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Exqzr 03-31-2012 04:50 PM

The Ultimate 1 v 1 Challenge Win 3000 RP!!
Daily Update

Felorien has agreed to help administrate the tourny. He will be running it from this thread here. Please use this thread for all questions and posting of matches. GOOD LUCK!




Increased first place prize to 6000 RP.


2.Please make sure to upvote this thread if you are participating and have not done so already :)

3. Note recent rule changes:
*** 20 seconds to run back to circle if you leave the area.
*** Next battle begins immediately upon PLAYER resurrection, not Lizard resurrection. Yes this means you may not have your summoner spells available for all battles (at least at the start).
*** You may purchase Oracles but they must count as a slot and you must include the cost in your 15k.
*** You must post videos of all your victories. I need to verify each win was "Valid". However, I will accept a written post from your opponent to verify the results if you accidentally forget to record.. Do not do this often please.
*** If you both die during a fight. That fight should be done over.
*** Ties may be awarded in unique situations.
*** If you must withdraw from the fight, for any reason, you lose.


This contest is for fun, bragging rights and just to see who is the KING of 1 v 1! Once, all the viable champs (or a good portion) are taken, we'll get it started. The challenge will take place on the TT map - let's show it some love :)

If you think your Jax is "The Champ", your Tryn is "unstoppable" your Shaco, is "Godlike", or Poppy is under rated. Now is the time to find out!

This contest is NOT about who can kill the other persons nexus, control a lane, jungle or farm. This is a DUEL TO THE DEATH at level 18 and fully equipped. It's an all or nothing UFC MMA like contest

So, in the immortal words of the "Octagon"... "Let's get it on!"

IT's FREE TO JOIN Prize money is as follows.

1st 6000 RP
2nd 1000 RP
3rd 500 RP
4th 300 RP < Increased
5th 300 RP < Increased

Check out these teaser test battles! (Thanks to Sebamk and SpinklerMonkey for helping me out)


If you are interested in participating, please sign up here with your preferred champ. Champ selection is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

The Set Up

* Make A custom game and invite a challenger (see below on how to do this). Or post here a date and time you wish to issue a challenge and wait for someone to take up the gauntlet. It would be a good idea to send a buddy request to your challenger.

* Each player Levels up to 18 as fast as possible. You can kill each other during this phase for fun, but make sure the minions don't push to hard - you need to keep the nexus alive for the final confrontation. This phase should take about 40 minutes.

* Once level 18 and each player has bought all their equipment (up to a maximum of 15,000) - Head towards the Lizard. If one player get's there first, he must wait and may not attack the Lizard until his opponent enters the area through one of the 4 entry points. Taking out the Lizard for the buff is O.K. once both players are in the area.

* No other jungle buffs are allowed in the battle. Make sure these wear off before you start.

* You may not sell/trade items and you may not use consumables.

The Arena

* The "arena". is the area immediately around the Lizard staring from the NE and NW entry points and moving down to the SE and SW bushes. The Bottom lane between turrets is also in bounds. IF you go out of bounds, you lose that duel. If you retreat/juke/kite as a tactic, you must run your champ back to the Lizards blue circle every 20 seconds or you lose that duel. In other words, you can not sit in the bush and wait for your opponent to come to you.

The Format

It's a best 3 of 5 if time, if not, 2 of 3. So after the first battle go heal up, wait at your turret and start again immediately after the deal player rezzes Remember, if the Lizard is alive you can not kill him until you see the other player come in through one of the entry ways.

The Proof!

* Make a Video of your battles (just the duels, not the whole game). THE WINNER must post the video on www.youtube.com and submit a link here. If you do not do this, you will not get credit. If you do not know how to do this, please see post #3.

The Overall Winner(s)

* You must play at least 10 matches and no more than 16 against different opponents to win a prize. The top 8 by winning percentage will be entered into the "playoffs" in a double elimination format . A tie breaker will be set up in case 2 player's have the same percentage.

* You must complete at least 2 duels per week (or more). If you do not, it will count as a match loss. Use this forum to help find an opponent, to set up duel times, etc. If you are having difficulty setting up a match, let me know.

Additional Info

* This contest will run approximately 8 weeks. If you can not commit for that amount of time, please withdraw. NOTE, if you must withdraw you can find a sub for your champ. Just let me know who will be taking over.

* I am open to rules suggestions to ensure a fair and even match. These rules may change at anytime.

* I will be participating in the duels, but I can not win a Prize. I will take different champs, but none that are currently selected by another player. This will primarily be done to facilitate duels.

* Prizes will be paid out in cash (CDN) through PAYPAL - in a amount equivalent to your RP winnings. IF you do not have Paypal, We'll sort something out.

* Sion, Veigar and Nasus have special limitations. Sion can not gain additional HP from "Enrage" usage, Nasus can not gain additional Damage from "Siphoning Strike" and Veigar can not gain additional AP from "Baleful Strike" as soon as they reach LEVEL 18.

* You may join the contest after it begins! However, you will be given one loss per week you join late.


Exqzr 03-31-2012 04:51 PM

Brand has withdrawn
Sion has Withdrawn
Pantheon has withdrawn

Participant List (41 Total)

1. Exqzr (Unknown).
2. adanADN (Tristana)
4. OneManArmy (Heimer)
5. Boo (Nasus)
6. Tornn Poys (Fizz)
7. Stryyfe (Kayle)
8. Sebamk (Udyr)
9. Noobs are uss (Warwick)
10. dopey13 (Cassiopeia)
11. Amzin (Vayne)
12. gr0wdon (Akali)
13. DrewTheDruid (Jax)
14. MephistoGamerz (Wukong)
15. Luffer963 (Yorrick)
16. lolguy999 (fiddlesticks)
17. Fear Fire (Nocturne)
18. jodajr (Lee Sin)
19. Indian0Lore (Veigar)
20. Lencaar (Urgot)
21. xZeppelin (Tryndamere)
22. Phoenix vX (Rumble)
23. No101 (Shyvana)
25. Z Shadow Z (Olaf)
26. Roku66 (vlad)
27. Felorien (alistar)
28. Ulridan (Mordekaiser)
29. R3s3t4d0 (Shaco)
30. Reiking (Rammus)
31. Jubkins (Mundo)
32. Quique28 (Yi)
33. 2VicenT7 (Sejuani)
34. ApaRlZZ (Garen)
35. LordNicoLas (Ganplank)
36. MichaelPivan (Riven)
37. Starii Evernight (Singed)
38. blakkamoore (Talon)
39. xDisturbx (Xin Zhao)
40. Ixmukane (Annie)
41. Nerfiniti (Renekton)
42. TLM Seraphim Fiora)
43. Moneypouch (Trundle)
44. Zenita (Ahri)
45. rt2k (Teemo)
46. RedDiablo (Irelia)
47. DeathMa5k (Poppy)
48. Starlighz (Anivia)
49. Kyeguy (Pantheon)

Exqzr 03-31-2012 04:51 PM

How To Make a Video.

You will need two pieces of software.

The first is called FRAPs or similar video capture tech. Fraps is free for 30 second clips. Beyond that there is a fee of $37 to purchase the complete program. There may be other programs but you can search it out. www.fraps.com

The second is Video conversion software. I use www.dvdvideosoft.com. Its free and it will convert your FRAPS files into flash files for upload.

1. Load Up FRAPS. Before battle(s) starts press F9. It will start to record. There will be a number in the top right or left of your screen showing your FPS. If it is in yellow, you are ready to record. If in RED, you are recording. Pressing f9 again will stop the recording.

2. After game is complete. Load up dvdvideosoft.com and choose "videos to flash". Browse and get your video file and then convert it. You are now ready to upload.

3. Then go to www.youtube.com click the upload button and again browse to find your video. It will be in .avi format.

4. Upload the video.

Note, you can also use www.lolreplays.com to capture the video but you would then have an extra step as it would have to go to Fraps anyway before the conversion for upload. Plus it can be very buggy.

AdanADN 03-31-2012 05:24 PM

i want to join ;)
tristana =d

lirm 03-31-2012 05:28 PM

Rules seem way to complicated. Especially as you'd just pick late game OP champs.

Just make it a mid only 1v1. No jungle, any non-consumable item goes. First to destroy inhib wins. That way, early game champs and late game champs alike have an equal chance. Also, it's a lot less complicated.

Axil 03-31-2012 05:55 PM

when will the spam stop

Exqzr 03-31-2012 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by lirm (Hozzászólás 22632257)
Rules seem way to complicated. Especially as you'd just pick late game OP champs.

Just make it a mid only 1v1. No jungle, any non-consumable item goes. First to destroy inhib wins. That way, early game champs and late game champs alike have an equal chance. Also, it's a lot less complicated.

Its all about the duel. Not to see who can get an inhi.

Thanks for the post though.

Exqzr 03-31-2012 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by LixaLollipop (Hozzászólás 22633041)
when will the spam stop

Lixa < Still needs that hug.

SprinklerMonkey 03-31-2012 07:02 PM

ok count me in. cant decide on ap fizz or sion though:P

i guess sign me up for sion.

Game 1 vs. Alistar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sd-r...08AUAAAAAAAAAA
Game 2 vs. Kayle:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcX2h...08AUAAAAAAAAAA
Game 3 vs. Fiora: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c52s...08AUAAAAAAAAAA
Game 4 vs. heimerdinger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcU0q...08AUAAAAAAAAAA

Cute Backpack 03-31-2012 10:06 PM

Alrighty im in ( Heimerdinger )

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