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dodecahedron 08-06-2010 05:20 AM

[GUIDE] Vladimir - The Russian Ballerina
Bear with me, this is coming out in one big load. Lame sexual pun intended.

Twinklemir Guide
This is my guide on how I play vlad. Take it or leave it. I personally do not care if you disagree; just putting this out there for the people who have asked.

Hero Description:
Vladimir is a hero that revolves around dominating his enemies in his lane and constantly keeping Pressure on. One of the parts of Vladimir that is almost OP is the fact that you can clash with enemies, suck up the punishment and still come out on top. The fact you have a Nuke that does the -same- damage as an enemies at most levels (and much much more later on) as well as getting healed means you can constantly be rambo and charge past your creeps to get Transfusion off. The key to Vlad is abusing the fact he doesn't use mana, just like Katarina or Garen. Even though he uses HP transfusion nullifies this -completely-.

Summoner Spells:
- Ignite
- Ghost

Ignite: Blowing Ignite -> Hemoplague -> Tides of Blood and the optional Sanguine (Dodge retaliation or to get the last bit of HP off the enemy) devastates. All game. Ignite is also one of the best abilities to shut down enemy Vlad in 1v1's or team fights.
Ghost: Movement is vital to playing Vladimir and ghost gives you that boost you need to secure a kill, without having to invest into movement speed items.

Really the main thing to keep in mind is Ignite + Ghost is going to score you a kill in the right situation 99.9% of the time. So abuse this fact and keep the pressure up to continually open opportunities.

I've yet to fully complete my rune book however I would be going:
Either - 3x Movement Speed Quints or 3x Flat HP Quints
Reds - MPen
Yellows - Flat HP or HP per level
Blues - CD reduction Flat or CD reduction per level

9/0/21 as a standard mastery build.
This is the staple I believe for any Vlad, while it's entirely plausible to build masteries a different way, as seen in my build I have Meditation, as well as Mystical Vision over Blink of an Eye. These can be easily interchanged, as Meditation doesn't help Vlad in anyway, but is such a solid mastery that I often leave it there for other champions. This is my standard build I use across different champions, as personally I believe little to nothing can trump flat movement speed and cooldown reduction - not usually something that can be altered in games of a similar genre.

Passive - Crimson Pact - Vlad's Yummytummy free useful stats passive.
Q - Transfusion - Vlad's Bread & Butter.
W - Sanguine Pool - Vlad's 1 stop shop getaway/aoe slow.
E - Tides of Blood - Vlad's AOE standard nuke that for some stupid reason does even more damage with repeated use.
R - Hemoplague - Vlad's Teamdown weapon of choice.

Skill Build:
Q/W - If you're in a lane with Master Yi or any equivalent hero who can do some nice damage with Auto Attack early on get Sanguine Pool. Otherwise go for Transfusion first.

And so on. With the priority of R > Q > E > W. Tides of Blood over Sanguine as it makes farming a case of mashing E and watching creeps melt.

Item Build:
  1. Doran's Shield
  2. 1x Health Pot
  3. Spirit Visage/Mejai's Soulstealer/Boots
  4. Rylai's Crystal Scepter
  5. Zhonya's Ring

Starting Items:
Dorans Shield
1x Health Pot

Starting with Dorans is just BLARGH all over everyones face. This coupled with Transfusion = All the regen you should need. The HP pot is just for the lulz (and obviously the opportunity to get a little naughty).

First Trip:
Depending on how many faces you decide to melt
1 - 2 faces melted: Spirits Visage + Boots
ALL FACES MELTED: Rushing a Rylai's can really give you a lulzkek of a game. Obviously utilising the HP & AP which gives more.. HP & AP as per passive as well as the slow is going to hurt.. a little.

Something to keep in mind is ofcourse Mejai's Soulstealer; An awesome item. The only reason why I'm not recommending this is because pubbers _fail_ and if you buy this and find yourself stuck with a useless team you're going to be regretting it. If you're organised I'd go for Mejai's -> Spirit Visage if **** is going down early. So I can build charges ASAP. Before boots is ofcourse viable as well if you're melting faces all over the map.

Spirit Visage - 1250
Spirit visage will not only help you early and keep you in the mix all game, but it will also contribute to your late game survivability, as when you start hitting and healing yourself for 200-300hp per nuke; you'll be thanking me. The regen makes returning to base for heals a moot point when coupled with Transfusion. Magic Resist is another important thing to keep in mind. Nukers can hurt a Vlad and getting this early saves your ass. Alot. The +20% healing & 12% CD reduction is just OMAWDNAUJNDANWDA. Naturally.

Mejai's Soulstealer - 1235
If you've decided to get it. The AP : Cost ratio is epic when you're anywhere above 12 charges.

Sorcerer's Shoes - 1100
This build if anything is lacking magic pen, and the early Sorc's helps.

Rylai's Scepter - 3105
Keeps up the boogy with the slow and Transfusion spam.

Zhonya's Ring - 3460
ALWAYS keep in mind you have this activatable. I see way too many people not using this. Blue buff + Sanguine Pool + Zhonya's + Russian Ballet + Sanguine is ridiculously hard to kill. Zhonya's is also a viable item to rush if you're having a very good game.

Where to go next:

Haunting Guise - 1485
This ones a no-brainer. Haunting Guise plays to Vlad's passive perfectly. And well, MPen? Yes please. Great filler item, although for the full impact I believe you need to get a Haunting early. If you pull off a few nice kills early but find yourself needing to back (although.. you're vlad.. you lifesteal /facepalm) definitely pick up a Haunting Guise.

You find yourself doing more than enough damage, or your tanks make you cry:
Randuin's Omen - 2925
Activatable, yes, smexy. This is more of an item you go to if you're having trouble getting focused and want some more beef to your slender frame.

Otherwise, the standard:
Go for void staff if the enemy team is being carried by a tank (that is utilising magic armour - if they're haaard sunfires for example, get a Deathfire Grasp). Otherwise Abyssal is solid if your team hasn't got it, and if they have.. go for a Will of the Ancients. If the game is going on for ridiculously long, sell the Haunting Guise, stock up on Elixirs and buy something with some more AP to fully utilize Zhonya's.

Abyssal Scepter - 2650
If you have a caster heavy team/the enemies get serious about denying you.

Deathfire Grasp - 2610
If you're facing a few enemies intent on beefing up their HP - and you feel like adding some extra pewpew.

Void Staff - 2295
If the enemies are going heavy magic resist and you feel you can ignore a survivability or different item. Void staff is always on the table.

Will of the Ancients - 2400
An awesome item - although nearly every time can be replaced by something more suitable. If someone on your team doesn't pick this up definately keep it in mind.

How to play Vlad:
In Early on & Mid game play you should be saving your Transfusion for the clashes you'll have early on (You and your opponent blowing a nuke and running back). Once you're comfortable with vlads capabilities never be afraid to stick it to your enemy. This means being a rightclick n00b and not actually backing. More often than not you can get multiple hits in before an enemy realises you're not Hitting & Running as per the norm. And more harass, means more opportunities to rake in some tasty bonus gold. Once you get Transfusion to level 3 and the cooldown is getting nice and lowsy don't forget to constantly keep it on cooldown. Once your opponent realises your cooldowns are ridiculously low and you can get 3 spells in when he gets 2 AND heal. He's going to start being cautious. This is when you smash your lane with Tides of Blood + Transfusion spam. Ofcourse keeping your hp balanced and not overusing Tides of Blood; keeping up the pressure is key. Your opponent is going to get sick of your cockiness and try to punish you. This is when you want to keep in mind that Sanguine can dodge ALOT of spells. Dodging their initiation (if the heroes mechanics you're against allow this) with Sanguine and rolling onto their faces surprises the **** out of alot of enemies. Followed up with liberal doses of ToB (Tides of Blood) & Transfusion = Ow my face is melting. As you approach midgame you're going to be looking to spread your twinkle vampire empire to the far reaches of the land with glitter and poorly told love stories. Hop on the bandwagon and relieve some of the pressure your teammates may be feeling. You should be keeping the enemies guessing, and instill the thought of "****; Vladimir. Bail!". Keeping this up; with Transfusions life steal generates the image of Pure Vampire OP'ness. As long as you keep the Fear strong your game is going to be easy. This is because the more enemies think about getting away from you and less about shutting you down, the more Vladimir is open to spread the cheeks of the enemy team.

Late game its all about the Russian Ballet. You should be dancing through shrubs with the grace of a ****** in tights. Proper use of Shrubbery, Sanguine (and if you have it Zhonya's) in 1v1's and 1v3's can net you Triple Kills and beyond. Its important to minimise the amount of damage you take while being sure to fully utilise your ridiculous cooldowns on Tides of Blood & Transfusion leads to you surviving what you never thought was possible. Yes, it is possible and I have pulled off quite a few 1v4's and 1v5's; due to either how farmed I was from pressuring mid and subsequently shutting down their carry, the stupidity/unfamiliarity of players knowledge of Vladimir, and just balls to the walls awesomeness. You're either at this point going to be QQing at your team for not realising that your Ult + Them commiting to a fight is unstoppable in most circumstances. Or you'll be happily mowing down the enemy team around the map and push and end. Or get cocky as LoL players are always want to and continuously farm the enemy team until the lead you had becomes a null point due to game length (Yea. I'm guilty. ITZ JUZT TOO MUCH FUNSIES OHKAY.)

Misc Tips to Keep in Mind:
  • Crush your opponent in mid. The more you stamp out your dominance (apart from the obvious benefits), the more likely your team isn't going to cry at you when you steal their Blue Buff.
  • Between items, remember Elixirs.
  • Tides of Blood stacking. At any period during the game if you can co-ordinate a gank well enough to have your charges at 3x or 4x you're going to pull out so much damage that you'll surprise yourself.
  • Sanguine dodges projectiles & skill shots. Abuze.
  • Fiddlesticks can Life Drain you while you're in Sanguine Pool. And unless you're overfarmed you're not going to be putting out enough damage to warant sticking around.
  • Ignite + Ult + Transfusion/Tides of Blood rinse repeat or throw in Sanguine is going to net you kills all game when enemies are anywhere from 500-1000 hp.
  • Tides of Blood -> Tranfusion -> Tides of blood will take out a full wave of creeps after Tides is at level 3 - 5. Utilise this. All the time.
  • Vlad is not a tank. Yes you can play him this way, and yes he is effective with Ramuin's Omen & Spirit Visage. But overall he is less useful to the team. Someone else is going to be able to tank better than you, and if there isn't someone else, your teams already in trouble. Vlad with enough AP can roll out the hurt in any team fight, and that will be your goal.
  • Don't be afraid to get a little dirty when you fight 1v1, allowing the fight to progress until you're both 50%~ hp before backing is only good news for Vladimir. Continue to sap health with Transfusion on creeps or via harassing the enemy with it and you'll be regening quicker than most lanes. Rinse and repeat until you see pretty $$$.

How to Play Vlad v Vlad (Mid):
If you find yourself up against a vlad in mid its important to get as soon as humanly possible:
  1. Boots
  2. Spirit Visage
You need the movement speed so you have the advantage when it comes to trying to get Transfusion off without letting the enemy Vlad do the same. A solid winning exchange is if you can clash, as they back and get Transfusion on them then b'ing ASAP so that they can't do the same. This is where movement speed comes in, as long as you move faster, you can catch up, and back more successfully.

The Spirit Visage is obviously for when you DO clash, you A: Resist more damage than he does, and B: Heal more from Transfusion. Over repeated clashes you will wear him down.

Finally, always cast Transfusion whenever it is available. This applies to playing Vlad in general but is extremely important when 1v1ing another Vlad. Continuously use the skill, if you are unable to hit them as they are backing, use it to last hit a creep. Whenever your Transfusion is on cooldown you should be playing defensively, backing whenever they come to you and avoiding them entirely, this then switches when Transfusion is available. If you continuously keep this up, you will beat the enemy Vlad.

At the end of the day an item build and skill build is only going to contribute to your play in a minor way compared to how you play Vlad. You really need to get comfortable with dodging projectiles and abusing shrubs like any ranged nuker. As well as knowing when its OK to go a little harder and commit to stupid situations like 1v3 as Vlad is the type of hero that can pull these encounters off successfully.

Sincerely yours,
Pen Pal.

Will update shortly with more item choices.

sprbkd 08-07-2010 05:12 AM

Shameless bump.

moistmongoose 08-07-2010 06:43 AM

I've never got to enjoy vlad :c
The three times i've played him have been soraka+heim/ez/ryze
Any advice on how to deal with soraka/any healer+dmg

dodecahedron 08-07-2010 07:12 AM

Yeah, Soraka + DPS is a ***** for any hero. To be honest you should be mid as Vlad, but if you do decide to go to top/bot and face up against Soraka it comes down to either putting down enough damage to outdo Soraka's heals (which is easier than it seems, if you are -constantly- using Transfusion whenever its available) or proper use of Ignite and bursting them down with your ally. An enemy with <1000 HP while you're 6+ with an ally should be pretty easy to melt. In 9/10 scenario's you're going to want to be eating the Soraka, and if she's playing safe, putting out enough harassment to sink her mana pool. Vlad is all about abusing your short cooldowns.

It's important to keep Sanguine up for when you need it as well, and only activate it if you're sure you'll get a kill or won't need to escape in the next ~20 seconds. Same applies for general harassment, you don't want to get past your line of the creeps without Sanguine. You'll find alot of people just give up on you after you go into the pool, and Ghost + Sanguine is very hard to kill.

Hope that helps :)

Evo 08-07-2010 07:28 AM

LMAO this is so jokes. You think if you are -mir to the end of a name, it becomes russian? LOL

dodecahedron 08-07-2010 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by Evo (Hozzászólás 2312381)
LMAO this is so jokes. You think if you are -mir to the end of a name, it becomes russian? LOL

No. I don't think that. I was bored and changed his name. It's more a reference to how Vlad should be played - moving around constantly and using his abilities constantly. But he's obviously a Russian Ballerina; are you blind?

AIM7Sparrow 08-07-2010 09:19 PM

please remove flat hp from red runes

dodecahedron 08-07-2010 09:48 PM

Yeah, that was my mistake, some reason mixed up and thought red was yellow. facepalm.

dodecahedron 08-09-2010 01:00 AM

Updated with Vlad v Vlad.

Khajeh 08-12-2010 11:58 AM

No masteries?

I am assuming 9/0/21

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