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NightWolfXVI 07-16-2012 09:19 PM

Having a very hard time with LoL
I keep failing in games I play and if my team can't backpack me then we lose and its my fault and that is very depressing for me. I am currently running with a premade team and they are all trying very hard to help me but in truth I am nothing but useless dead weight because I can never stand up to getting my lane pushed or getting zoned or whatever the correct terminology is. I've tried top. ap carry, and support. My best role is probable support but even that sucks very badly. Basically I am looking for ideas to help me play better and also looking for new ideas for champs. My normal champs that I play are Shen, GP, Mordekaiser, and support Soraka. Other then that I normally dont bother with the other champs I have cause I do even worse with them. I don't have a lot of RP or IP to use so preferable 3150 IP or below champs please. I really hope someone can offer me some kind of help.

Pr0jectseph 07-16-2012 09:31 PM

My first char I found useful (and he is cheap) was Singed.

A very easy character for doing what you seem to have a problem with.

They push too hard? You smoke them all out in a flash and clear your lane.

Need to farm? Your smoke clears minions like nothing.

Someone diving your tower? Your ulti lets you survive....A LOT! plus you can fling them back into turret range.<---got me a LOT of kills

He is a very good champ for beginners I think, and he is very tanky enough (especially with ulti) to pretty much have your poison going and just run around teamfights taking all the dmg while poisoning whatever you can and flinging away anyone who tries to attack your carry.

I'd start with him IMO

Hope the advice helped.

Singed just happens to be coming around for free week! Luckily enough. So maybe give him a try!

NME Potato Zero 07-16-2012 10:27 PM

how about going bottom lane as the ad carry? you have a support (friend) to oversee all of your actions and provide more support, verbally and through actions, since they are constantly monitoring you..also, the only thing you need to know about ad carry is farming and trading with the other ad carry..for last hitting, practice in a custom game or just over time..look at what creeps do and learn mechanics. As for trading, your support can help you decide when and how to engage.

Aametherar 07-16-2012 10:48 PM

You should start with a champ with simple mechanics like Ashe. Also you say you play *list of champs* when learning it's best to stick with 1 champ til you're good at it before moving on.

MoreMedz 07-16-2012 11:56 PM

What is your level? At lower levels, it is ok to lose a lot, because you are learning. Give it time and you will get better.

A good support is actually not that easy to play, since you need to maintain overall map awareness and be prepared to ward to suit your team.

I think having a pre-made team at lower levels is also a bad idea, because you end up running into other pre-made teams, and those tend to have a reasonably good coordination. This makes it harder if you are just starting to learn the game.

Rather than getting new champs, why don't you try to spectate a few public games and compare your gameplay with them? Focus on their positioning, timing and use of abilities. Once you get a better idea of what it is that you need to work on, then we can give you more suggestions.

NightWolfXVI 07-17-2012 12:05 AM

I'm level 22. One of my friends is level 17 and the rest are normally 30s so yea I realize I'm 9 times out of 10 getting my ass kicked by 30s but still its just depressing to die and lose. When I was playing top I died 7 times to Kennen so he was able to snowball the match and my team couldn't do anything to stop him. Another match I died close to 10 times to Wukong and Shyvana when she ganked top.
I know how to last hit but with all the harass and what not its hard to do that. As for the idea of AD carry I wouldn't mind trying that role out. I really liked playing Caitlyn when she was free to play. I tried Ashe but I am terrible with her. There are a few champions coming up in the next rotation that I plan to try and see if I do well with. I appreciate all the tips and ideas you guys have gave me.

mogenheid 07-17-2012 12:31 AM

well getting your runes makes a huge difference so dont be so down. that last and third quint makes a huge difference. i would say learn to play defensively.
say your top:
dont push past the mid river point unless you have a ward a decent way down the river so you can see if a gank is coming. learn to trade blows with your opponent and know your limits.

i like to play garen solo top. he has a great sustain passive, huge damage early game and if played right he can dominate as an off tank or a ad carry if he gets fed. i just run in with my q, crit them, then spin on them while chasing and half way through the spin head back to my minions and continue to farm. until the combo is back up and the enemy screws up and gets to close.

also im sure you are, but use the guides online for build orders, runes and masteries. i use the typical mobafire guides but there is also solomid which i hear is good too.

*also the game is t-u-f-f tough to get into. even at lv 30 if your team doesnt work together you get rolfstomped and feel like rage quitting. so dont worry its not just you. :P

MoreMedz 07-17-2012 12:39 AM

I think you should actually focus on something more basic, which is not dying. When your champ dies a lot during the laning phase, you are essentially giving the enemy team an huge resource advantage.

Some general tips to live longer are:

- Maintain map awareness and ward appropriately.
- Try to keep a safe distance from the enemy champ if you feel you cannot win a trade-off.
- Extra potions will help you to stay alive longer.
- Try to get your early items to counter the enemy champ you are laning against.
- Know your champ well, as in, when you can go in, and how you can escape.
- Always keep your team updated if you are not doing well.
- Be paranoid! If you see your enemy disappearing, expect him to be hiding in the bush, waiting for you to follow; if you are pushing well, expect the jungler to jump out out of nowhere; if you are low on health, be prepared for them to tower-dive you. Never facecheck bush, never run through unwarded river and never be isolated away from tower when you can't see more your enemies on the map.

Besides that, you should probably play some normal games by yourself. I know it is not as fun as playing with friends, but you really need to be in a different environment right now to get the basics right.

immakillmyself 07-17-2012 01:22 AM

I also fell into a slump around levels 20-25ish. I noticed that I kept getting my butt whooped mostly because I had not invested into tier 3 runes. Many players when they hit level 20 invest in tier 3 runes which help their game out immensely. its a very good idea to play some normals by yourself so that you can get a better feel for the game. another thing that can help would be to have a general knowledge of all the champions (or at least the ones that you play with/against the most). in this way, you can understand the various strengths and weaknesses to certain champions. you can even take this a step further and look up some common builds for champions that are problematic for you. this way, you will know what the enemy will build before they even build it! also, its a good idea to always have a ward on you so that you can ward drag, baron, lane, or buffs. in this game, knowledge and team communication is the key to success. lastly, the most important thing to remember is that this a just a game. it is meant to be played for fun so HAVE FUN!!! :D

NightWolfXVI 07-17-2012 01:58 AM

The yellow part of my rune page is all tier 3 armor runes which is what most guides call for. My marks are all bought and done i just need to finish unlocking them. I haven't started my blues yet but my friend that has been teaching me told me to hold off on the runes until I figure out what position I really want to play and start really maining a champ.

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