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TehMightyMidget 08-02-2012 10:26 AM

Riot will NEVER respond to any thread of importance (and here's why)
In the event that Tryndamere himself responded to this, apparently I've been proven wrong. My points still stand, but I'm beyond honored to have Mr. President respond to me.
Morello responded, too? I'm a happy camper.
35 Riot posts and 100 pages later, I want to thank you all for getting this issue noticed <3

Okay, before reading, please know that I am not mad about any of these situations. Many of the comments have made it seem like I am butthurt about not getting my 1kRP, and I'm not. I'm simply fed up with how they've HANDLED these situations.
Still, Riot is a fantastic company, and they're superior in player support to almost all other gaming companies. This thread is to prevent Riot from becoming another Blizzard or EA. I SIMPLY WANT THEM TO HOLD THEMSELVES ACCOUNTABLE

Threads that Riot refuses to acknowledge:
Threads about their awful handling of the 1000RP situation
Threads about Finales Funkeln and how a vast majority of the community wants it to stay
Threads about their nerfing of IP gains
Threads about how they ignore major situations
Threads about LEGITIMATE CONCERNS within their game
Threads about RP pricing and how 3k RP for a skin is too much
Threads about how they broke their promise about either releasing champions UNDER 6300IP or reducing the prices of older ones consistently.
Threads about revamping older legendary skins instead of removing them

Threads that Riot will acknowledge frequently:
Can he guess your champion?
I want to play with a Rioter for my ___th win
Who designed ___? He/She's awesome!
When I was level 1...
Let's educate Cleverbot on League of Legends
Threads about new skins (unless they involve pricing)

It's a very common pattern in these forums. People post legitimate threads/petitions about things that the community cares about, and Riot ignores them until the matter dies. I still have yet to see responses to any of these threads:


Sure, Riot occasionally responds to threads like these, but they never say something substantial. They just talk about how "they care about the community," how they "try their best to make the community happy," and other ways of beating around the bush. They haven't addressed anything like this head on.

Take, for example, the Magnificent Twisted Fate situation. Someone posted a thread about how that skin needs to either have its price lowered or be reworked. A red responded, claiming that a rework was on the way. Less than a week later, MTF and several others were taken out of the store. When asked about this situation, they pretty much said "They're legendary, so we can't lower their price. HOWEVER, they aren't good enough to be legendaries." and said nothing else about it. The 1kRP situation is also similar, since they promised a response and THEN DELETED EVERY POST INVOLVING A SOLUTION.

Riot's strategy is Ignore, Deny, Forget. If they leave the community hanging for long enough, we'll forget, and we won't care. Well guess what, Riot. I haven't forgotten, and I do care. I love you guys, Riot, and I want to see you succeed. However, when you show blatant disregard for the community, that's when I get mad. Please, Riot, we'd rather have you acknowledge your mistakes than ignore them.

To further my point, I guaruntee that no Rioter will respond to this thread. If they do, they will not say anything that really answers my complaints, and will CERTAINLY not address any of the threads I posted above.
Don't just upvote this post, please respond. I want to see this on the front page until Riot mans up and responds.

EDIT: Just remembered this post about the champion free weeks. They wouldn't even acknowledge that...


Originally Posted by CommodoreSkippy (Hozzászólás 27756797)
Don't let this thread fall off page 1, ever.

We're not even asking for action right away. We're asking for communication, real communication. We're tired of having thousands of people speak up and be completely ignored.

Oh yeah, and Dominion. Y'know, if you guys ever decide to stop pretending it doesn't exist.


Originally Posted by Gundaime Kai (Hozzászólás 27758950)
You already know a Red won't post here. It's not something that nobody really cares about. They respond to the pointless, non constructive threads, like "Your last champion is now a wtf". You'll see 11 reds post on that ****. 5 minutes later, we'll see a thread right above that last thread about Buffing Karma, or Dominion changes (needs to be deleted, I have never been so disappointed in a game update since Cataclysm), or anything else the community REALLY cares about. Nothing about ways to fix the game. IDK how many times I've seen threads about game features being added (achievements), or better matchmaking have 1000+ upvotes, 500000 pages of posts... and no Red response at all. Honestly, I used to like Riot, but every patch where we get yet another champion, yet we're still stuck with 10 freebies (not that I need them anymore), or supports being nerfed for no reason, and the champions are still 6300 IP even though Reds said they'd be lowered, it just seems like the ONLY thing Riot cares about is the money. It's a company, I get it, you can't just give ppl freebies. I just miss being able to buy a 6300 IP champ in a few days of hard grinding, instead of 3-4 weeks because of scheduling and, lets be honest, sheer boredom with the game. I'd rant more, but Riot won't be reading this anyway. If so, it'll be Morello with another "community relations phrase" like "We're concerned about the community" or some other bs they're taught to say. I dare Riot to revamp Dominion into an actual map, that requires thinking, and not release a champ for 1 month, I promise you, the money flow won't be hurt so much you'll be shut down.


Originally Posted by CommodoreSkippy (Hozzászólás 27759048)
You know what?

If a red response with a REAL answer in this thread to any of the listed topics, I will buy $5 worth of RP.
If that response is an answer about Finales Funkeln, it will be $10 worth.

Note: A Real answer means a response that is not recycled from earlier, and answer that is not "don't know at this time.", "We're working on it", or any answer already refuted by an existed player arguement.

Basically, I'm gonna keep my money.

Well, time to buy RP eh?

Knicknevin 08-02-2012 10:28 AM

Inb4 thread closed.

Lørd Abel 08-02-2012 10:29 AM

Ima laugh if they respond to this thread


Spirit Raven 08-02-2012 10:29 AM

Bump, My good Sir. We need more Red post on topics we actually want information on.

B0red0mFTW 08-02-2012 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by Lřrd Abel (Hozzászólás 27740754)
Ima laugh if they respond to this thread

Even if they will, it will be off the main topic.

BlueQuail 08-02-2012 10:30 AM

1000 RP was a troll who was begging for a $5 PFE

Captain Flynt 08-02-2012 10:30 AM

Time to ignore all the times they HAVE responded to threads like that to prove your point, amirite?

Tell me, has ANYONE who works at blizzard or EA or 98% of game companies ever responded to ANYTHING you say?

Clearly league's fanbase has lived the good life for too long.

TehMightyMidget 08-02-2012 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by B0red0mFTW (Hozzászólás 27740781)
Even if they will, it will be off the main topic.

Exactly. They'll just give empty apologies and explain how none of this is their fault.

Amumu is Beast 08-02-2012 10:31 AM

Let's report all the Riot members everytime they play a game.

TootlesTheGoon 08-02-2012 10:32 AM

Expecting a Red post about dogs.

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