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t3hep1cf47m4n 07-16-2012 12:33 AM

Why isn't Jayce considered for mid?
I don't get it.

AshKetchummmm 07-16-2012 07:47 AM

Because, as you will find out, there are always far better picks for mid. Considering the current meta, most are more comfortable with an apc mid over an ad semi ranged for mid.

His only real poke is his ranged Q or E-Q combo which isn't comparible to the majority of an apmids kit ie: fizz with his dash, passive and dodge and ultimate. Annie with her stuns and bear, orianna with her passive AA ranged versatility and her dissonance that has great burst and slow/escape, ya get the point.

Yeah you could throw some merc treds on and be good to go for another minute or so, and probably be able to hold the lane if your ganks are hard enough, but most likely you'll be out famred and out built early game. And losing mid lane early can have some devistating repercussions.

That's why we send jayce duo top or bot with tanky support. Preferably J4 for his standard and hp shield+slow. Or others with synergistic effects with jayce

Da BoSs1001 03-08-2014 10:51 PM

Get a hydra..... Because..... Ummm...... You already have a built in Tiamat so why not get a second one.......?

Warrrrax 03-11-2014 01:38 PM

EDIT: ****! I just responded to a necro. WHY can't these players be permabanned when they troll on the forum?

In some cases, teams will put an AD Caster midlane instead of an AP. Jayce qualifies as such and can do reasonably well. Unlike KZ and Panth, his Qball actually is on par with the main nuke of pretty much any AP champion.
He last hits way better than any AP. He is naturally tankier. A hexblade works great for all-in fights vs APs. He does a ton of burst 1v1 with a Qball,HammerCharge,tripleautoattack,Aura,Knockback combo.

So he isn't a bad midlaner. Ive seen Voyboy and other pros play him mid and do well. The problem is that Qball is his only nuke, so around level 10 the others start leveling up their other spells. Jayce is stuck with qball. His Hypercharge is AWESOME but only way lategame, ideally with crit which he doesnt want to afford.

He was also overly nerfed. They hit his spells with some of the biggest nerfs in the history of the game. His E lost 200(!) damage at rank 5. Big cooldown nerfs. Tear affecting nerfs. Nerfs out the ass. THEN they nerfed his mana costs and basically killed him as a toplaner. Hes rushing Tear while everyone else gets 2xDorans and outtrades him all day long.

So he sucks top lane nowdays..and btw...WTF with the above response? NOBODY ever dual-lanes top anymore...not since 2011 or hexakill. He also sucks as an ADC because he doesnt have SUSTAINED DAMAGE which is kind of what ADCs do.
Hence, toplane is his best bet. Good poke, good 1v1 burst, great lategame burst with Qball,hypercharge. However, the rest of his kit is pretty much utility only as HammerCharging into the enemy team = quick death.

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