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Average Gatsby 04-04-2012 01:34 PM

Teams of IPL 4
With IPL 4 only days away, we wanted to give prospective viewers a brief overview of some of the teams heading to Las Vegas to compete for $50,000 in prizing. We’ve placed the teams in order of seeding, which was determined by each team’s result at IPL 3 and the online IPL 4 qualifiers.

1st Seed: Dignitas:

Line up and roles –

  • Scarra: Mage
  • Voyboy: Fighter
  • I Will Dominate: Jungler
  • Imaqtpie: Ranged Carry
  • L0CUST: Support

Since their first place win at IPL 3: Origins, Dignitas has continued to place well in Challenger Circuit events, most notably their second place finish at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. Known for their solid solo lane play and aggressive bottom lane, expect Dignitas to make a few unconventional picks over the course of the event.

2nd Seed: Epik:

Line up and roles –

  • Salce: Mage
  • Westrice: Fighter
  • ClakeyD: Jungler
  • DontMashMe: Ranged Carry
  • Nhat Nguyen: Support

Much has changed for team Epik since their second place finish at IPL 3. Longtime bruiser player Dyrus left the team for Team SoloMid, and founder Dan Dinh transferred to 4Not. With two core members gone, fans of the long-running underdog team are wondering whether Epik will be better than ever or stumble under more established teams.

3rd Seed: Counter Logic Gaming:

Line up and roles –

  • BigfatLP: Mage
  • HotshotGG: Fighter
  • Saintvicious: Jungler
  • Doublelift: Ranged Carry
  • Chauster: Support

Though Counter Logic Gaming is a North American team, they’ve spent the last month practicing and competing in the Korean tournament The Champions. As one of the oldest League of Legends teams at the event, fans will be looking to see if these veterans’ time in Korea has given them a new edge over the competition.

4th Seed: Team SoloMid:

Line up and roles –

  • ReginaId: Mage
  • Dyrus: Fighter
  • TheOddOne: Jungler
  • Chaox: Ranged Carry
  • Xpecial: Support

Another veteran of Challenger Circuit events and live competition, Team SoloMid comes to IPL 4 with a new member: fellow housemate and former Epik team member Dyrus. After their disappointing finish at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, Team SoloMid has been competing relentlessly in order to prepare for IPL 4.

5th Seed: v8 eSports

Line up and roles –

  • TakashiX: Mage
  • TreeEskimo: Fighter
  • UnstoppableX: Jungler
  • Aphromoo: Ranged Carry
  • Muffinqt: Support

V8 eSports earned their 5th place seed by taking first in the IPL 4 online qualifiers. Though v8 has had some live event experience, the team hasn’t competed in person since the Intel Extreme Masters New York stop. IPL 4 represents a huge opportunity for v8 to establish themselves as a top North American League of Legends team.

6th Seed: Against All Authority

Line up and roles –

  • MoMa: Mage
  • Soaz: Fighter
  • Linak: Jungler
  • Yellowstar: Ranged Carry
  • Nrated: Support

Against All Authority not only battled through some of the best European and North American teams in the IPL 4 qualifiers, they did it will playing at high latency on North American servers. As the lone European team in this tournament, Against All Authority will have to bring their fierce online competitive spirit to the Las Vegas if they hope to compete with the home field advantage of the other teams.

7th Seed: Curse Gaming

Line up and roles –

  • Nyjacky: Mage
  • Pobelter: Fighter
  • Crumbzz: Jungler
  • Cop: Ranged Carry
  • Elementz: Support

For the first time since the beginning of Season Two, Curse will be able to play with their full starting lineup a Challenger Circuit event. Since appearing at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, the team has continued to aggressively compete online and Jungler Crumbzz reached number one on the North American solo ladder. With their roster secured, Curse will be counting on their online performances with the full team to carry over to Las Vegas.

8th Seed: Monomaniac eSports:

Line up and roles –

  • MrParadoxical: Mage
  • ZionSpartan: Fighter
  • NintendudeX: Jungler
  • Zig: Ranged Carry
  • Pixel3: Support

IPL 4 will be the first live event for the Monomaniac eSports League of Legends team. They come into the tournament 8th seed after losing to Curse in the 3rd / 4th place qualifier match. Monomaniac stunned many competitive fans by knocking out European powerhouses Moscow Five and Absolute Legends during the qualifiers. Like Epik and Team SoloMid, Monomaniac changed up their roster after the qualifiers, so it remains to be seen if the new team can pull off more upset victories.

There are your teams for IPL 4. Don’t forget to check back on April 6th at 10 AM PST for next greatest League of Legends tournament to kick off.

Orranis 04-04-2012 01:44 PM

awesome, thanks for the info

edit, downvotes, thanks...so i might as well


curiel 04-04-2012 01:45 PM

i cant w8 to see clg play i want all the excuses of ping to stop with them already

iCu PainDevil 04-04-2012 02:12 PM

when this start i want to watch clg play :D !!

DoUEvenLift 04-04-2012 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by qaphsielhu (Hozzászólás 22771679)
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The smile makes it ok

iHegemon 04-04-2012 02:20 PM

I'm glad to see that Curse was able to get Pobelter to come out this time around. Tired of seeing Sydtko throw games for them :<

BeaverPhresh 04-04-2012 02:43 PM


gG Xan2112 04-04-2012 02:56 PM

Happy Birthday Dyrus

ImElvis 04-04-2012 03:04 PM

Aww isnt M5 gonna play in this tournament? :((((

Alv 04-04-2012 03:11 PM


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