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BlueBirdy 05-17-2012 10:27 PM

which of these champs can carry most reliably?
Talon, Master yi, Tryndamere, Olaf, Jax
Talon is great at bursting down a carry or mage, and does high aoe damage to the enemy team if grouped up in general, and scales well late game, but without a good team with confident initiators, talon will not be able to jump in and do his job. For this reason i feel like he doesnt fit very well into many team comps (at least in normals which i mostly play)

Master yi is a monster when fed and even if not, he is amazing at taking down turrets. Being immune to slows makes him great at focusing down a target, but stuns will mean death. So u have to play really safe with him

Tryndamere is a crit machine and can handle multiple focus well as long as he isnt chain cced because the survivability his ult gives him, he can also backdoor, but not as well as yi.

Olaf does whatever the f%&k he wants due to ragnarok and can walk into enemy teams expecting to roll faces. I would say he's the least team reliant as long as he builds with good survivability.

Jax is made for 1v1ing, and the aoe dmg reduction from his E and his bursty-sustained damage lets you confidently know you will take down some people. However he still is team reliant because focus, especially from mages will still take him down.

Personally I love playing talon because i like to go by my plan and quickly secure the kill with burst dmg, but without a good tank/initiator, no matter how fed i get i cant carry. Yi,trynd, and olaf seem more reliable and jax is an all around good champ especially when jungling. Any opinions on who is most reliable to play?

XxGodsHandxX 05-19-2012 06:09 PM

You have good points with all of them, however it all depends on what your team looks like. As you said Talon can do a lot but needs an initiator, Yi has a similar problem. Without either choosing a player to work with your team, or a team who is willing to work with you, it is almost impossible to choose the perfect person. Against a team with a lot of cc Olaf would work best, especially against tanky cc champions. Jax is trickier since his change but can still do really well, however he does need a team who is willing to go into situations that are probably not the best. Trynd is fun to play but at the same time he can be the worst teammate. If he isn't built right or the player doesn't know when to pop his ult, he will be useless, and the player won't even know it. Trynd is also susceptible to cc, like Yi, they both have powerful ults and gap closers, but they have to know when to go in, namely NOT FIRST. If they go in first they will face pretty much everything, and they will be taken down. Tryn might get someone but he won't be as useful as he should be. So it all comes back to what your team comp is.

Dubledox 05-20-2012 01:35 PM

There are all relatively situational carries. Most reliably I'd say Jax or Olaf. The others require to much snowballing really, which is effective but not reliable. Tryndamere is just... just no.

Jax and to a lesser extent Olaf just become gods with enough farm.

Jiggly Johnson 05-20-2012 04:34 PM

but mommy says, i carry the best of them all.

An Agile Phoenix 05-20-2012 05:26 PM

Olaf becomes invincible nd does ridiculous damage eventually. You really only need an atma's as your offensive item to 1v5 teams as olaf.

ßeerPongChamp 05-21-2012 01:56 AM

honestly I love master yi but I see so many people build him like nubs. yeah hes weakness is a stun or some sort of CC to burst him down. When I play yi and game comes down to mid / late game my goal is to kill their carrys before I die and if I do I've done my bare minimum job. Usually what i'll build is PD and IE and thats really all yi needs with his ulti to destroy any carry. After that ill usually pick up a GA ( which I believe should be mandatory on any AD carry). It's pretty beast on yi. sometimes ill use my ulti get a kill die res and use my ulti again cuz it reset or sometimes if the enemy team is good at owning me quick ill go in with no ulti die res and then pop it to start wrecking. Meditate is somewhere in there its all situational. another beast item on him is QSS. honestly with those 4 items yi is mowing people down no matter what.

You could apply this build to other AD carrys but the difference lies in their dmg output from having less dmg dealing items. It's yi's ulti that makes the difference and allows it. You won't 4 shot any bruiser but who cares if you can kill their Ad and AP carry before you get taken out you've done a good job.

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