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Ammiravus 07-05-2012 09:53 PM

IP boosts
Could there be an option to turn on and off ip boosts?
It's always nice when being compensated for the servers not working with a boost, but I always feel bad when doing an ARAM or ARAB and it uses one up with almost no real gain.
Just think it would be nice to have the power of turning them off so we could still enjoy other game modes, without feeling like we;re wasting what we have also.

SupaGamaX 11-08-2012 03:04 PM

I agree with Ammiravus. I think it's unfair that the IP boost values are lower for different game modes thus forcing the player to play Summoner's Rift for full boost. I know it's rare but there are players who prefer to play Dominion or like to play a lot of ARAM on proving grounds. In my own situation I have a friend who just signed up for League and I try to do some custom games and beginner Coop vs AI games to teach him how to play the game well. I haven't been playing with him recently because I don't want to waste my boost on the custom/ bot games. So this IP boost is nice, I really appreciate it but I wish I was able to at the very least turn it on or off so I'm not "forced" to play 20 (assuming 50% win ratio) normal Summoners Rift games before I can go back to playing the other modes as well. Or, you can just make all the IP boost values the same.

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