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06-20-2012 01:20 PM

Mundo Back with Skins and Champions Sale!
As cash bags know, Mundo take lots of meetings during the day. Mundo corporate bigshot and his time valuable, it anger Mundo when peons schedule meeting to talk about "sales" and "company viability" and "big problems we have to fix right now." So Mundo multi-task while they blabber. Text. Doodle. Pull off shoes and clip toenails on meeting room table. It not Mundo's fault no one have strong stomach!

Mundo need distractions whenever anyone ask him not to put toes across spreadsheets. So he give you new sale on skins and champions. You buy, then Mundo show board how much money he make for them. Then they let him take off black socks when he wants. Mundo personal grooms where he pleases!

  • Rammus freaking Mundo out. Mundo ask him why third-quarter figures are trending low and Rammus just keep saying "OK." What that even mean?! You buy him for 487 RP.
  • Talon embrace dark angst-ridden demeanor. He sit on rooftop and brood all day. Mundo sell him to you for 487 RP, then hire non-brooding replacement.
  • Malphite work security at front desk, keep hooligans from stealing pictures off the walls. He guard your lane for just 292 RP.

  • Obsidian Malphite like regular Malphite, only with hot, volcanic surface. Cook eggs on his forehead for only 487 RP!
  • Waterloo Miss Fortune using historically inaccurate weapons. Mundo point this out , then she shoot Mundo in face. Buy her for 260 RP.
  • Frozen Terror Nocturne is both frozen and terrifying. He thus meet all requirements for job description. Pick him up for 487 RP.

Sale start on Jun 19 and run until June 22. Buy now and Mundo send you toenail clippings absolutely free!

Felfire 06-20-2012 01:53 PM

Mundo your late, the sales been in the game for a while now

Arcolyte 06-20-2012 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by Mailbro (Hozzászólás 25735724)
Mundo your late, the sales been in the game for a while now

Mundo makes time flow as he pleases

Time waits for no man, but Mundo does what he pleases.

Or Mundo is just being helpful and informative, seeing as the sale DID start on the 19th.

Intensive 06-20-2012 01:54 PM

YES malphite sale

Lots0fGoats 06-20-2012 01:55 PM


DarkChaos109 06-20-2012 01:57 PM


MILF 06-20-2012 01:57 PM

Bit late lol

Propaganda 06-20-2012 01:58 PM

Picked up talon and frozen noct :D

ItzMeHokaido 06-20-2012 02:01 PM

Dragonslayer Vayne please or Heartseek

ArmIris 06-20-2012 02:01 PM

talon, obsidian and frozen terror <3

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