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Dicey 04-18-2012 06:39 PM

Bug Compilation Thread
Will be sleeping soon so I wont be able to update

BUMP to keep the thread alive please!

Keep posting bugs to add to list :) (For Riots Convenience)

Upvote and bump to keep the thread alive for Riot to see.

Thank you for the support! The list keeps growing and growing

A Riot post will add more attention to the thread so would be nice to have one

Apparently there have been a mass disconnection among players.

UPDATE: Apparently, Riot fixed the chat issues, but ranked mode is disabled

UPDATE: Riot has pushed the button for Loss Prevented

Over 60 Bugs so far

For a complicated Bug
In champion select, on the dropdown menu where your mastery pages are listed. Mastery pages of another player appear as items instead of your own mastery pages, but really they will apply your own mastery page (first item = your first page and so on). Only the name of the page and description tooltip that shows will appear to be the mastery page names of another player.

Steps to reproduce:
- Visit another player's summoner profile.
- Click on the Masteries tab.
- (possibly not needed) Have a look at each page.
- Queue up for a game, and check your masteries list.

At this point you should be seeing the same pages as the player's. Clicking on an item will return it back to normal.

Sivir's spell shield can block 2 spells at once if used simultaneously (Intentional?)

Holiday Runes were not updated to match the current one's in shop

Sometimes Viktor's laser does no damage or something the animation is not shown but still does damage. Many variations of this.

"Prepare for Battle! The game is about to begin..." shows even though players have not chosen their champions

Leaving custom early will show a reconnect to game and logging out is the only fix

Autoattacking the same minion with Viktor will show a lower amount than intended

Rammus Roll didnt knock the opponent.

Poppy can stun champions by pinning them on another champion, not a wall.

Blue Golems appeared invisible on Purple Team

Exclusive Christmas Runes are available

Riven's ultimate could be cast more than once? ( Viktor's Ultimate?)

Leblanc's W will sometimes not dash forwards if used.

Lulu's ultimate does not give her the surrounding image.

Ignite still allow players to recall ( May be the persistent ignite effect )

Sona's Q is unable to go through walls

Ashe's arrow is not stunning properly if hit and the arrow disappears midway

Shyvana's E are not showing properly. (ONLY ON GOLEMS ON THE PURPLE TEAM)

Sometimes Caitlyn's trap did not reveal those who got trapped byit

Cassiopeia remains in her death animation, once she respawn. (She is basically moving pieces of rocks that cast magic)

Map Prediction is glitchy near Baron and Red. (Top)

Shyvana remains in her dragon form once she respawns, disappears once she dies again.
Most likely occurs for Nidalee and any transforming champions

Evelynn's ultimate does not reset when gaining a kill or an assist (Dead or while a player is killed)

Occasions where Minions weren't giving gold

Nocturne's Ultimate did not deal any damage

Players can receive a double kill from Kog' Maw. Alive+Passive

Tryndamere Spin on jungle camp resulted in not being attacked by them.

Maestro error is back ._.

Players are not receiving assist for damaging their opponent

Morgana's ultimate is not activating properly.

Fizz's E doesn't always hit? (Wasn't this bug old? Need confirmation)

When being invited to a premade, other players are not shown, but they are there.

The Paypal function to buy RP is not working properly. Players are unable to continue after picking their choice in RP

Mundo's Burning Agony disappears after some time of being on.

The Wraiths attacking animations aren't attacking properly on some occasion

Players are constantly being disconnected. (Explains the 20,000 waiting queue)

If players are able to see their friend list, during champion select, players are unable to chat or whisper with any of them. Unable to find friend appears

If Shen is disturbed by a knockup during his taunt, he will remain in the same animation unable to use his basic attack

During ranked matches, players were unable to ban a certain champion until it was their second pick (Shaco can't be banned, but once the same team receives another ban, Shaco can be banned)

Swain's mana cost are reverting back and forth? (Need confirmation)

The animation for Lux's basic attack was not shown

The runes that received a change are impossible to buy in shop.

Champions are grayed out during rank

Amumu Q is going through champions that has a active shield on (Shen's shield/Janna's)

During queue players are unable to chat with other players and players are unable to see any text

Sound effects from Mundo's cleaver are missing if they are in Fog of War or in a brush
(Includes Nidalee and Ezreal)

Players are unable to review ending game stats

Missing IP from matches

Games are missing from Match History

Kogmaw's corpse persist after death.

Ignite particles persist after its duration (This bug came back, oh how annoying it was)

Hecarim's E causes him to lose Attack Speed therefore you lose attack speed on his first hit. Effects disappear after the duration is gone

While trading champions, the incorrect champion was shown. ( Zilean in trade for a Olaf when it was suppose to be a Hecarim)

Mastery Page is to large during queue, thus players are unable to close the mastery page

Vladimir was untargetable after the uses of his pool. 5 Seconds after the use of his pool.

During the uses of Corki's Ultimate, the missiles would go through minions and champion, but the damage still appeared.

Ending of Dominion matches caused players to be in-game when the game finished. Players were unable to invite other players.

Recall animations were shown, when someone stopped recalling or no one was there at the moment or the recalling animations came late on players screen.

If Malphite is grabbed by Blitzcrank in the middle of Malphite's Ultimate, he freezes. (Ouch)

Friends from the buddy list are not shown

Champions cant be targeted in Dominion

Viktor's laser doesn't show its full animation. It goes 1/4 to 1/2 of the length then disappears. (Still does damage, but the laser is invisible)

Viktor's ultimate can be used twice if spammed?

Messages from Draft Pick are appearing in Blind Pick (It is not your turn to pick in Blind Pick)

Unable to make premade rooms.

Chat disconnecting

Jungling Bug where champions does not get damaged by the brown wolf if attacked in a certain way (Blue are still doing damage)

Summoner spells carry over from dodged games (champion select)

The HP of Towers were unable to be seen

Untargetable towers

Summoner didnt gray out after locking in.

Hecarim gets stuck in areas, and recall is a must in order to regain movement. (Destroyed Turrets, Wall Edge, Foliage)

Karthus death resulted in being untargetable. Another situation shows that Karthus revived after entering the brush while having the untargetable state.

I'll update if I must :o

This would be 10 times easier for Riot

Thank you for the support!

Dicey 04-18-2012 06:41 PM


ItzWarty 04-18-2012 06:41 PM

Lee sin doesn't get attacked by wolves if you hit them in a certain way.

CrippLeDeJonny 04-18-2012 06:42 PM

Summoner spells carry over from dodged games (champ select)

Untargetable towers

cant see tower HP (just one tower so i know i didnt press anything)

summoner didnt gray out after locking in.

all in one game..

Miss Hilton 04-18-2012 06:42 PM

Hecarim getting stuck randomly...have to back to reset it.
Edit: On this my friend said it happened to him 3 times. Got stuck on a tree by blue, second time was on a wall edge, third time was at the curved bend by mid bush. The first time he had to recall, second time he had to recall and the third time after getting stuck he eventually got his movement back.

Dicey 04-18-2012 06:43 PM

Keep going I'm adding to list

Dicey 04-18-2012 06:45 PM


KhaZixCarriesYou 04-18-2012 06:46 PM

I got an untargettable Vayne as Fizz in the final stretch of a dominion game.

iainB85 04-18-2012 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by Dicey (Hozzászólás 23353592)
Keep posting bugs to add to list :) (For Riots Convenience)

Victor's laser doesn't show its full animation. It goes 1/4 to 1/2 of the length then disappears.

Unable to make premade rooms.

Chat disconnecting

Lee Sin does not get damaged by wolves if attacked in a certain way

Summoner spells carry over from dodged games (champion select)

The HP of Towers were unable to be seen

Untargetable towers

Summoner didnt gray out after locking in.

Hecarim gets stuck in areas, and recall is a must in order to regain movement.

I'll update if I must :o

This would be 10 times easier for Riot

I can confirm the wolf bug is not exclusive to lee.. I was jungling Nocturne today and got them in a position where big wolf was not attacking at all (but the two lesser were), was really odd. I believe it was related to me using Q from far away to leash them as I was running around the corner, got stuck in a weird spot.

Miss Hilton 04-18-2012 06:47 PM

Bump. Also I saw a thread where someone said once Karthus died he was untargetable.

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