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Darthbob131 05-20-2012 06:51 PM

Game crashes as soon as game loads
I thought this bug was fixed since I've been playing Dominion over the last 2 days, but I just joined an ARAB game and when everyone got to Summoning as soon as the game tried to go to the actual gameplay screen it crashed. And worst of all when it crashes you do NOT get the 'Reconnect' at the main launcher, so you have to completely close out of League, reload it, and try again.

And then it happened again. So by the time I get in the game is already over due to a 4v5 and I get 9 reports for this game being a buggy mess. Thanks a lot.

I should note that this only ever happens on Dominion. Twisted Treeline and Summoners Rift /never/ have this problem.

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