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YYZed 09-10-2010 05:52 PM

[Open RP] Admist the Ruins
Hey Guys, I don't want to offend anyone but no one else may join at this point, simply because we already have about 15 people and I do not wish it to get too confusing. If you really do want to join apply in the OOC thread with a good reason and possibly a sample of how well you can roleplay.

Out of Character thread for talking out of characters and commenting on other's posts.

Hey everyone, to celebrate the opening of the Lore forums I thought it would be cool if we began a roleplay about Icathia.
For those who don't know its a place mentioned where Malzahar embraced the void and Kog'maw was summoned. It is in the far east of the Shurima desert and from what else is known is that it was a place once civilized.
What can be assumed is that during one of the many rune wars Icathia fell and only now since the arrival of Malzahar and Kog'maw has it been thought for anything to be happening in Icathia.

So anyway I thought it would be fun if we began a Roleplay about some of the league's champions exploring Icathia. Anyone can join with minimal interruption as this is just a quick RP to start, I will try to create more epic RP's in the future.

-Feel free to roleplay as a champion but please don't steal one already taken. The reason as to why we are rp'ing as champions is I'm not sure what we should quite define as the standard RP characters.
-Stay in Character (OOC posts put in parentheses)
-At the start of your post please put what champion you are RP'ing as in parenthesis
-No God-moding (for obvious reasons)
-Please write well thought out Roleplaying posts and not simple "funny" stories.
-Be respectful of other people's posts
-Don't retcon other people's posts unless they are obviously not serious.
-Do not control other people's characters (non player enemies can be described)

The start? The idea is to start in the shurima desert on our way to Icathia. What will we find in Icathia? Only time will tell. (Void related problems)


Pantheon looked out upon the violent sands of the Shurima Desert. Among the dunes he saw nothing except sand, sand, and more sand. He trodded through the sand to the east, to his destination, Icathia.

Pantheon was not part of the society of Valoran for much time yet, as most of his life he lived on Mount Gargantuam where he eventually was given his tribe's sacred spear, which he used to slay many Noxians. Although eventually word of the league reached his ears, afterwhich he decided that his people the stanpar needed a voice in the league. After a quick discussion Pantheon was unaminously decided to be the Stanpar's representative for the league.
After many battles within the Fields of Justice it was finally time for Pantheon's first mission outside of the Fields; his task was to discover what was happening in Icathia and perhaps stop it.

Pantheon stopped contemplating his past and looked to the north, where gazed upon Mount Gargantuam. "I do this for the league, to prove my people's worth," he muttered to himself feeling unsecure about his decision to take this task.
With that Pantheon returned to his task and continued his march to the east. "I will find it..." Pantheon thought to himself.
After that thought Pantheon broke his trod and began running over the next dune, not knowing what would come next.

Kixxie 09-10-2010 05:57 PM

(Not sure how well this will go out, but I'll grab Akali so that way I'll have her in the future, When I have more room open to type, I'll respond. x)

JawKneeYu 09-10-2010 06:04 PM

Sinful Succulene Morgana was waiting over the next sand dune to help Pantheon fulfill his dream of baking. :]

Lu Caos 09-10-2010 06:27 PM

((Dibs on Karthus))

The sand heavy wind buffeted the red cloak of the tall figure, a skinless.. eyeless face scanned the horizon of the desert searching. It had not been long since the coming of the one called Malzahar that did the ruler of the Howling Marsh had learned that there was power in this desert in this place called Icathia. Power that would be his and his alone. Floating onward, Karthus glided across the dunes, the difficult terrain posing the undead wizard no issue.
His staff slung across his back and his tome of magic at his side, knowing full well that there would be dangers of a world seen by few, survived by fewer.
"What risk could this pose me?" The lich thought to himself "I am already dead." A dry chuckle emiting from his skeletal forms as the wind seemed to whistle through the sockets where his eyes used to be.

Petrichor1 09-10-2010 06:34 PM

Mordekaiser spies Pantheon baking with Morgana in the dunes. Hoisting his mace onto one shoulder and he beings to advance on their position. The cookies will be mine........fools.

YYZed 09-11-2010 09:52 AM

Pantheon reached the top of the dune and what he saw surprised him. He saw what looked like a skeletal figure donned in red and black robes. Pantheon was curious as to if what he saw was a mirage or not; but he knew its name. "Karthus," Pantheon muttered to himself.
Pantheon thought for a moment as to what Karthus was doing in the Shurima Desert. Perhaps maybe he overheard his assignment? Pantheon decided that he would approach the lich, and question him.

With that Pantheon ran down the tall dune and tripped. He recovered quickly by using his spear to help hoister himself back up. He then climbed up the next dune quickly. As he reached the top he saw Karthus still there moving slowly over a dune. Pantheon decided he would ask the lich instead of sneak up; as then both might sustain injuries.
"Karthus, what are you doing here?" Pantheon shouted at the undead mage.

Sapphyrite 09-11-2010 10:14 AM

(Mind if I take Malzahar, as your tour guide?)

Malzahar stalked the warrior from a distance, his visions guiding him. Floating effortlessly above the burning sands, he gazed at the other figure, a dark robed skeletal figure as the two approached each other in the distance.

"It is in motion" whispered the voice in his head, flooding his mind with another vision.
A group of figures walked among the ruins of the Sacred, Eternal city of Ecathia, their features blurry and undefined. The Prophet could however distinguish the bulky, robed figure of the lich....or was it someone else?

The vision faded as suddenly as it came, the voice whispering again "Icathia beckons".

Malzahar nodded slowly and hid behind a nearby dune, observing.

notDeAdYet 09-11-2010 12:07 PM

it's hot
he thought to himself, the champion of the league wanders through what seems to be the endless desert.

Ezreal, Ez, his close friends call him, "The great prodigal explorer" as it were. He has a good life, sight seeing during the day, make love like wild animals during the night. He's been with all of them, all the.. human-shaped... ones anyways.

yup, good and spoiled.

How does a former useless human being who would eat dog **** off the street to stay alive become an international sensation overnight? well, underneath the perfect teeth, playboy blond hair and the million dollar smile, he's what you would call parasite, a slimy manipulative good-for-nothing who had a stroke of luck discovering the biggest lump of free gold that fell from the sky. From there, he just simply latched onto the league of legends like the manipulative little ******* that he is.

The league can't get rid of him, he knows things, things the league wouldn't like to find out, things other champions wouldn't like him to divulge, he knew things like how Janna likes to be spanked repeatedly before getting freaky, or things like under the sexy, wild animal that the league market Nidalee as, she's actually a virgin and probably a lesbian as well.
Yes, the great prodigal explorer is the league's number one handy-man, he picks up the dirt the league leaves behind. All the secrets, the good juicy secrets, he knows all of them, champions with questionable sexual preferences if you want to count small things, the league's apparently "legal" but not publicly known contracts with guerrilla governments to produce over 10 million tonnes per day of doranite, which can be made into thousands of rings, shields, etc, or better yet, refined into one big boom, if you want to count big things.

So what is he doing in the desert? who the hell knows, he doesn't even know.
its hot
he thought, again.
it's hot and i'm tied to a... what the hell am i tied to
yes, it seems that the great prodigal explorer overlooked various traps placed in the desert by forces unknown, currently, he is nothing more than food for the vultures with his feet tied to something under the sand.

i smell cookies... and... undead people... and... sixpack, spear and shield, manly undergarments...

this is one messed up desert.

Kuranith 09-11-2010 12:08 PM

(ill come as mundo later. hes pumping dumbells right now)

Cold Fusion 09-11-2010 12:08 PM

(Reserved for Gragas)

Gragas hunched down behind a rock, taking a short break before setting off again. He was being chased by multiple Noxian authorities, after yet another drunken episode. He was without his fateful, endless barrel of wine to drink, and without it, he was weak. As he climbed to the peak of the last mountain before his home, he noticed smoke appearing from his home's location. Shocked, he proceeded forth, and found his home a smoldering ruin. Feverishly searching through the ruins, he found his barrel of alcohol, which had somehow remained untouched by the fire that had decimated the rest of his dwelling. As he continued to search the ruins, he found a large dagger that had been left within the ruins. Curious as to who this could have belonged to, he tucked it away and sat down, observing his ruined home. Suddenly, he heard a loud shout, and an arrow pierced the trunk of the tree he was sitting by. Hastily, he fled east, where he knew he could possibly be safe from the Noxus authorities until the situation blew over.

Hours later, Gragas stopped once again to take a break. He did not know quite where he was, but knew he was many leagues east of his former home. He took a moment to gather his surroundings. There were not many trees, and the grass seemed to be expiring more and more as he had progressed through the mountainside. The Noxian authorities seemed to have stopped chasing him, or lost him. Wondering where he could go next, he heard a noise that sounded a bit like a knife scraping against a bone. Curious but cautious, Gragas got up and slowly made his way towards the noise, quitely uncorking his barrel in case he may need it. As he climbed to the top of a large rock, what he saw both surprised him and scared him. An enormous wolf, many times larger than any Gragas had ever encountered in the league of legends arenas, was gnawing away at what looked to be one of the Noxian authorities who had been chasing Gragas. Slowly, Gragas sunk down behind the rock, as to not make any noise and alert the wolf to his presence. That can't be right Gragas thought.. There were at least 30 Noxians, they should have been able to defend against the wolf.. It doesn't even look injured! Another possible situation then crossed Gragas' mind: It isn't alone. As he thought this, he heard a stamping noise behind him. Slowly and deliberately, he turned around, and began shaking his barrel lightly. Behind him, standing in the clearing, were 2 more wolves, both larger than the one that he had just seen moments ago. Their blood red eyes stared at Gragas, and when they noticed his stomach they began to lick their chops and foam at the mouth. One wolf seemed to grow impatient, and shifted it's weight into its back two legs, preparing to pounce. As he leaped, Gragas moved with stunning agility out of the way and watched as the wolf hit the rock full force. Gragas quickly skirted around the wolf, and body slammed it into the wall once again, Gragas' weight rivaling that of even the largest wolves. Watching this bout, the other wolf seemed to realize that it would not be able to handle Gragas, and howled, creating a blood curdling noise that Gragas had never heard before. As quickly as the wolf began to howl, it then sank back into the night. That wasn't bad, Gragas thought. Guess I had nothing to worry about with those Noxians. He laughed at the though. Suddenly, Gragas saw many pairs of red eyes looking at him through the trees. This isn't good.. Gragas though to himself, and immediately knew he was outmatched. Climbing back to the top of the rock, he noticed the wolf that had been feasting on the Noxian was gone, and there was no longer any corpse. Guess this is the only way to go, Gragas thought to himself. Hastily, he began to run North, with surprising speed and agility. He heard the wolves' claws scraping at the rocks behind him, and that only fueled his desire to get away more. Occasionally, he would hear a lone wolf howling, but never stopped running. After what seemed like hours, the wolves seemed to suddenly stop chasing Gragas. Gragas paused to take a breath. He no longer heard the wolves running, or any howls. That's strange, he thought. Must have found something better to eat. He looked at his protruding stomach.. I guess I'm not good enough he laughed. Relieved that the wolves were no longer after him, he stopped to once again take a look at his surroundings. He seemed to have ended up on the border of the desert. Where the hell am I, he said aloud, as if he were expecting a response. Taking notice of the sky, he noticed that the sun was beginning to rise. I need to rest, he realized.

Stopping for a drink and some much-needed rest, Gragas took a seat on what looked to be an old temple ruin.

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