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Kiang Li 08-03-2012 04:10 AM

((Closed Role-Play; listed only, please)) - Ruby, Je T'aime Beaucoup
The coasts of Bilgewater were swarmed by pirates and gang members, much like Zaun's but with the involvement of pirates and bounty hunters and less orphans and children, whose fates in the City-State remain unknown. The sun glared furiously into the sandy, salty land, giving it only the grace of a burning hot day. Trades occurred in the place, trades of illegal goods and stolen merchandise. Some of the trades were of weapons stolen from recognised City-States and armour from it, while some were successful experiments created by dark-hearted scientists.

A building sat near the port that took the ships to and from Ionia, without the government's legal conscience. But why is that needed? The southern provinces of Ionia were not well protected at all compared to its heart. The building looked like a store with a counter in front, but when one would come in and tell the store clerk the words, 'I need to settle a bad debt', they would be directed to jump over the counter and instructed to walk to the back room and up the stairs to a boarded-up chamber with a short, old table with seats, a board of bounties and mercenaries required, and a counter that stood in front of the board. It was aging, the house, clearly, but it was at least not the centre of attention, thanking a police station behind it, ironically. But the building looked like a general goods store for buying rum, freshwater and fish such as grilled salmon and dolphin, what bites and pays the hooks of the struggling fishermen. It took attention away from itself, attention that come from suspicion, but it took the attention of people that would like to have a bite or two.

Inside was held a conversation between a ninja and a man:

"So you need help, eh?" the grizzled, muscular man, whose name was Johans, asked kindly of him. In his voice was the true bounty hunter, born in the heart of Bilgewater and a body that is fit even for the age of 68, "I'd get you some on the 'ouse but them mercs ou'there need payment." he turned and looked at the board, pinning an image of a young, redheaded woman smiling and cuddling a man with a scar on his face, into it "...and I dunno 'ous comin' fer the job." he sighed sharply as he leaned on the counter with his tanned arms, looking the ninja square in the eyes with his patched right eye and good left eye, "So, 'ow much's in the bag? Don't need to be nuff s'long as ye find loot in where you're goin'."

Johans had a good clue that Ruby was in Zaun, but the source was not verified well, but he had connections, one of them being the rival of who kidnapped Ruby, and their intentions were already clear in Li's eyes, and his vision; they wanted to take the attention of a strong, versatil Shinobi that had been abandoned by his own nation, isolated and not well known by it.

"It is all that I have." Li replied as he slammed a sack of gold onto the counter.

Johans pried it open and took a peek. His eyes widened as he dipped his hands into the pile of yellow shine in a burlap sack, "Yeah, this be good, lad." he said in a good tone. He leaned closer and grinned at the Shinobi and whispered, "But ye gotta 'ave somethin' fer me if ye wanna return the favour."

"You may take some of the money in the sack. Hopefully it is enough to pay for five people, and an additonal sixth-- you."

((People in this Role-Play:
Kyo Xian
Ahn Leng Sung (Removed due to extended absence)
Mint (Removed due to extended absence)
My usual ninja self
Alter me (Dynamic NPC RP)
Girl me #2 (Gabriella Svana)
Unnamed character(?) (TheShadowOfChaos) ))

Dynamic NPC RP 08-03-2012 04:14 AM

"Ah, but that ne'er get's t' 'appen." Johans said as he leaned back and stood, drumming his fingers on the counter and looking out the small, sunny glow on the boarded window. "'ow 'bout ya get me somethin' from Zaun? Word's gone bad 'bout the place but I 'eard loads of goods better than ours sit in there. I prefer a sword that looks like that one" he gestured to a claymore resting as a wall decoration, on a wooden ornament, on top of the doorway. He grinned slightly as to show his blackened teeth.

Kiang Li 08-03-2012 04:16 AM

"I will try, but there is no promise regarding what I will bring back. It could be a sword, it could be a gun, it could be anything you would value." Li replied calmly, nodding at the grizzled man and blinking once. He slyly waved his hand to gesture the man to keep the gold in the safety of the 'store', at least it would be better off in here than dragging it around from Bilgewater to Zaun.

Paltala 08-03-2012 06:16 AM

Paltala stumbled out of the police station after quite a rough night, "Ugh, need to stay off those spirits." He grimaced while holding his head. His next goal? Find some work. Whatever work it was as he didn't care, so long as it paid. He knew of a little place just behind the police station, ironic considering the sort of jobs that occurred there.

Threading his way through the crowds, he ended up having to take 2 left turns, 2 rights, another left and then 3 rights before he was on the right street, "Bloody authorities, raiding everywhere these days." Paltala spat as he got closer to his destination, walking inside he approached the counter, "I'd like to help someone settle a bad debt." He informed the clerk and awaited further instruction.

Dynamic NPC RP 08-03-2012 06:32 AM

"So long's it pays n' pries!" Johans replied to his new ally. Of course the alliance was established for a reason: Kiang Li would be one of the best mercenaries; taught by the art and wisdom of Ionian martial arts and grown in the furious environments of Bilgewater and Piltover.


The old man in ill-fitting blue trousers and a vest listened to the man's words. He gestured him to vault over the counter as soon as the last customer turned around to eat. If the man would jump, he would be led by a soft, buxom blonde wearing a tight, fitting white shirt and a whiter skirt that reached gracefully down halfway through her thighs. She would lead the man upstairs and to the concealed room, gesturing him to 'hush' with a kind, seductive look, followed by a wink, telling the other person not to speak about what was hidden here. She noticed the conversation between her grandfather and an Ionian and would leave once the man (Mort) had settled in the small meeting room.

((Hitting the sack after this post. Feel free to contradict what the girl does.))

LuckyTripleSeven 08-03-2012 07:05 AM

Ahn Sung walked down the streets of Piltover, everytime he went to the city, he needed to take at least three showers to feel remotely clean again. Regardless, what had to be done, has to be done, money was a little more important than personal comfort. He entered a bar, at least the people were more or less hospitable. A person who obvious resembled a mercenary greeted him.

"I'm looking for work" Ahn informed.

"Meet with a man named Kiang Li, he'll fill you in" The grizzled mercenary said.

Paltala 08-03-2012 08:20 AM

Mort titled his head and nodded to the clerk, quietly vaulting the counter, he followed the rather pretty woman up the stairs. Her little wink and hush giving him a few ideas which would never happen, but he enjoyed them none-the less.

He entered he room, muttering a quick thanks and looked at the two men. He recognized the older man, the one who had given him work before. The other was a bit trickier, the face seemed familiar and his posture was recognizable but Paltala just couldn't place where he'd seen the man before.

Broshevick 08-03-2012 10:50 AM

Kyo walked into the Bilgewater ports, Drayke flying protectively around her. She scanned the buildings, looking for the one a "friend" had suggested. She couldn't believe it, she had lost both her money and her bone sac during her last dig. She'd have to return later to get them, but for now, she was out of food and needed to get some, fast. She found the building, walking straight inside and going to the counter, trying to remember the words he had told her.

"I'm here to settle a bad debt."

Dynamic NPC RP 08-03-2012 01:26 PM

"Look 'ou came." Johans remarked to the man behind the ninja. He was just opening a letter from an unknown client, with a solid letter opener. He stabbed it into the counter, making a loud thud and nearly breaking it in his palm. He looked the man in the eye and asked, "You 'ere for a job?" he asked as he picked up a shelled peanut from a small, worn-out bowl at the end of the counter. He gingerly bit the shell open and put a piece of it between his teeth, swallowing it after a few chews, "There's somethin' goin' on. Ye getta free travel with it too."


The man behind the counter of the store, whose name was Carl, heard the words from a girl. He frowned slightly as to doubt that she knew, or that if she was in the wrong building, but alas, nobody would come here and just say that. This is a store after all. He gestured her to vault over the doorless counter as soon as he'd served two waiting customers. The Ionian girl would then be led by the same blonde, who would direct her where to go, using the same procedure.

Paltala 08-03-2012 02:38 PM

Paltala sat down at an open chair, "If I wasn't here for a job, I wouldn't be here, also he seems familiar." He replied while motioning his head towards the ninja.
"Money is running low and last night wasn't my best. And free travel? Don't they all come with free travel, and usually a free chance at death." He remarked, stealing another glance at the ninja, trying to discern who it was.

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