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1Eredale 05-17-2012 11:01 AM

[Open RP] Rune War VI
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* * * * *
...It all began at 25 CLE, just a quarter of century after the League was created. After a long chain of investigations by the greatest city-states of Valoran, the Institute of War's conspiracy against their governments was exposed, leading to an open conflict. Its authority shattered, the League of Legends ceased to exist as a whole - most mages involved fled, some hid themselves, and those who tried to resist the onslaught of the furious city-state duo were left to the most terrible of fates: the Institute of War, a miracle construction of mankind, was half-demolished in a grand magical accident, leaving it and its surroundings nearly uninhabitable and plagued by magical anomalies.

The chains that bound city-states together were no more, and just as an insane animal lets its fury loose when off the leash, war inevitably stormed into the homes of Valoran citizens. The first to succumb was, surprisingly, Freljord - the tribes were no longer united by champions, and princess Sejuani used this opening to materialize all frustration for her sister that she had concealed through the years. A civil war broke out, leaving none uninvolved.

Attempting to negotiate peace (or forcefully pry the opposing forces from one another), came the delegations from Demacia and Noxus. Fate had it that both of them also had territorial interests in the country - a tiny dispute on the border of Freljordian tundra soon escalated into an opening battle royale between the three forces. Noxus aimed to acheive their goal, Demacia attempted to deny it, and Freljord defended its borders from both. In that battle, two great enemies - Jarvan IV and Swain Jericho - met each other again; after the longest duel, both died from severe injuries, neither being victorious. The only winners of that battle were corpses littering the bloodstained snow. That day, war was declared between the two major city-states of Valoran.

...All of that, occured within one single season - Summer of Love, as it was, ironically, named by a certain poet who didn't have the slightest idea of the events that would follow.

Such a small amount of time left the other factions unprepared and off guard - all smaller city states, including Zaun, Piltover and Ionia as well as many others declared their neutrality. However, that couldn't last for long for a plethora of reasons.

First off, the events set in motion were like a signals for the evils of the world to make their move. As soon as the battle of three states ended, there were reports of a giant purple flare seen above the Great Barrier - Icathia came to life once more, and only fate knew what went on down there. At the same time, sightings of specters and other supernatural beings on the northwestern Demacian shore and in the Conqueror's Sea increased as well - many treated that as a side effect of the many deaths, but those with the knowledge foresaw the coming of the Shadow Isles that was foretold long ago.

But the most horrible of all was what was always kept sealed behind doors of silence, never mentioned but known by everyone. With the Institute no longer keeping watch over Runeterra's magic, no one was left to stop the Rune Mages from reappearing. Long years passed since Rune War V, and many of them were deceased or simply gone; but few still remained, and new ones were born. No one has talked about this - but everyone knew that eventually they will step on the stage as they always did during the previous grand conflicts of Runeterra.

* * * * *


1. Any character with a reason for joining the war is allowed to join, Champions obviously included. For those who play as champions, note - the power levels outside the Fields of Justice are significantly different. Champions will have no restrictions to their abilities; but at the same time, their abilities won't be empowered.
Example: Soraka will be able to heal an entire army at once, but the 'cooldown' on her Wish is now several days of incapacitation and inability to use it for a few days more. And yes, Shen will be able to do a double backflip.

2. Unlike other RPs, characters can (and must) be killed. This is war - it's where people die. This means that regardless of how much you would want to stay alive or how much you would want to slay your opponent - the result of the battle will be decided on a solid logical basis by the DM, who will act without bias towards any faction, character or player. Death is permanent, unless your have an actually reasonable and argumented way of resurrection, like Karthus for example, who is a Lich and may resurrect at specific conditions. Characters may not commit suicide for no reason.

3. Politics must have a solid basis, and lead to agreements just as solid.
At times of war, many people change their alliances, expose their treachery and generally act like grand ******bags - but allies in arms can not change their minds overnight and break agreements they have made earlier that day. Existing alliances can be broken only due to events that naturally lead to that; same goes for forging alliances.

4. The existing factions can be changed per request, including their name, membership, leader(s), et cetera. Just as with everything else, there has to be a reason behind all changes after the game begins; names and members are always negotiable, again, within reason.

5. The world is realistic. Obviously, a world has its own rules. Valoran is roughly two thousand miles wide, and an army would require two full months to march from East shore to West shore, given no obstacles and good landscape. Same goes for messengers - there is no email, and messengers would have to deliver news manually. Very high ranking personnel may use certain magic methods of communication like visiopathy (read: Star Wars-esque image projection) to hasten delivery of top-importance news. Also, use the map - it will be attached to the post.

6. OOC Thread goes here - http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2125391

* * * * *

Leaders: Garen and Luxanna Crownguard.
Status: at war with Noxus, no allies.

Leaders: Katarina and Cassiopeia Du Couteau.
Renegade group leader: Talon.
Status: at war with Demacia, no allies

The Kingdom leaders: Ashe and Tryndamere.
The Outcast leader: Sejuani
Status: civil war, neutral to all.

Peace Preachers leader: Karma
Justice takers: Irelia
Status: neutral, inner faction dispute.

Piltover Law Enforcement and Defence Force leaders: Caitlyn, Ezreal
Yordle Academy of Science triumvirate: Heimerdinger, Rumble, Ziggs
Status: neutral to all.

The Glorious Evolution leader: Viktor
Biological War Machine leader: Singed
Status: neutral (?)

The Void - led by Malzahar, hostile to all.
The Shadow Isles - led by Hecarim, status unknown.
The Rakkor - led by Leona and Pantheon, neutral for now.
The Kinkou - led by the ninja triumvirate, neutral to all.
Bilgewater - led by Gangplank and Miss Fortune, neutral for now.
Bandle City - led by Poppy, neutral to all. Note: Veigar is hostile to all.
The Legion. - led by Eredale & Co, newly formed mercenary group. Formerly known as Runic Scavengers.
Rebellion - led by Avengard, hostile to all.


Originally Posted by Defence of the Howling Marsh (Hozzászólás 24875412)
1st battle event, ending in Demacia's victory, pages 38-51. Click on the quote's arrow button to go to first event post.

CHAPTER 2 - Page 52 http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...127960&page=52

* * * * *
Words from DM/Message of the Day section

Map key:
White - neutral state/force
Orange - dangerous area/warring state
Red - high danger zone/active army
Green - no danger zone/friendly defence forces

shadooklaw 05-17-2012 11:07 AM

((First! Aside from that, this would be epic. I would go play a match for my smurf, but I'm off to bed :( ))

AskVoidWalker 05-17-2012 11:24 AM

OOC: The Idea is nice, but perhaps due to how large it is, you may want to have different threads for locations. That being said it would be a fun long term endevour. And oner more thing wouldnt certain people becoma say unstoppable if they were not resticted by the League?

shadooklaw 05-17-2012 11:26 AM

((Disregard this post))

Ask the Herald 05-17-2012 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by AskVoidWalker (Hozzászólás 24353553)
OOC: The Idea is nice, but perhaps due to how large it is, you may want to have different threads for locations. That being said it would be a fun long term endevour. And oner more thing wouldnt certain people becoma say unstoppable if they were not resticted by the League?

OOC: Yeah, like Brand one-shotting EVERYONE

AskVoidWalker 05-17-2012 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by Ask the Herald (Hozzászólás 24353615)
OOC: Yeah, like Brand one-shotting EVERYONE

OOC: Was also thinking Nocturne and Fiddle going berzerk and killing everything, also
Ed you said that the Void is all powerful didnt you, so wouldnt the void just consume Runeterra? :3

shadooklaw 05-17-2012 11:33 AM

((I guess with the release of all magic in the IoW there would be quite some matches for them. Also I think they may be limited by the non-magic-friendly places, since SR seemed to contain lots of it, so maybe they had to pay more mana/have way longer cds than in the league, like the example he gave.))

((Oh and i think blidgewater has a D in it))

Rudmed 05-17-2012 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by AskVoidWalker (Hozzászólás 24353659)
OOC: Was also thinking Nocturne and Fiddle going berzerk and killing everything, also
Ed you said that the Void is all powerful didnt you, so wouldnt the void just consume Runeterra? :3

((This is why we cannot have nice things.))

1Eredale 05-17-2012 12:04 PM


The front page is full of OOC now! My wrath is more furious than the fire of thousand suns~ or something. Srsly, I now put the other thread as OOC, go there for discussion, k?

I'll answer your question though. Indeed, there are some very powerful beings out there; but with great power comes great responsibility (and costs). Powerful ones don't usually tend to randomly run around and spam their best spells with "lol I kill people!!1" as a warcry. Brand, for example, did that... he ended up as a prisoner of the Institute. Besides, he's simply an elemental manifestation - indeed, he can set stuff on freaking fire, but we're talking about war, not a series of one-on-one duels. It's the same in real life - a flamethrower tank in the middle of a city would cause massive damage, but would it be so effective against a prepared squad of anti-tank infantry armed with long-range missiles and artillery markers (read: ice magic and... well, artillery - we already have cannons on Valoran)?

The Void is, indeed, a threat - I foresee that at some point it would cause some massive mayhem between the warring factions, and maybe there would even be a need for a truce. But consider the following - the Void's goal is NEVER destruction. It aims to conquer the world in its integrity and then consume, change it, and add to its collection of realms (maybe as another breeding ground for their monstrosities). If the Void wanted to destroy the planet, everyone would be dead by now - the coming of a grand Void creature would, um... uh... well, read this for reference: http://mangafox.me/manga/hellstar_remina/

And naturally, you wouldn't realistically expect balance in a war - someone always has the greater numbers or the technological advantage, and someone else has more advanced tactics and more material resources... Finding ways to deal with a stronger opponent is what's actually fun - if everyone was on the same power level, it'd eventually come down to a game of chance. No one loves games of pure chance, where nothing depends on the player. And we don't want that, don't we?

Then, Nocturne - Nocturne is a manifestation of Summoner nightmares, burning with hatred for life. He will go berzerk, and WILL kill people. But consider the following - he's just a dude with two blades who can walk through walls and mess with your mind a little. That's a pretty good niche, but can he kill literally everything? I don't think so. ))

shadooklaw 05-17-2012 12:10 PM

((Disregard this post too))

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