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Meztere 06-04-2012 07:52 PM

Who is the absolute strongest champion? (Lore wise)
Based SOLELY on lore, which champions sounds the absolute strongest?

It's quite a toss up, between many different champions, if you really think about it.


Top Voted Candidate:

2: Renekton
3: Xerath
4: Fiddlesticks
5: Cho'Gath
6: Brand
7: Anivia
8: Soraka
9: Zilean
10: Veigar


Possible Candidates:
Annie: Not even ten years old, yet still feared as one of the most dangerous champions in the league.
Karthus: His song (Requiem) if sung all the way through, instead of three seconds, can potentially end the world. Also near immortality.
Nocturne: If his physical form is destroyed, he slaughtered everyone and everything in his/her/its dreams.

Unknown in Power:
Mordekaiser: May or may not have vast armies under his control.
Hecarim: May or may not have vast armies under his control.
Varus: Full powers unknown.

Edit 1: Updated list and added better sorted categories.
Edit 2: Nasus set as the Top Voted Candidate due to popularity.
Edit 3: Added ranking system for places 2-10.
Edit 4: Added Veigar to the Unknown in Power section. Placed Renekton in second place for most powerful.
Edit 5: Removed Kayle and Morgana from the list of potential candidates.
Edit 6: Possible places for Xerath, Anivia, and Cho'Gath added.
Edit 7: Completed list. If you disagree, state why.
Edit 8: Dropped Viegar to 10, bumped under him up 1, and bumped Soraka up an additional 1.

What do you think?

SentinelOfPain 06-04-2012 09:03 PM

Nasus. His power is literally without limit. The other champions mentioned here are over-exaggerated a bit.

Annie: undoubtedly powerful, but even at full power no match for someone like Xeranth, who is pure magical power.

Cho'Gath: Highly unlikely he can swallow the world, no where in the league universe is it stated that he can do this.

Kathus: A bit of a wild card. No one is certain how powerful he is, but he was "killed" and revived in an issue of the JoJ.

Kayle: Powerful, immortal in some ways, but still killable. Angels on her home world were at war and died all the time.

Maokai: Mao wasn't restricted by summoners, of course he won. It never said he was "level one" and he was pretty angry at the time.

Master Yi: He is very skilled, and probably the best sword wielder on the planet, but does that really amount to much when you're facing down large, over-powered monsters that could care less if your sword hits them? Through summoning magic, he is a champion (much like Jax) that becomes more powerful rather than less because of summoning limits.

Mordekaiser: Another wildcard. No one knows how strong he really is, or how many he may possibly command. Powerful, but I believe he has his limits.

Morgana: same as Kayle.

Ryze: Even if his scroll had a spell that powerful, he most likely wouldn't use it. If it's really that bad, he would simply die defending it.

Singed: Maybe his chemicals are powerful, but him? He's just another man. And if certain champions are at their full power, chemicals would be but minor annoyances.

Soraka: Possibly on par with Nasus, but I REALLY doubt her damage potential. The ONE TIME she tried to harm someone, she lost her divinity and the curse she placed helped the victim.

Xeranth: Very powerful indeed, but also very unstable. If he unleashed everything he had, it is debatable if he could even control it or still live after it.

Zilean: Possibly unkillable but can he do damage? Maybe. He's not so much a threat as he is an abnormality.

Nasus and Renekton were God-like figures among their old people, but Nasus in particular has no technical limit on his strength and even caused the league to panic at his arrival. Other than Nasus, the league has been the most powerful and influential faction in all of the lore. For them to cower at Nasus's rage says something.

DeadlySlicer 06-04-2012 09:37 PM

Brand also springs to mind, but the League did manage to control and chain him. I think Nasus does fit the bill of a god, and as Sentinel said, he did make the league to panic when he arrived. Nasus Q too stronk

IS1a420802574b139f7409f 06-04-2012 10:18 PM

This has been debated many times. The common answers are:

Jax - lore based he is the strongest champion. It can be argued that is because others powers are limited while his weapon skill isn't. Of course, on the flip side, who the **** Jax is might be a good question as well considering he's clearly not just some mercenary like he claims, and is likely a former Grand Master of the League. How strong they are is debatable, but likely way the **** up there.

Nasus/Soraka/Renekton/Anivia - This are the champions that are literally gods. Their power is in some question, but they are fricking literally gods. Currently Soraka is stripped of her power, and what she could actually do as a Star Child is in some question. Based on their lore, Nasus is clearly stronger than Renekton. Nasus and Anivia are both contenders, depending how much being gods counts for.

Fiddlesticks - if you are confused by his appearance here, go read his lore again. He's a scary mother****er that the summoners can't really deal with. Brand, Nocturne, Cho'gath, Kog'maw, etc are complete monsters that are only kept in check by summoners. Fiddlesticks cannot be kept in check by them, because he ****ing kills the ones that try.

So basically, Jax is the strongest dude, Nasus or Anivia are the strongest gods, and Fiddlesticks is the strongest monster.

If he are counting most powerful in the world of Runeterra, probably Swain has he now controls one of the main city states and thus has a whole slew of champions under his nominal command (while Jarvin IV is merely a Prince and not in control of Demacia), so Swain probably as the most powerful person, but not individually as powerful as the above.

Lammy the Llama 06-04-2012 11:53 PM

Obviously twitch, because insanity is power, he is insane, and I'm a toucan with power! HAHAHAHAHA.

Lammy the Llama 06-04-2012 11:54 PM

The obvious answer is twitch. Because as everyone knows, insanity is power, twitch is the most insane, I'm a powerful toucan, and all shall bow to the rat! HAHAHAHA!

MajesticRaven 06-05-2012 08:36 AM

Ignoring the Twitch double post...

Xerath is a step above Ryze and Veigar. The only thing that gives Ryze any potential advantage is the scroll, which I doubt Ryze would use even under the most dire of circumstances. I figure he can't destroy it which is why he keeps it with him at all times. Xerath also broke free of a prison of like...many many years through sheer force. He destroyed his own physical body the attain his status and is still growing stronger.

Umm @ the Nasus and Renekton parts, they are not actually *Gods*. It's the same as Kayle/Morgana, and Taric. They're beings that were yanked away from their planets/dimensions and put to work for the League. I don't believe they're actually all powerful deities, but they do pack some punch. Morgana and Kayle are angels fighting a war on their own planet, that came to the league to search for help. Kayle asked for help fighting Morgana, Morgana asked that they butt out.

Zilean has memory durp. He's a time traveller yes but his abilities and memories are a little whack. Though he does have a grudge against polarbears.

Brand is the incarnation of destruction, who took over a host body to spread his chaos.He is kept under lock and key with his mortal body, but who knows what he was capable of before.

Anivia is the only *true* immortal. Living entire lifetimes and being reborn into new worlds.

Karthus...I don't know how I feel about Karthus. He seems powerful, since he can't die..but as we saw in the JoJ he gets his butt kicked a lot...

Fiddlesticks is indeed a spook. He doesn't really seem to have a particular goal, except to stick to his room. (He has a key in his splash art...what?) Anyone that goes in doesn't come out (alive anyways) so they just use him as an executioner. Not really sure if he's immortal though. Toss in a molotov and see what happens...

Astraltar 06-05-2012 09:07 AM

Edit 1 (June 9th): Major updates: Renekton moved out of discredited list, Malzahar put on definite candidates, many other edits.
Edit 2 (June 15th): Nocturne moved from Definite to Discredited list, Cho'Gath put into Wild Card list.
Edit 3 (June 26th): Added LeBlanc and Kassadin to the Wild Card list, added suggestion for separate paragraph on Jax. Minor edit on Veigar explanation.

-Definite Candidates: These are champions known to have massive power.
-Xerath: He is immortal, it took the strongest mages in the world to bind him even though he was probably disoriented at the time... even though he still has the chains on him, he's almost certainly powerful enough to belong here.
-Anivia: She is literally immortal, and has eons of experience.
-Brand: If he was let out, chaos would most certainly ensue.
-Nasus, Renekton, Kayle, and Morgana: Nasus/Renekton are of near-godlike power, and Kayle and Morgana might fall into the same category.
-Karthus: While not technically immortal, the only way to destroy a lich is to find their phylactery and destroy it. And if he had any sense whatsoever, he would have put this phylactery in an immensely safe location. And no one knows exactly how powerful Requiem is.
-Malzahar: He is the envoy from the Void to Valoran. If the void channeled all of its power into him, he would be rather powerful.

Wild Cards: These champions have unknown powers, and might be candidates if they actually do have this power.
-Mordekaiser and Hecarim: They both may or may not have massive armies under their control, and Hecarim almost certainly did.
-Varus: It is unknown how much power the chaos entity actually has, especially when it consumes him.
-Veigar: No one knows exactly how much power he wields. Although he plainly possesses quite a lot of it, his mental problems have prevented him from reaching the Definite Candidates list.
-Soraka: She was nearly a god, but she has "slid down the evolutionary ladder", and the curse she bestowed actually turned out to help Warwick.
-Fiddlesticks: Although right now he's content to sit in his room, no one knows what he is capable of.
-Cho'Gath: Full powers unknown. He might be able to grow to an unlimited size, he might be able to summon things from the void... or he might just be an annoying brute.
-LeBlanc: Full powers unknown. She is a powerful mage who MIGHT be able to hop between bodies and imitate others (see: Jarvan, Swain). Also apparently plots to completely control Noxus, and is much closer to this now that Swain's in power. We don't know exactly how powerful she is, so I'm putting her here.
-Kassadin: Full powers unknown. May or may not be able to keep off the Void by himself, in which case he definitely would belong on this list. Since we don't know how powerful he actually is, he goes here for now.

Discredited Champions: Champions on this list are proven or strongly believed to not be candidates.
NOTE: I'm not saying these champions can't be on the lists. However, I'd need a lot more evidence of their power to put them on the Definite Candidates or even the Wild Card list.
-Jax, Master Yi, or anyone else lacking in considerable magic power: They can't use magic to much effect, so they get destroyed. There is nothing else to say. Even if Jax is a high summoner, the summoners as a group were still defeated by Nasus. See the last post on page 2 for more information.
-Renekton does NOT belong on this list, even though he lost against Nasus. When he dueled Nasus, he was literally blinded by rage, and so Nasus could capitalize on that and beat him. If he actually kept his cool in a battle, I'm not sure who would win. (Thanks to TheMeta88 for providing this explanation :D)
-Annie: When she is fully grown, she will almost certainly be a candidate. As of now, I don't believe she holds enough power.
-Zilean: Frankly, his memory is too messed up to use his power to any effect. Once it's cured, though, he might belong on the list.
-Ryze: Yeah, he has the scroll, but he's not likely to compare to Xerath, Nasus, or even full-grown Annie. He MIGHT have enough power to get onto the Wild Card list, but for now I'm putting him here.
-Nocturne: In his current form, he stands no chance against someone like Xerath, Renekton, or Nasus. Even worse, his opponent might devise a ritual to "bind" him to something, preventing him from re-entering the dreamworld (assuming that killing him in Valoran simply puts him back in the dreamworld, which might not even be true).

By the way, my vote goes to one of these three: Nasus, Renekton, or Xerath.

Also, I'm thinking of putting a fleshed-out paragraph here on exactly why Jax is NOT THE MOST POWERFUL CHAMPION. Should I? It might stop all the spam about "hurr durr jax is teh most powerfel".

Rnamer 06-05-2012 12:49 PM

I think that aside from Anivia, Nocturne is the strongest champion, he is the Freddy Kruger of LoL

Vulking 06-05-2012 01:47 PM

I still need to give some recognition to Veigar for being able to bend space, gravity and control black holes, not even light can scape black holes, so if he were not hinder by his silly yordle nature and isolation mental issues he would be a freaking terror, just think about it, what can a being made of arcane energy do against a black hole? nothing, he is gonna get suck in, crushed into atoms and then get discarded as residual energy.

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