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Ask the Solari 04-11-2012 11:00 PM

A Day in Demacia [Open RP]
The city state of Demacia. It can seen from the architecture that white stone and marble are a persistant material that all the buildings are based on. Majestic flags that hold the crest of Demacia are held high atop the towering spires across the city. A magnificient skyline stretching out endlessly to the natural port that rests within the city's protection.

There is an extremely clean and pristine feel to every aspect of the city. Orderly and calm with its own charm to each section that houses its own unique aspect to the Demacian way of life. The shops are placed in an orderly fashion selling their wares with regulated prices that are still competitive, but affordable to most. Certain import wares are not subject to price regulation and are often kept completely seperate from the markets.

Guards are posted at every key points of the city with regular patrol groups can be seen on the streets maintaining the civil obediance that is required within the city walls. The guards do not neglect to be helpful when possible and often can be seen helping newcomers to the city find their way. The citizenry of the city are also very polite, tending to their duties while helping those they can when they are able.

IlexAlderwood: Thanks to the efforts of certain champions and events, Damacia has in recent years had a fairly strong yordle community. The small, chittery folk tend to hang around in groups for the most part. Certain parts of the city have shops and taverns open to accomodate the Yordle minority.

Silver Trinity: The Demacian central park. On the far end of the plateau this place stands as means to study nature and to add a much needed area where civilians could take their children and let them play. Usually peaceful and serene this place is home to many migrant birds and the usual wildlife found in trees.

FilFire:Combat within the Demcian City:
The Basic Partol, a small detachment of 4-8 spearmen and archers. The basic partol will be easy picking, maybe last 3-4 comments worth of fighting, be creative and take out some steam on them. To add balance just be sure to have an advanced unit pop in every 2-3 groups of the basics.

The Tacitcal Response Unit, a Platoon sized party with magic users and summoned Golems. They can suppress magic indefinately so long as you are in their field of 30-50 meters. If you manage to take these out without using any of your abilities then feel free to trigger the next one.

Champions or Demacia Aligned Characters, this one is pretty simple to grasp. If you Somehow defeat them with the following groups still active trigger final event.

Finally a City Wide Purification, where all magic will be disabled, and the trouble makers rooted in place permantely by a spell similar to Lux's Lightbinding, they will also be made blind during this period. Yes, imagine all Demacian allied summoners, champions, and the full might of the Demacian state bearing down on you while being completetly blinded and immobalized. The last one here if for Godmodding people if they ever go out of control. Jarvan and Lux has the authority to trigger said event if they feels necessary.

((OOC: Here we go, the stage is set. Use it as people see fit for any RPing you feel neccessary within the walls of Demacia. Remember any and all violations to the peace will be met with force. Anything You want added to the City I you can post it and I will add it to the original post so that people can see what is in the city in the OP. I will also give the suggestor credit for it.))

Ryugi Kazamaru 04-11-2012 11:09 PM

(( This might be nice. Get Kaz out of the Break Room etc. Noxus might be nice for people like Swain or even Riven, or Jax and Gragas to go drinking again. ))

Ask the Solari 04-12-2012 12:38 AM

Leona, walks to the city gates and waits for Jarvn, Sivir, and Miss fortune. Suprisingly Leona opt'd not to wear her armor and in place she is wearing a yellow sundress. Simple, but strangely uncomfortable as she had become accustomed to keeping her armor on for extended periods of time. Leona also has a sling bag with a few belongings.

Tjihyana 04-12-2012 12:41 AM

(( This and the Noxus one look like nice ideas indeed, give a bit more variety for people. :P ))

Ask the Solari 04-12-2012 01:02 AM

((Yeah, it was limiting to be stuck in the breakroom all the time, plus this time we have a guard force to just beat down any people getting out of control, cept the ones that can god-mode. :S))

Tjihyana 04-12-2012 01:09 AM

(( Yeah, and sort of helps me out with my Poppy stuff... since Demacia is where she spends most of the time, ambassador duties and all :P Do you think I've done her well so far? I like to ask this since I think there's always room for improvement ))

IlexAlderwood 04-12-2012 01:15 AM

Thanks to the efforts of certain champions and events, Damacia has in recent years had a fairly strong yordle community. The small, chittery folk tend to hang around in groups for the most part, and novice summoner Ilex is no exception. With his hood pulled down, the red-furred yordle's tall, tufted ears wiggle idly this way and that while he stands amongst a crowd of yordle civillians, only distinguished by his purple robes. Even summoners like to take time off to watch the processions. Seeing champions in the flesh is just so much more personal and exciting than calling them through a summon sphere.

"Those humans in front are too tall! Where's Heimerdinger? I can't see him!" chirps one of the excited civillians, trying to clamber onto the shoulders of his friend, who huffs indignantly and shifts him off. "He's not here yet. Calm your whiskers! He usually comes out on some rocket sled thing. You'll hear it."

At once, every yordle in the group goes quiet and perks up their ears. Surely an amusing sight to observers.

Ask the Solari 04-12-2012 01:16 AM

((I think from what I have seen you are doing ok :D not sure about improvements though))

Tjihyana 04-12-2012 01:19 AM

(( Good ^^ Talon seems a bit pissed at me at times since well... I've had tests and all but other than that I've just been to lazy to level a smurf <.< having to play only free week champs feels so odd after being used to the 75 I have normally ))

Tjihyana 04-12-2012 01:59 AM

Poppy walks out of the Bandle City Embassy, yawning. She looks around at the streets, shrugging as she walks towards a nearby diner. Wearing her usual armor, Whomper in hand as always she enters. She sits down and looks out of a window, peering curiously at the crowd.

(( llex, good to see another yordle in these threads :P ))

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