have less than 70 gold (you can wait 4 sec for the ward). If its min 28 and you need a ward placed do it yourself or ask nicely for someone with an empty slot to do so.

KaltraX 08-05-2012 01:58 PM

Bump for more ppl to read

Sam Is Whoa 08-05-2012 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by KaltraX (Hozzászólás 27870600)
Bump for more ppl to read

Unfortunately due to a lack of attention span and the sheer immaturity of some ppl this post will be glossed over and not fully read or utilised.

TeknoWizard 08-05-2012 02:16 PM

Alright, I might as well pitch a few in as well.

1. Learn to counterpick, and learn what matchups you can play well. As amazing as you may be, there will always be that one lane you can never quite figure out how to win. Try to compensate.

2. Learn to jungle. If you really want to win, junglers are the best option. Everyone will say that you need to carry. Well, as a jungler, you can get everyone to help you carry.

3. Stop blaming others. Top lane and jungler just died to one person? Don't blame, because you don't know exactly what happened.

4. On the note of number 3, don't piss off your jungler. Seriously. Do that, they will never gank for you.

5. No. Teemo is not the "Counters everything" top lane. Stop saying it.

You got spawned 08-05-2012 02:31 PM

teemo is so underpower i dont know why everyone is losing to teemo in TOp lane
Teemo sucks....
1.Teemo is so fking worthless in team fights
2:Dont fking get poke alot just stay in bush and only last hit
3. But some fking wards and you will own the lane
4. He suck
5. DOnt rage it wont help your teamate getting better it will just discourage them.

Sam Is Whoa 08-05-2012 05:56 PM

Someone hates teemo. I dont mind teemo i mind adc teemo.

On topic: bump so the community can heed my words and make this once again a fun way to play competitively.

Gulrok 08-05-2012 08:51 PM

I like the idea of this thread, however I don't completely agree on everything.

So I'll pitch in my 2 cents, and only criticize / tweak one thing.

Might I tweak this sentence?

2. As first pick you do not have the right to play any position you want. We have all been there b4 help your team fill a role and ask for help if u need it.

Last pick is the most important pick, it needs to either be Top or Mid. Besides that, the first 4 don't matter.

Alrighty, so now onto this top with a bit of pepper.

First Pick - Support
2nd Pick - ADC / Jungle
3rd Pick - Jungle / ADC
4th Pick - Mid / Top
5th Pick - Top / Mid

Now, 2nd and 3 are swappable to counter a lane if needed.

Also, 4th and 5th are swappable. If their Top picks #1 on the enemy team. Then counter him with the #4 slot. As well as say the enemy Mid picks #4 slot, counter him with #5.

It is a big game of just countering. The thing is champions like Shen solo top is easily countered by Vladmire, Rumble, etc. So if they pick a champions that is "OP" just shove it in the ground.

A website like www.lolcounter.com will work;

Or my own personal spreadsheet,
is welcomed to be used too.

kervaak 08-05-2012 09:40 PM

well see...i havent grasped the whole consept of jungling just yet so if im stuck in mid choice like he suggests then well....i have been tryen with fiddlesticks who is fun but who else do you think i should use?

Treza 08-05-2012 10:08 PM

agree with pretty much all points and strongly agree with point 5. so many times i ping around the map to set goals for my team, warn my team, etc etc. only to have them ganked 3 seconds later trying to take down a tower or to have them chase an enemy only to have it turn south.. its frustrating to no end!!

if i may i would like to add another point to it and say try to push all the lanes before team fighting. many times people team fight and lets say we trade 3 for 3, if our minions were dying to towers or taking towers, that exchange went in our favor. when you get to the point in the game where youre all hovering around the middle inhibitor turret, take a few steps back and someone peel off to push the lanes. now 1 of 2 things are going to happen. minions are going to die to turrets and damage them, or enemy team members are going to go tend to those lanes. usually you can push a lane and be back with your team before the enemy can respond, the enemy usually wont notice you have only 4 people at their front turret. the 5th man appears on their map taking minions, you push through 2 waves and head back mid, someone from the enemy team started to head toward that lane to counter farm it after they saw you. youre now back at mid with 5 people while their 5th just went to counter push! man advantage obtained!

another thing to add is to know when to just go balls out and push a tower! if youre bottom lane and you see a somewhat team fight breaking out at mid, your team can most likely atleast hold off the enemy while theyre down a man. use this time to push your lane and potentially take the turret! i find this particularly important when youre top laning because often times fights break out near the dragon area, and instead of backing and ending up being "late to the party" you could have just taken a tower instead. a tower is worth 4 kills! a minion wave is worth just under a kill!

Dat 08-05-2012 10:11 PM

These are ways to become a better PLAYER but not really a better summoner
Good info though

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