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Yellow Jester 09-03-2010 08:09 AM

How to cheat at LoL.
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If you are really far behind, sometimes you will lose hope and give up. Rubbish, says me. If you follow these simple steps you can come out on top.


Yes, cheat. Use these simple hacks that are already coded into the game and you will win.

1: Secret items (shush)

in the shop there's a secret bottom tab called "consumables." Most people only know about health and mana potions, but there's a SECRET batch of items, which i'm going to go over; elixirs, and wards.

Elixirs: if you're far behind, elixirs are there for you. Simply buy one and click on it and you will become SUPERCHARGED, running around with your ENERGY LEGS. Red, blue, and green, collect the whole set.

Wards: Wards give you maphacks. Anyone who's played starcraft or warcraft knows that you will win if you have maphacks. Maphacks let you see what the enemy is building, and if you can see that you'll know how to counter it. Some of these maphacks even allow you to see if the enemy has maphacks.

Maphack tips:

- Put some wards in the bushes leading from your lane to the river, to catch sneaky enemies who might want to sneak up on you.
- Put wards in the middle of the river. Sometimes people will go there and try to kill the monsters there. If you kill them, you can then STEAL the secret monster and get LOTS of bonus gold.
- Any time you are running far past the river, put a ward next to your lane in the jungle. This will allow you to see anyone who might want to sneak up on you and kill you.
- If you choose the haxxarific summoner spell, "teleport" you can teleport to a ward you have placed, AND your enemies won't know you're doing it until it's FAR TOO LATE.

Use these simple secret cheats and you will win. You can come back from being ganked repeatedly.

Part 2: Secret Champions.

This starts before the creeps even spawn. Most people only know about the physical DPS and nuker classes, but there are SECRET CLASSES in the game. For instance, if you look closely in between Akali and Annie on the champion screen, you'll see 2 champions called Alistar and Amumu. These champions are very hard to kill, and when used properly, can VIRTUALLY GUARANTEE one or more kills for your team with EVERY USE of their skill rotation. Another secret champion is just to the left of Teemo, called Taric, and he makes every champion near him nearly invincible. I'll let you discover some other SECRET champions on your own.


Whoa, EVEN MORE SECRET ITEMS? But how, i mean, there's already the super secret elixir and maphax tab in the store. Well, if you look at the shop, between the attack and magic tabs, there's a tab called "Health." it has 4 tabs, all of them amazing. Buying just about any item in this tab on a physical DPS class will give you incredible power, but i'll highlight some strategies.

- Try buying a "banshee's veil" or a set of "mercury's treads" when facing a bunch of mages like Ryze, Annie, and Vlad.
- If your enemies are mostly DPS classes like Master Yi, consider buying a "thornmail' or 'Randuin's Omen'
- If you don't know what to buy in any given game, consider and "Aegis of the legion" or a "Guardian Angel"
- If you are playing one of the "secret" classes, you will buy many many items from this tab. If you are playing one of the "standard" classes, usually one or two will suffice.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Hidden among the NORMAL NON-SECRET ITEMS are items that GIVE YOUR ALLIES ITEMS, and cost EXACTLY THE SAME AS OTHER ITEMS. I'll let you discover these on your own.



Follow these easy tips and you will decimate your opponents.

- Make sure that one of your "Secret" classed characters (possibly you, now that you've read this amazing guide" runs ahead through the jungle or up the lane, with your allies following. The enemies will begin to appear. Once this happens, have the character run into the middle of them, press RQWE, and die. Once you give your enemies this one kill, they will all be weakened, and your DPS class can get FIVE KILLS. FIVE KILLS, IN EXCHANGE FOR ONE LIFE. The "Secret" classes have the amazing power of being able to die over and over and not fall behind in the slightest.

- Some of the other "Secret" classes do better if they stand in the back and press QWE a lot.

- Some items have a secret code attached to them that, when you press it, it will cast a SECRET SPELL that allows you to destroy your opponents.

- If you have used maphacks, sometimes you will see sentient wolves and evil clowns in the jungle. KILL THEM with your whole team, they are dangerous to fight alone but together they give LOADS of XP and gold.

- this is a tricky tactic. First run through the first pattern of attack, letting your "secret" class sacrifice himself. Then once you have killed most of or all of the enemies, take your minions to one of their towers, and right-click on it. It's HP will slowly go down and eventually it will die. This can be repeated over and over and you will eventually win the game if you repeat this process enough.

- Submitted by Tiberius Audley


When you're a duo lane, laning versus a solo...


To do this: Don't attack any creep, except maybe to finish off their HP, but even doing this will eventually cause your creep to push. The less damage you deal to the enemy creep, the better.

Just walk past the clashing creep wave... and attack the enemy champion. They'll be forced to run away, because I mean it's 2v1, that's totally not fair right? You're already cheating by using a numbers advantage. But by doing this, they run away and DON'T GET EXPERIENCE! This SUPER DUPER SECRET HACK is the ultimate way to counter champions who get a huge advantage out of solo laning.

You can also attempt this hack in 2v2 Lanes, but it is much more difficult to get to work, because the second person being there messes with the programming of this hack.

Also, Blitzcrank is for some reason immune to this hack, and will probably end up getting lots of gold if you attempt to use this hack on him.

If you follow these simple cheats you will have the edge. Just don't try them in a ranked game, you might get caught and banned.

necrosis627 claims that if you look at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, an extremely zoomed out view of the map appears, and anything that your maphacks or teammates can see, you will also be able to see on that "mini map." Also in the bottom left, you can hit the enter key and type messages to your teammates! Some people say that the "chat bar" has its own secret codes! More research into this area is needed.

EDIT: RiotChris informs us that there is a combination of clicks and keystrokes that can register a short beeping sound with a visual indicator on the "mini map." I'm not entirely sure what the point of this is but it should be mentioned here for posterity. If anyone has any potential uses for this cheat, post them in this thread.

More map related cheats, courtesy of PopeHatSkeleton:

Oh man, I was clicking things on the menu looking for other things Riot might've hid, and I accidentally clicked on the little eyeball icon at the bottom of the screen. Next thing I knew I could move my camera around...without moving my character. I could move my cursor to the edge of the screen and my vision would scroll, while my character stayed in the same place - this allowed me to check on what was happening anywhere on the map, even in lanes my character wasn't even in. I don't think this ability is character specific (I was using Tristana) but I'd have to do some more testing to confirm.

Also (I don't even know if I should post this, since it might be a glitch and if Riot finds out they'll remove it) but if you do the above camera-moving cheat and then put your cursor over the mini map and click on it, your screen will instantly change to the area of the map corresponding to that "section" of the "mini map". Used in combination with the above cheat, this glitch allows you to not only see any area of the map, but to do so near-instantaneously. The potential for abuse here is immense, and I apologize in advance if my posting this causes Riot to remove the glitch - I just thought you all'd want to know.
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Parabolic 09-03-2010 08:10 AM

Awesome post

Lofter 09-03-2010 08:13 AM


Would read again.

Accerso 09-03-2010 08:15 AM

congrats I think you just won LoL

SlimePezza 09-03-2010 08:16 AM

This is actually a legitimelly (<<Go all spelling Natzi on me if you want) good guide for new players ^^.

T8mNEiLGTw 09-03-2010 08:19 AM

Why did I hear the voice of "POWER THIRST" reading this?

Tyson Azura 09-03-2010 08:19 AM

Man and I had my glitch user beating stick ready and all.

iHateDisGame 09-03-2010 08:19 AM

+1 would read again.


Kcmav 09-03-2010 08:20 AM

now everyone will know how to cheat :(.

Railen 09-03-2010 08:20 AM

I LoL'd aha ha ha, ha ha ha, ugh, yea I'm sorry for that.

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