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Eryn 07-21-2012 03:41 AM

What if Riot Hosted a 3v3 Tournament?
Note: This is a long read. I believe I made some very strong points, and seeing as you are in the Twisted Treeline forum, you may have similar opinions and might just find them all compiled in this thread. Please only vote if you plan to read at least most of the thread. There will be a TL;DR at the end of the thread, but you won't really get the main idea just by reading it. Please read the TL;DR even if you read the entire thread, as it is really just a conclusion.

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I feel like Twisted Treeline is a really great League of Legends game mode, I've recently been playing more of it and really enjoying it. The team aspect is really powerful, and honestly I think for someone who is new to League of Legends, it is much easier to 'follow'. (A full game team fight consists of 6 people rather than 10).

League of Legends is balanced around Summoner's Rift, I understand that. But I do not believe Twisted Treeline is as imbalanced as some people would say.

I've read lots of threads complaining about turtling, jungling, certain champions being broken, certain team compositions being broken, and of course, the nexus turret. But after reading them, I am yet to agree with any of them.

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Problem, or Illusion?

There are no 'pro 3v3 players', there are no 'pro 3v3 teams', there are no '3v3 tournaments', there is *no* reason to be the best at 3v3. The most commonly given reason for why this is the case is because 3v3 is unpopular, and imbalanced.

But let's talk about what imbalanced is. Personally, I believe imbalanced means that you can win the game by not playing at a decent skill level, regardless of what the enemy team does. But does that really *ever* hold true?

Gucci Gamin (27-0)
HaoZ and Friends (64-5)
1300pro (39-3)

If Twisted Treeline was truly imbalanced, how could teams with scores like this exist? Am I to believe that these teams are 'abusing' an imbalanced game play system? Can someone tell me what these teams are doing to win so often, if *not* by outplaying their opponents, both in champion select and in game?

Twisted Treeline is not imbalanced. It is hard. Turtling is not an issue. The jungle is not an issue. The map is not an issue. If these things were issues, there would be no top teams, there would be no best players, there would just be 200,000 3v3 teams, winning or loosing the game via champion select and summoner spells. Twisted Treeline is what it is.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Real Problem

That being said, why is there the misconception that Twisted Treeline is imbalanced?

Yes, there are those games where either you didn't (or couldn't if it's a normal game) ban Singed, or Darius, or Lee Sin, or Jax, and your team was steam rolled as you didn't select any strong champions either. But that doesn't constitute a broken game. There needs to be some champions that are stronger than others in certain fields or League of Legends wouldn't be fun.

I believe the true reason for why Twisted Treeline is often seen as imbalanced, is lack of education on what Twisted Treeline is.

Summoner's Rift has not always been what it is today. The reason we have a support and AD carry bottom, a tank top lane, a jungle, and an AP mid is because *we have a model*. There are professional teams, there are professional tournaments, we can watch live streams of professional games and we can *mirror* what professionals do. Summoner's Rift is *balanced* because there is a set meta.

There is no easy way or popular way to *learn* about 3v3. And you most certainly do not learn about it via playing normal 3v3, or playing what some consider 'low-elo' but is truly *average elo* 3v3. From level 1 to level 30 in most every normal 3v3 game you play, you are scrutinized for jungling. But why? It's commonly held on the 3v3 forums that jungling is a very strong strategy in the Twisted Treeline. Problem is, who is going to show the normal 3v3 players? Who is to set an example and have it make an impact?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A Solution

There is no featured live stream for 3v3, and there is yet to be another big 3v3 tournament. I don't see Guardsman Sám, or HaoZShotGG on the League of Legends launcher. And I most certainly do not see Intel Kiem Treeline.

If we want Twisted Treeline to be more understood, more popular, more played, and more importantly, actually turn it into a competitive scene, we need a tournament, and hopefully featured streamers. This will help calm the ideas that Twisted Treeline needs a heavy 'fix' before it can become popular.

It really saddens me when I see a streamer like 408, an extremely talented 5v5 and 3v3 player, receive 40 or less viewers, while simultaneously Guardsman Bob receives 4000 viewers on his featured stream. (Guardsman Bob is awesome don't get me wrong, but 408 is great too).

Riot, we need a Twisted Treeline shout out. We need a few 'featured matches' to be high end 3v3. We need a featured streamer to be a top tier 3v3 player. And most importantly, we need another tournament. We don't have a model, there is no common Twisted Treeline 'meta'. Twisted Treeline cannot be *evaluated* on balance before a meta is set, and most importantly you cannot change the map before said meta is set. The easiest way to set the meta and calm the whirlpool Twisted Treeline is in all but the highest tiers of game play is to host a tournament.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you to all the readers with the patience to read through this thread. I invite you now to take a vote on the poll. Also, leave a comment, what's your opinion? I think this is a huge issue and I want some more opinions.

Axil 07-21-2012 04:05 AM

It sounds nice but I'm gonna say the map needs to be fixed up before 3s can become popular. It's just not good enough now.

HKnux5112 07-21-2012 04:32 AM

Thanks for taking the time to write this out. I do remember reading there are some Twisted Treeline tournaments, because Taco Storm said he'd been in them a few times, just that they aren't advertised like the big tournaments are.

OnlyBotLane 07-21-2012 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by HKnux5112 (Hozzászólás 27226905)
Thanks for taking the time to write this out. I do remember reading there are some Twisted Treeline tournaments, because Taco Storm said he'd been in them a few times, just that they aren't advertised like the big tournaments are.

Normally they are just small community run tournaments that are 1 offs. Nothing regular, nothing streamed, no large prizes, no sponsors etc etc.

Direwolfzs 07-21-2012 03:38 PM

Totally support this thread, 3v3 tourneys wouldl be nice

WonderSwag 07-21-2012 04:06 PM

You have my support

Galinheiro 07-21-2012 05:54 PM

I agree with everything E1C said. I do not believe that TT map needs a change (sure fountain needs to be further from nexus turret etc. but those are minor things). There is a meta evolving in higher tier TT, but because TT in general isn't very popular, meta isn't solidified/widespread.

Some hype would do TT wonders. If people were aware that it is possible to be "skilled" at TT then I believe it would become popular. What I see is the generalized misconception that you have to play "TT champions" or that it isn't as skill-based as SR.

Sixence 07-21-2012 06:51 PM

--Coming from someone that basically only plays 3v3's--
i would use spectator mode alot more if i saw some ranked 3v3's on the scroll bar.
people that play three's just don't have as much interest in watching 5's.

buddankkush 07-21-2012 07:30 PM

if riot hosted a 3v3 tournament. no competition. i win all

Swaggermane 07-22-2012 01:58 PM

I agree w/ Lixa on this one, just make a few tweaks on the map, and then i think they could host some 3v3 tournaments to make it more popular.

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