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SageBias 05-29-2012 12:50 AM

Journal of Luxanna Crownguard
Hello everyone. This is my first fan fiction about my favorite champion, Lux. I've approached the situation from a standpoint that's heavily steeped in the lore, so this will all make much more sense to you if you've read the Journal of Justice. I've done my best to try to capture the mind of a lighthearted girl, while also showcasing elements of her more strategic intellectual side. The story centers around the events in the Journal of Justice starting just before the Battle of Kalamanda, and follows Lux's doomed, desperate attempts to match wits with the Master Tactician of Noxus, Jericho Swain. Enjoy!

20 June, 21 CLE
I warned them about the prisoner. Though to be fair I certainly hadnít thought of Nyzer poison. I donít like it; it reeks of treachery, but not quite Noxian. Poison is not the Noxian assassinís weapon. I canít see the Sinister Blade poisoning a target. Not without leaving some kind of arrogant mark somewhere, like the symbol of Noxus written on the wall with the prisonerís blood. Nevertheless, this bodes ill for Demacia, and all of Valoran for that matter. I fear that things will only get worse.

27 June, 21 CLE
Iím always pleased when a summoner understands me. Moreover, I always appreciate a chance to battle Morgana in the Fields of Justice. Her taunts of ďchildĒ and ďlittle girlĒ amuse me, but Iím more intrigued by her shielding methods. The Binding spell was simple enough to reverse engineer, but I have yet to unravel the mystery of how she can twist the dark energies to prevent allies from being afflicted by debilitation. I managed to outmaneuver her in the jungle, but just before my Light Binding reached her, she conjured her dark shield and continued as if she felt nothing. Itís maddening! Does it pertain to the hexagonal shape? Impossible. Udyrís shield is hexagonal as well. Perhaps it has to do with the exclusive magic protection? YesÖ Maybe she sacrifices physical damage mitigation in order to devote more energy to the protection of magic. Iíll look into it.

01 July, 21 CLE
Outrageous. Can anyone actually think that Demacia is responsible for the Assassination of General Darkwill? Jericho Swain is a snake, poisoning the minds of the innocent citizens of Kalamanda with his filth and his lies. The truth is within the circumstances. Anyone with a brain that reads the Journal of Justice can see what mustíve happened. ďI donít know how the Demacians overcame them before they could signal our forces in Kalamanda, but no other military on this continent could mount such an assault,Ē says Swain. Heís correct; Demacia could not overcome them in such a way. Most likely Swain orchestrated the assault himself, with his own platoon of men. When the Raedsel Guard saw them coming, they thought them allies and lowered their guard, only to be slaughtered by those they considered friends. And then Swain declines the Kingís invitation to discuss the situation. Clearly he has something to hide, and I intend to find out what.

23 July, 21 CLE
Madness! Absolute madness! What could possibly incite this? I can conceive of no cause for The Prince to attack Swain in his own camp. None of it makes any sense. I spoke with Garen and he was more appalled than I; he didnít even know of the plans to attack. Iíve never once known Jarvan not to hold council with Garen, particularly regarding attacks on Noxus. Itís not fair. We were so close. Weíve had peace, tentative as it was, since the inception of the League. Now itís useless. Why canít they just think? Itís so frustrating sometimes! Garen and Jarvan, with their cries of Demacia and their imposing figures, they think theyíre invincible. They never think about consequences, and I can never get through to them. Iím sick of them telling me that Iím too young to understand and that I simply donít respect the complexities of war. Lack of age does not mandate lack of knowledge or experience, but for some reason they see my age and gender as a reason to patronize me! MenÖ Theyíre the ones that oversimplify war, acting like they can just charge into every fight and win. Just look at my brotherís Champion Biography: "The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him." Iíve never heard of such silliness! No regard for tactics at all. I keep trying to tell them that if military prowess were enough to secure victory, we wouldíve won the war against Noxus years ago. Now Jarvan has reignited the flames of war, and Valoran will likely be plunged into darkness once again, a darkness whose shroud I fear not even I will be able to pierce.

26 July, 21 CLE
Jarvan has been missing ever since the initial assault on the Noxian camp. As demoralizing as it is to have a war on our hands, itís nothing compared to how detrimental it would be to lose our Prince and Exemplar. The more I think about the assault on the Noxian camp, the less I like it. Iíve heard troubling rumors from the frontlines about the direct confrontation between Swain and Jarvan. Curious things about a reflection in Swainís armor plate. Iím not sure exactly what it means, but I know that it bodes ill for all of Valoran, not just Demacia. There are simply too many questions about this conflict, and any possible answers only lead to more questions. Thereís only one thing I know, the one man to whom it all leads back: Jericho Swain. Heís plotting something; I know it. I donít know how, but heís behind all of this. Everyone knows that the hatred between Swain and Jarvan runs deep, but Jarvan values peace and loves his people too much to put their safety at risk just to attempt to assassinate Swain. Nor would he risk such a foolish maneuver without consulting Garen first. Not to mention that his father, the King, would never condone such an action. And Iíve never known Jarvan to disobey his fatherís wishes.

28 July, 21 CLE
Itís about time the League intervened to halt the chaos in Kalamanda. I was beginning to wonder what we even have them for. But while I appreciate the pause of war, it does nothing to assuage my curiosity and fear of Jericho Swain. It seems that heís too clever. I know that heís somehow behind all of this, but heís managed to make himself seem the victim every step of the way. Heís brilliant, and I hate him for it. Itís unfair! How is a young girl supposed to match wits against the Master Tactician of Noxus himself? No. I mustnít think about losing.

4 August, 21 CLE
As much as we can all appreciate the League bringing a stop to the battle in Kalamanda, I hardly believe repurposing the landscape to be another Field of Justice will do much to stifle the flames of war. The League existed before Kalamanda, and the anger between Jericho Swain and the Prince didnít find itself brought to bear in Summonerís Rift: why should the future be any different? In its quest for everlasting peace, the League seems to have forgotten what it means to be at war. The League has done a fantastic job of solving political disputes, but current circumstances go well beyond politics: this is a matter of beliefs and ethics, hopes and dreams. This war is between Demacia and Noxus, but there is so much more to these two city-states than names and locations. What separates us from the Noxian filth is our pursuit of justice, our desire for all things to be treated fairly and equally. Being Demacian is not a matter of where you are born, but the way in which you view the world. Demacia is not a city-state, but a way of life: the Demacia that appears on a map is merely the result of thousands of like-minded individuals coming together in the hopes of unifying all of Valoran under one dream. And as long as we draw breath, we will fight, be it in the Fields of Justice or the fields of Valoran, to see that dream comes true. Demacia: now and forever.

20 August, 21 CLE
There has still been no sign of the Prince. Talk is growing louder that he was slain in the battle, or that he was defeated by Swain and taken prisoner. The King is promoting caution, but heís primarily focusing on mitigating the damage of the war that the Prince started in the first place. Garen is already rallying the Dauntless Vanguard. If no news of the Prince is heard soon, I fear that Garen will take matters into his own hands, but the only thing he will accomplish is adding fuel to the proverbial fire. But as much as I disagree with his methods, I understand them; the thought of Jarvan rotting in some Noxian prison is almost too much to bear, not only because of how dismal his circumstances must be, but also because of the political leverage it would give Noxus to have such a high profile prisoner. No. I mustnít think about losing. I hope youíre alright, Jarvan.

14 September, 21 CLE
As inappropriate as it seems to be fighting in League battles with all thatís been going on, I must admit itís nice to be able to escape from it all. As upsetting as these circumstances are, all of the League champions must perfect the art of forgetting themselves, or theyíll never make it through their League Judgment. By now itís almost like having an out of body experience: you simply let the summoner take over and forget the rest. A new champion was allowed into the League today: a Noxian who calls herself Riven. Sheís very odd. As far as I understand, sheís enduring a self-imposed exile because she feels that the Noxian idea with which she fell in love has been somehow betrayed. Itís bizarre. I would respect her if she wasnít so Noxian. Still, a self-imposed exile for oneís beliefs is admirable, and it shows some kind of honor, as twisted as it may be. Her style is quite unique: she moves so quickly that I can hardly land a spell on her, but her sword is so large that she hits as hard as Tryndamere. Whatís worse, her blade seems to be imbued with magic, as she can reassemble the shattered pieces and launch a wave of pure energy from it. Sheís a powerful woman, to be sure. I expect weíll be seeing a great deal of her in days to come.

30 September, 21 CLE
Jarvan has returned! True, the circumstances of his return are curious indeed, but itís enough to know that he is neither dead nor prisoner. In fact, heís brought two prisoners of his own with him. It truly does beg the question of what heís been doing. Where could he have gone after the battle in Kalamanda that he would find two prisoners? Or perhaps he took them captive during the battle and has been trying to discreetly make his way back to Demacia ever since. Could he have had a plan the entire time? Is it possible that the Prince staged an attack on Swain so that he could take two captives in all of the confusion? And if so, who in all of Valoran could be worth risking war and the lives of his own people. When Garen asked about the prisoners, the Prince told him to stand down, so their identities must be truly confidential if the Prince isnít even willing to trust Garen with the knowledge. Regardless, with the return of our Exemplar, Demacian spirits will soar higher than the Castleís Spires. Weíre holding a celebration tonight in honor of the Princeís safe return. Perhaps Iíll conjure a double rainbow for the finale!

25 November, 21 CLE
Not much has happened since the Princeís return. In fact, the Prince himself hasnít been seen outside of the Castle since he came back, escorting those two prisoners. Still no one knows the identity of the prisoners, but I think from looking at them-and Garen seems to agree-that one was male and one was female. That isnít much to go on, but itís something. Whatís more curious is that the two prisoners arenít occupying cells in the dungeons. I went down to see if I could discern their identities, and the jailer told me that the prisoners had never been brought to him. I can only assume that Jarvan knows what heís doing, but itís all a bit too cloak-and-dagger for me. I prefer for things to be out in the light for all to see; I usually make a point of shedding light on curious situations, and illuminating perplexing games of intrigue. In this matter, I simply have to trust in the Princeís judgment.

5 January, 22 CLE
Off all the new champions permitted to participate in League matches, I hate that fox the most! Mobile enemies fluster me enough because theyíre impossible to bind, but sheís more mobile than most with her silly dashing and prancing and frolicking about. And she thinks sheís so alluring with her tails and her ball and her charming little heart. Of course people are going to like you when you show your cleavage off like some kind of Zuanite harlot! Doesnít she realize how impractical that is? Itís not like I wear my armor because of how flattering it looks; I wear it because it protects me. ďIím just exploring my new human body,Ē she says. Does she think anyone actually believes that? Sheís just a brazen hussy and thatís all there is to it.

25 March, 22 CLE
I remembered something yesterday that I truly wish I hadnít: the rumors about the Prince during the Battle of Kalamanda. From what I understand, Swainís chestplate showed a reflection of whom he was battling; the disturbing part is that the reflection was not that of Prince Jarvan Lightshield IV, but of Emilia LeBlanc, the Deceiver. The frenzy of battle is a curious thing, and reports of strange occurrences happen all the time, but this is different somehow. Too many soldiers report seeing the exact same thing, and their reports are too precisely accurate, right down to the tear-drop marks below her eyes, which are invisible in League Match Broadcasts and can thus only be known to those that have actually seen LeBlanc in battle. Iíd forgotten about it until just yesterday, and now that Iíve remembered, I fear for what it might mean. The circumstances surrounding the Princeís return were curious enough, but to think that we might all be getting played for fools is truly disheartening. Itís no secret that LeBlanc leads the Black Rose, which bases itself in Noxus, where it has long struggled to hold power over the Noxian aristocracy, but if thatís the case, could it be that LeBlanc and Swain are collaborating? And if so, for what purpose? I wish Jarvan would just tell someone what was going on; how are we supposed to participate in a war in which circumstances are so frighteningly disparate? Especially if the war is potentially being perpetrated by two of the most vile, vicious, villainous vermin ever to visit their vice upon Valoran. No. I mustnít think about losing.

8 April, 22 CLE
Every time I face Swain in the Fields of Justice, I get the feeling that he is more in control than he would like everyone to believe. Many of us canít match the magical prowess of the summoners; they simply have too much power. For most champions, itís a simple matter of melding minds with a summoner, allowing them to augment your strength with their own magic in return for obeying their every order, but more than once Iíve seen a glimmer in Jericho Swainís eyes that simply isnít present in the mind of someone who is not in control of their own body. Itís as though he allows the summoners to control him simply to keep up appearances. The power within that man is truly horrific, and heís gaining support in Noxus against Keiran Darkwill. With the wounds of war so fresh in the minds of Valoranís people, we can ill afford to have Noxus being led by such a man, nor am I sure of what the result would be should conflict break out. No. I mustnít think about losing.

2 May, 22 CLE
I grow more weary of this game of intrigue every day. The Prince finally emerged from the Castle, and accompanying him were Talon and Katarina Du Couteau, who are, conveniently, a male and a female. Undoubtedly the Prince smuggled them into the city under the guise of captivity, because he knew that they would be attacked on sight, which of course they were. Luckily for the Sinister Blade, my brother was there to save her from his attack dogs. Of course he would be. Heíll feed his dogs whatever Noxian meat they want, except for his personal cut. According to the Prince, Katarina had some sensitive information that implicates the League of Legends itself in the framing of Demacia during the events of Kalamanda. This doesnít explain why Talon came along, but maybe thatís why they call him the Bladeís Shadow. Iím not worried about him; shadows flee from the light. What concerns me is that the Prince was working with two of Noxusís most prolific killers, yet he told no one. Perhaps this news would be good, as it takes the political pressure of off Demacia, but thereís simply too much suspicious activity surrounding it all, not the least of which is the fact that Jarvan could actually be LeBlanc, in which case we have just been invaded by Noxus from the inside out. I donít want to take my suspicions to anyone yet, as the last thing that Demacia needs right now is to question the integrity of the crown, but I donít trust any of it. LeBlanc impersonating the Prince, Noxians being smuggled into Demacia; the implications are truly frightening. No. I mustnít think about losing.

21 May, 22 CLE
Itís finally happened, and suddenly everything seems so clear. How could I not have seen it before? Itís all been leading to this, and things are only going to get worse. Swain defeated Keiran Darkwill and was named Grand General of Noxus, which gives him the power he needs to launch an assault on Demacia to further his own ambitious agenda. The only thing stopping him is the League of Legends, whose authority has just been conveniently undermined by the revelations brought on by Katarina and the Prince. How can we fight such a creature? Swain is just too brilliant. Even now that Iíve figured out his plan Iím not at all sure how heís managed to orchestrate it. If my theory is correct, he somehow managed to swap LeBlanc with Jarvan without anyone knowing it. He managed to collapse Kalamanda onto the Demacian Miners, and then coerced Thom Garvin into admitting to the crime, forcing the blame onto Demacia and the Prince himself. He created the aliases found in the Du Couteau Documents and used them to purchase the Nyzer poison, so that he could kill Garvin before he had second thoughts, while also assassinating Grand General Darkwill under the guise of friendship. Most likely, during the great deal of time that Jarvan was missing, Swain was giving LeBlanc her new orders and setting everything in place to call the Leagueís integrity into question. Of course it was only a matter of time before Darkwillís son grew restless and challenged Swain to a battle that he could not win, placing Swain comfortably in command of all of the Noxian armies. At this rate, the Leagueís power will come into question and, if Swain gets his way, it might even be disbanded, at which point he will have all of Noxus behind him as he launches a war against Demacia. And if heís been two steps ahead of us all this time, it stands to reason that heís already more than prepared for war. No. I mustnít think about losing.

26 May, 22 CLE
I mustnít think about losing. I mustnít think about losing. I mustnít think about losing.

tayfga15 05-29-2012 05:55 AM

This is... intense. Dunno about LeBlanc impersonating people but apart fromt hat great.

I was intially going to ask about why Demanica is portrayed as completely good but then I remembered, this is from Lux's POV. Of course she'd think that way.

SV Artixero 05-29-2012 01:12 PM

Loved this. If there were a subscribe option for you, I'd happily click it without a moment's hesitation. :)

Ask Talon 05-29-2012 05:12 PM

Silly girl. Shadow's don't flee from the light, they reposition to strike you from below.

Dorryza 05-29-2012 05:39 PM

made of win. Always happy to see more Lux work =D

write moar plz


SageBias 05-31-2012 05:35 PM

Thanks for all of the feedback; I'm glad people enjoyed it. As far as LeBlanc impersonating Jarvan, I did not make that up. If you look closely at the picture of Jarvan and Swain fighting in Issue 25 of the Journal of Justice, there is a face in Swain's armor that looks strikingly like LeBlanc. I actually came across it in the forums elsewhere, so it's definitely a possibility.

Cerubois 06-01-2012 04:00 AM

Added to the Index, because I <3 Lux.

SageBias 06-01-2012 09:34 AM

Thanks Cerubois! That Index seems like a really good idea. It's definitely nice to think that one's work won't just disappear into the annals of the forum in two months' time.

Malkuric 06-05-2012 11:59 AM

I read it all. It was beautiful.T_T DEMACIA!

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