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Ask the Monkey 06-09-2012 08:35 AM

The Great League Tournament (TGLT) [Semi-Open RP + Sing Ups]
FINAL FIGHT: Warwick vs Nunu

Welcome fellow champions, warriors and you who thirst for battle. You will certainly find it here.
You see, I went to talk to some League officials to ask them if they would let some champions take a break from training matches so we could have an brawl without any interruptions, to see who is the League's best. They did not just accept, they expanded the idea, and since I had proposed it, they let me organize this whole tournament. But cause of that, I myself can not fight :(.

Anyway, with their help, we managed to fill various areas of Valoran with Vision wards so the judges could see if anyone was breaking the rules. Furthermore, the wards allowed the summoners to set up some public places with huge crystal balls to transmit the battles for everyone in Valoran to see. When your turn comes, great warrior, you will be summoned to the battlefield, just like a champion is summoned on a field of justice, and you will be able to fight. Note that the summoner who summoned you to the location will not control you. He will simply summon you to the location, then summon you back here after the battle is over. The battles will not be to the death (A deal breaker for some, I presume). And the winner will receive no award, besides the title of ''Valoran's greatest Warrior''.

((There are some rules though:

1. No mages
This is a fighting tournament, not a spell contest. Mages are allowed to join, however, but their spell usage will be limited. Spells that directly affect the enemy will be prohibited from being use. To give you a clearer picture, Vladimir can enter this tournament, but he will be able to only use his pool. No blood sucking or transfusion or similar.
Same goes for, lets say, Orianna. She is allowed to use her ball to his enemies, but it will be forbidden for her to use those shockvave, soundwave thingies.
When you submit your request to join, I will personally inspect your abilities and tell you which ones are allowed and which ones aren't.


2. No OP
The fights just won't be interesting if you have one guy be waaaaaaay stronger than the other one. Part of this rule is also rule #1. If everyone can use abilities, then there is little chance for the real warriors. And you do not have to land every attack, just like the other guy does not have to dodge/parry every attack. Also, when you get too hurt you shouldn't be just able to stand up and ram the opponent as if you were completely ok (looking at you Jarvan >.>), but that is for the judge to decide.

3. Respect the surroundings
You will be fighting in various places on Valoran, which means that places like the Shurima Dessert or Freljord. The climate itself will not affect you. Would be stupid otherwise (lets send a half naked spearman into Freljord and expect him to beat a fully dressed fighter wearing animal pelts). But some things like sandstorms or avalanches might happen and are controlled by judges.

4. Respect the judges
There will be 3 judges (I am one). They will be the godmode stoppers, if they are needed. They can intervene any fight, they won't be assigned to a specific one. They will also have a right to tell you to change your post if you went overboard (as in, dodging every attack as if you were a rubber version of Fiddlesticks). Refusing to acknowledge the judge's decision means disqualification. But you do have a right to reasonably argue, but when it's obvious that the judge has a point, just do what is asked of you. The judge also has the right to end the match when they have decided the winner, to avoid fights to the death. And if the fight ends in a draw, then the judge chooses the winner. And they have the right to change the weather and cause random events (like I said before: sandstorms, avalanches, floods etc.).

5. The time limit
We can't have an fight hanging in the air while someone is afk. You have 48 hours to answer to your opponent's post. If not, disqualified.

6. Who wins?
Well, apparently, by the pool, the only way we will decide a winner is when the judge says ''____ won!''. That means that the winner will not be the strongest but the best. I mean, the guy who puts up a better show will win. But that is for the judge to decide: When the fight ends, how it ends, who won and why he/she/it won. That doesn't mean you should be the weaker one in order to put up an act, it's just that the guy who fought best will win.

You can all sign up right here, on this thread. No qualifiers, just say you want to go and if the judges allow you to participate, enjoy. ((Seriously, if you want to join, write an obvious ''joining'' or something. I don't plan on deciphering your thoughts.))
Same goes for judges.

Ask the Monkey 06-09-2012 08:36 AM


1: Warwick
2: Scrod ((Theßlitz))
3: Amelia ((Steelmill))
4: Fizz
5: Nunu
6: Algernon ((GizzyBear))
7: Garic ((Lord of Apoc))
8: Aproxima ((Aproxima's Aproxima by Aproxima))
9: Mordekaiser ((He's on a leash, don't worry. He'll only hammer you into oblivion, but at least he won't take your souls, aye?))
10: Udyr
11: Johannes ((Jaykoboy))
12: Tristana
13: Fenix ((Fenix12345))
14: Poppy ((**** just got serious))
15: Jarvan IV (Forget what I said about Poppy, **** just started raining. It's a ****storm!!!)
16: Althius ((Cryypter))

1. Wukong ((Wanted to fight, but I can't, obviously :())
2. FilFire
3. Poppy ((after she fell out of the contest))

Ask the Monkey 06-09-2012 08:37 AM

Round 1:
(You will fight 2 vs 2)

Match 1: Garic and Tristana vs Mordekaiser and Fizz / (Winners: Mordekaiser and Fizz) [From Page 20 to Page 44]
Match 2: Fenix and Johannes vs Poppy and Warwick / (Winners: Warwick and Poppy) [From Page Page 45 to Page 60]
Match 3: Algernon and Amelia vs Udyr and Scrod / (Winners: Udyr and Scrod) [From Page 60 to Page 73]
Match 4: Nunu and Aproxima vs Jarvan IV and Althius / (Winners: Nunu and Aproxima) [From Page 73 to Page 79]

Round 2:
(The winning team then proceeds to fight each other)

Match 1 part 2:Mordekaiser vs Fizz / (Winner: Fizz) [Morde dropped out. No fight]
Match 2 part 2: Warwick vs Poppy / (Winner: Warwick) [From Page 81 to Page 92]
Match 3 part 2: Udyr vs Scrod / (Winner: Udyr) [No fight. Scrod didn't show up.]
Match 4 part 2: Nunu vs Aproxima / (Winner: Nunu) [From Page 96 to Page 100]

Ask the Monkey 06-09-2012 08:38 AM


Match 1: Fizz vs Warwick / (Winner: Warwick) [From Page 100 to Page 111]
Match 2: Udyr vs Nunu / (Winner: Nunu) [From Page 112 to Page 116]

Ask the Monkey 06-09-2012 08:38 AM

Battle for third place:
Fizz vs Udyr (Default Victory for Fizz because Udyr is not here. UDYR!)

Warwick vs Nunu [From Page 116 to the end.]

Ask Warwick 06-09-2012 08:43 AM

"Warwick wishes to join."

((Obviously his lifesteal and such wouldn't come into effect here.))

Theßlitz 06-09-2012 08:45 AM

(( Scrod me gusta ))

MysticalRaven 06-09-2012 08:47 AM

((Amelia lets hope guns are allowed. No one shots to the head or anything... If no bullets she can still use the bayonette on the end of her rifle almost like a spear.))

Ask the Monkey 06-09-2012 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by Theßlitz (Hozzászólás 25128587)
(( Scrod me gusta ))

((Is that a yes or a no?))

Theßlitz 06-09-2012 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by Ask the Monkey (Hozzászólás 25128680)
((Is that a yes or a no?))

(( thats a yes XD ))

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