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darthheter24 07-20-2012 12:46 PM

Malzahar build
I recently bought malzahar and have done ok i guess but i don't know a great build for him...also i am almost ready to hit 20 and am going to start getting runes what are good for him since i would like to main him.

Amoc 07-20-2012 02:43 PM

Go to solomid.net and look for an approved or featured Malzahar guide. They are usually better than most of the advice you'll get here, which is likely to be all over the place.

darthheter24 07-20-2012 02:48 PM

Thanks i figure that but just was wanting some ppls opinion from our community since i look at this on my phone cuz im not a computer to look it up

XCodes 07-20-2012 04:14 PM

Actually, the Solomid guides on Malzahar are pretty ****. The Featured guide is outdated (like wanting you to take Masteries that don't exist anymore outdated), and the approved guides all make some pretty iffy item picks early, IMO.

A standard 21/9/0 is best for Malzahar, IMO. You should consider donating blue buff to either side-lane or jungle because of your mana recovery, but if nobody there needs it, either, then doing 21/0/9 for extending the duration is not a bad deal.

The standard setup of of MPen Marks, Mana/5 Seals, Flat MR Glyphs, and Flat AP Quints is solid. Whether you go flat or scaling Mana/5 Seals is up to you (I prefer Flat, myself), and if you're confident in your lane matchup then you can also drop the MR Glyphs in favor of Scaling AP.

Start either Boots 3 or Mantle 2 depending on whether you're dodging skillshots (like Ahri) or tanking point-and-click nukes (like Ryze).

First Back:
Buy 2 green wards. Malzahar shouldn't be pushing so much that he's in any real danger of getting ganked, but at the very least you should help your jungler ward.

If you started Mantle 2, buy your boots.

Some guides automatically buy 2 Doran's Rings. This is bad, Doran's Rings are situational items, particularly on Malzahar who has built-in Mana sustain. Instead, check your farm: compare your and your opponent's CS, adjusting them by 15 for every kill you've each gotten, and 9 for every assist you've each gotten.

-If you're behind in this adjusted score by 20ish or more, then you want to buy 1 or 2 Doran's Rings (depending on how much gold you have and your own judgement of your situation, 2 Doran's Rings is generally safer).

-If you're ahead in this adjusted score by 20ish or more, then you should at least consider buying a Philo Stone. This isn't a good idea against matchups that are weak early, but get much stronger later in lane phase like Kassadin, but it generally means that you're pretty much dominating your lane and will make you very difficult to remove from the lane so long as you play smart. I know Philo Stone doesn't build into anything for you, but if you buy it at 6 minutes and sell it at 20, then your build at 20 minutes is exactly the same as it would have been without buying the Philo Stone (except the Philo Stone probably gives you the opportunity to farm more for those 14 minutes).

-If it's about even, then you probably want to go for your usual mid-game items. Buy Needless if you can afford it, or Blasting Wand if you can't. If you're just short of affording Needless, grab Sorc Boots here, too.

Beyond that, the build is pretty typical. Finish Rabby. Then, if you bought an early Mantle, then you should consider Lich Bane as a second item. I'm going to assume you felt the need to grab that MR for a reason, and Lich Bane is one of three items that gives AP *and* MR, the others being Abyssal (which you should also plan on getting if you started Mantle 2), and Athene's (which, under no circumstances, do you EVER buy on Malzahar).

Good end-game items for Malzahar include just about everything that gives 70+ AP except Athene's, Archangel's, and usually Rod of Ages, too (after DCap, the game may not even last long enough to fully empower RoA, and there's also the fact that Malz really shouldn't need RoA's mana).

darthheter24 07-20-2012 04:37 PM

Why not get aa staff and roa they stack together well dont they with mana and 3% to ap

XCodes 07-20-2012 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by darthheter24 (Hozzászólás 27207922)
Why not get aa staff and roa they stack together well dont they with mana and 3% to ap

Because Malz shouldn't need the Mana in the first place, making this setup gold-inefficient and lacking in utility for Malz. AP typically costs 20-21 gold per AP, and mana typically costs about 2 gold per mana. As such, the tradeoff here is that Malz is spending 200 gold for 3 AP after getting AA, which is not only not helpful itself, but since AA pretty much only gives Mana and AP, and Malz doesn't need the mana, then AA itself is also inefficient.

Same kind of deal with Athene's Unholy Grail. The item costs 2950g, but without any of it's mana effects, it only has 90 AP and 40 MR, which are worth, as components, about 2440g. Since non-basic items are designed to be worth more than their component parts, you can generally get items that are more efficient than the price breakdown of their raw stats, yet this breakdown shows that Malz just doesn't benefit enough to make the price tag even cost-effective, much less cheap enough to make it worthwhile.

Now you might be asking why it's different for Lich Bane. Lich Bane costs more, but gives less AP and MR. That said, even though it's 350 mana isn't that helpful, it has two other abilities that are: 7% move speed and the passive. These abilities are, honestly, hard to value. Some level of % move speed, particularly on immobile champs, is always nice to have, IMO, which makes Lich Bane a bit more valuable in that respect. Also, the active can do a lot for Malz's damage output, which can leave something to be desired considering that his non-skillshot, normal spell has a 7 second cooldown and does damage over time instead of all up-front damage. Since these things are nice on Malz, then I'd call picking it up something between a playstyle choice and a necessary evil to get both AP and MR from a slot.

darthheter24 07-20-2012 08:36 PM

You say that athenes ap and mr cost is insufficient but add the cdr as well doesnt that make up the differential of 600g plus the mana to help spam more often?

Aerostoth 07-20-2012 11:08 PM

AD Malzahar is much better; his minions scale off of his bonus AD (1 to 1 scaling, which is 3x more than Yorick's).

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