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J 3 04-18-2012 07:44 AM

It's not about Champion kills
Yes, when you can kill a champ, you should. Otherwise farm and take objectives.

Quote from last game:
"dying is everything not turrets"

learn to take objectives and if you can't win a team fight... don't engage. It's the basic things which will translate into a win on TT. If you've played 1542 games and still can't figure this out, then you need to really take a look at how you play and the decisions you make. I am by no means a great player. I don't play ranked because it stresses me out, but if you want to whine in a game I would prefer that you go play HoN or DotA or something so we can try to get players who both know how to play and understand basic tactics in the same game. It will improve the community and help keep the game interesting.

If you want to whine, go play something else. Learn the game and what is important

Luego 04-18-2012 07:53 AM

Play ranked. It shouldn't stress you, because you're playing with teammates/friends, so you don't get the **** you get in 5's/soloqueue. But the overall strategies seem so different in ranked-team than in normals. I'm still trying to adapt to the amount of roaming that seems to be occurring - think I need even more wards than usual, so that they actually pay for attempted ganks with significant lost farm.

Edit: and other than dragon, I'm not sure if objectives really *are* everything. And dragon's important primarily based on what it gets you - gold. Gold seems to me to be the most important. Games in SR (at least until crazy high elo) seem to be won with a slow grind through towers/inhibs/nexus. Games in TT seem to be won with a mass push after a 2 or 3man kill. I've won many games where we were down kills, and down towers. Farm. Farm. Farm. Creeps, dragons, champs, it doesn't matter. Just farm.

Killers297 04-18-2012 08:04 AM


DCTS x PRODIGYZ 04-24-2012 09:53 AM

Yeah I have been trying to tell people this "I win games 10/30" (k/d rario) They reply back (in all casue they talk **** on team why?? Doesnt make anyobdy to better) so they both said something like this "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA XDDDD This noob says kills dont matter and solo stast dont matter and team stats and push and killing nexus matters xD report this noob for trying to win and not knowing the game" I replied in all first time in game like this "He is right im awful guys report me :)" the other team says this back "Sorry biddy ill report your team push does = win not kills aoeey you got stcuk with them...." my team "xD reporting you noobs to" than the other team "Are you serious? Riot watches the game. they are not gonna report somebody for TRYING to win your teammate it trying to win. You cant report him for that. Riot built the game for that. Not people who cry" than the other team surrendered right after taking our nexus and said "thatwas for you Shaco add me sometime" (i was shaco) ^_^

Turtle Omega 04-24-2012 10:21 AM

I feel farming is not as important in 3s. Most games end by 20 minutes, so you might finish like 1 or 2 late game items if you just passively farm the entire game. Or you can get like 120 cs by 20 minutes, and be roaming the map and get crazy kills and be happy men. Dragon isn't as stressed as it should be, which I love. Whenever my team gets free dragons, I have tears of happiness, especially because no one understands its true potential. I have a friend who plays AD Bot 5s all the time, in the upper 1800 ELO, and when he plays 3s with me, he goes farm crazy, racking up around 200 CS by 13 minutes, but the problem is if you focus farming, you really are rigid and not able to roam around a lot. Because 3s is such a tinier map and smaller laning times, I really feel that farming is not the emphasis of 3s, rather objectives, kills, and teamwork at the main priorities. I've had games where I only get like 30 CS, but roll the enemy team who has quadruple the amount of mine. To be honest, teamwork > anything else. My team has gotten pretty tired of playing normal blind matches, because they're just too easy (And we don't even pick OP champions). All you need is some good old skype, some constant communication, proper warding, and coordination, and you'll kick anyone's ass, regardless of farm.

PDiddy 04-24-2012 11:22 AM

I kinda have an objective list in my head for 3's

1 Drag!

2. Red

3. Towers

4 Buffs (green white)

5 Kills

6 Jungle camps

IDK if thats bad but it seems to work.

Auronan Valenkyr 04-24-2012 10:01 PM

I've gotta say the title of this one set me off.

I HATE losing a game that could've been won because my team was too busy killing champs than taking towers. This actually happened earlier to me. I went 7-3-15 on Lulu and still lost because my team wasn't focusing towers.

RyuthK 05-03-2012 03:43 AM

I cant remember how many times my team got killed by a champ. Called me noob for pushing a tower, and having a few kills. Im like sure you got 10 kills you also got 15 deaths. I have 0 deaths, and I'm over here winning the game :3

BranDroid 05-04-2012 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by RyuthK (Hozzászólás 23897872)
I cant remember how many times my team got killed by a champ. Called me noob for pushing a tower, and having a few kills. Im like sure you got 10 kills you also got 15 deaths. I have 0 deaths, and I'm over here winning the game :3

EXACTLY!! I play with so many people who just focus on kills, i play TT and i do solo top, thats my usual, I farm, i gank if i notice people need it but besides that i stick to my lane, build up gold and push my line, ive lost so many games because my team only focus's on kills im just like "cmon guys yea kills get you gold but it doesnt win the game" and then proceeds the cursing calling me a noob etc.. granted i just started playing LoL and am only at lvl 11 so i think that accounts for the lack of skill with people i play but its not that hard to figure out people, push your line=win games and there's my rant xD

Dr3aDnAuGhTz 05-04-2012 08:54 AM

Champ kills are important for lowering there capability of farming though ??

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