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wiIdbeast569 06-02-2012 09:36 AM

How to ap soraka?
Can someone please teach me how to play ap soraka mid? I hav tried it and has been really fun using 3 heals at once (w, r, summoner spell heal) and shooting purple stars. :DD

Zstriker 06-02-2012 12:34 PM

AP soraka you Max Q first. Then it's up to you to decide Max W or E next. Q actually has pretty good dmg output and extremely good harassing skill. If you're midding with a AP carry. Consider maxing E first so you can constantly poke him with Q and shut him down with E.

For items I get
Doran's Ring
Sorcerer's Boots
Sheen -> Lich Bane
Will of the Ancients

XCodes 06-04-2012 12:36 PM

Maxing Q first is absolutely not the way to go. The skill actually becomes less efficient as you level it unless you have the mana to spam it (tip: you don't have the mana to spam it during lane phase).

I would rather go QEWWEREEE against early AP threats or QWWEEREEE against anything else. E->Q is a solid poke and makes it harder to get poked as a bonus, while level 2 W is what I find to be the best that Soraka can afford before +mana items. I don't worry about kills, there's absolutely no way you can build Soraka to get enough burst damage early to get a quick kill, but you definitely have the tools to poke and zone your opponent back and deny them gold, which is almost as good.

For items, Doran's Ring is a mandatory starting item because of Soraka's pitiful HP and some extra damage to help last-hitting with Q, but after that and Boots 1 I'd rather get a Goddess Tear for cheap mana + regen, CDR boots because it's so important for Soraka, and a Haunting Guise for a cheap item that gives some extra offense, defense, and replaces the 20 MPen on the shoes while farming a Deathcap. After that it's pretty stock stuff: Rod of Ages, Archangel, Unholy Grail, Rylai, etc. in whatever order you need the various stuffs in.

As for spells, I think the extra Heal is a bit overkill on that front. You really don't need all that healing solo mid. Clarity can be a strong pick, giving this build unlimited sustain in the early lane phase and letting you skip the Goddess tear and go for more interesting items like Grail or Frozen Heart earlier. If you get it, you'll find a use for Flash because of how Soraka always gets focused, although I personally am not all that crazy about it because of the long cooldown. Teleport is very nice for mobility, and since your R is global, Revive can be useful. Most of these spells are boosted by the Support Mastery, so definitely drop a point there if you have one to spare.

Warrrrax 06-04-2012 12:51 PM

There is a reason that Soroka is usually support. Her AP ratios are really not all that good, and she completely lacks burst damage.
So she is an unconventional AP mid. She IS workable though, but you have to have a different mindset than a typical AP carry.

First of all, she needs to be TOUGH. Thats right. Her best DPS output is by spamming her short range Starfall. With a 0.4 AP ratio, it needs to be going off every 2 seconds or so to really take advantage of her high AP. Which means getting close.

Secondly, having aura items is still a good idea. She doesnt have huge burst, so being able to contribute by having very strong heals, AND aura goodness is quite valuable.
You really should play Soroka if you have AP JUNGLERS OR TOPS. She should NOT be the only AP!

As far as skill order:

* Starfall - Mana cost goes from 20 to 35 with 1 rank!!! Dmg goes from 60 to 85 with that same rank. You MASSIVELY LOSE cost-effectiveness by ranking it! I would definitely NOT max this first.

* Astral Blessing - Huge +30 mana cost per rank, though rank 2 doubles your heal so Id probably get 2 points in this early IF NEEDED.

* Infuse - I would max this first. Its like a Super Kassadin nuke. Instant effect without any delay, big silence, 725 range(!), no skillshot needed, cost is FREE, and every rank adds 50 damage which is about 75 AP worth of extra damage.

I won't give a specific build but I would strongly consider these items:

* Abyssal Scepter - the flat MR reduction comboes exceptionally well with your Starfall spam. No void staff needed. Boosts the heck out of all your teams daamage.

* Zhonyas Hourglass - starting with Chain as needed and upgrade late.

* Rylais Scepter - Increase your health which is HUGELY needed. Rylais adds the slow which is very valuable too. Rod of Ages is another good health booster choice if you wanted two of them.

* Morellos Evil Tome - Efficient tasty CDR, AP, and the grievous wounds utility.

* Deathfire Grasp - moar CDR, decent AP, gives you a strong nuke.

* Sorc shoes - obvious for more damage.

* Will of the Ancients - standard aura-vampy goodness.

DarkenDragon 06-04-2012 01:20 PM

im suprised no one has even mentioned the new athene's unholy grail. this is the perfect item for soraka, its cost efficent up the ying yang and its also got every stat that she needs. it'll also a great way to avoid having to buy massive amounts of mana and still be able to spam your abilities.

though I havent played soraka much at all, in theory I think my build would be like this

unholy grail, boots, rylai's, abyssal scepter, frozen heart (or morellos evil tome if the armor isnt needed) and the last item should be some sort of counter item.

as for abilities, I would start off with starfall, max that out first, with starting out with a chalice, there should be enough mana regen that will allow you to spam this ability without worries. I would max out slience second if your majority in a solo lane, while getting at least 1 point into your heal early on.

when harassing I would try to slience first, take a step and starfall this way the enemy can not retaliate when you walk in closer for a star fall for more damage and hopfully last hitting enemy minions

hope these ideas will help you play better

Warrrrax 06-04-2012 01:45 PM

I didn't really think she needed a whole lot of extra mana. Early game I'd expect her to use her Free Infuse to harass the enemy, and some starfall to push as needed. By mid to lategame she has a decent enough mana pool already, and she will get some degree of MP5 anyways just from her various items such as Dorans Ring(s), Rod of Ages, evil tome, and so forth.

I guess if you really wanted to max starfall first you could get the Chalice quickly, depending if you were trying to outpush a pusher or not.

DarkenDragon 06-04-2012 01:53 PM

my thought process of increasing starcall's potential is the whole idea of the stacking 12 resistance reduction, which could potentially go upto 120 along with abyssal scepter putting it at 140, which is pretty devastating since not many players will have that in resistance and thus will become negative making any casters on your team nuke very hard.

with maximum cdr, you'll be able to stack it up to 10 by 15 seconds, though the main fight probably wont start while you just keep poking them for a bit.

though this is all theory, nothing tested. but yea I think unholy grail would be a great core item on this girl

corallein 06-04-2012 02:13 PM

Athene's Unholy Grail actually isn't that cost effective, and it only provides a little tankiness (and almost none over Chalice). Not that it's a bad item, but it's not as good as people make it out to be.

The general build that worked for Scarra (I think it was him?) was WotA into Frozen Heart (with one or two Doran's Rings early)
Starcall is a short-range spell and Soraka's primary damage. It has a mediocre AP ratio (better than it seems actually, since the base cooldown is short on it), but the damage ramps up the more you cast it thanks to the stacking MR shred. So you want some mana so you can spam it more and CDR so you can spam it faster, and defensive stats so you can live while spamming it. Frozen Heart is the perfect item for that.
Boots should probably be Merc Treads or Ninja Tabis (probably treads because Frozen Heart gives a ton of armor and attack speed slow and getting CC'd and being unable to get off an Astral Blessing or Wish while you or your teammate dies sucks).

Other good items:
Abyssal Scepter (MR, MR reduce aura, AP)
DFG (CDR, extra nuke, AP)
Warmog's (more health is never bad, kinda like Froggen's Warmog's Anivia)
Rylai's (health, AP, small spammable slow)
Standard AP items (AP is still good)
Standard Support-ish items (like Aegis, if no one else on your team is getting them and your team isn't lacking for damage)

As for which one to max first, it probably varies between situations.
Starcall is better sustained damage and is good for lane pushing.
Infuse is free harass and much better for harassing.
Astral Blessing is definitely NOT maxed first on AP Soraka.

You could also do something like get 3 levels in Infuse first and then max Starcall, which is probably better than straight maxing Infuse because you want higher ranks of Starcall for team fights.

Personsir 06-04-2012 03:01 PM

Max Starcall if you need to keep a roaming opponent at their tower, max Infuse otherwise.

acosn 06-04-2012 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by Warrrrax (Hozzászólás 24953239)
There is a reason that Soroka is usually support. Her AP ratios are really not all that good, and she completely lacks burst damage.
So she is an unconventional AP mid. She IS workable though, but you have to have a different mindset than a typical AP carry.

First of all, she needs to be TOUGH. Thats right. Her best DPS output is by spamming her short range Starfall. With a 0.4 AP ratio, it needs to be going off every 2 seconds or so to really take advantage of her high AP. Which means getting close.

It's not that her AP build is bad, just on paper a character with a manaless silence, a self heal, and a passive giving her a strong MR boost is a great counter pick for mid, its just that her support role is generally just better. An ugly consequence of Riot nerfing her infuse to only target friends rather than herself as well is that her solo lane suffered for it, and she actually has to consider gearing early game mana regen.

And her AP ratios are fine when you consider the volume of spell casts she can run, as well as what her Q does. With maxed out CDR you're throwing a 2 second silence every six seconds which, on it's own, can hard counter a lot of sequential casters.

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