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Stillshark 04-14-2012 08:50 AM

Come check out my journey to higher elo! :D
Hey guys, streaming my way to higher elo, currently stuck in the 1100's. I typically play mid, but can play all roles at an at least mediocre level. Feel free to message me in game or post in this thread with tips or requests of champions to play (if it's a mid champ). If my music is generally unappreciated, I can put something else on. :3

Profanity will be used.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.



Currently OFFLINE.

Stillshark 04-14-2012 03:30 PM

Going to be live for awhile, tune in!

IceGaia 04-14-2012 03:59 PM

why does ur hud and stuff constantly flicker from invisible to visible? O_o

Stillshark 04-14-2012 04:06 PM

Beats me haha. I'll look into it.

Mid Sejuani GG 04-14-2012 04:10 PM

Just so you know, to fix the flickering problem you go into settings and change it to windowed mode so streaming will work.

Stillshark 04-14-2012 04:25 PM

Ah, thanks man.

Stillshark 04-15-2012 08:30 AM

Currently live, come check out some low elo awesomeness!

Kize 04-15-2012 08:39 AM

"Prepare to be underwhelmed."

lol made my day

Stillshark 04-16-2012 07:38 AM

Going live! You guys missed my first ranked pentakill yesterday as none other than Orianna!

Quick Rawr 04-16-2012 07:55 AM

Impressive jukes with Cass in mid lane against that TF bro.

If Jax won't give mid lane the blue buff, go kill the enemy jungler for it. (:

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