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thewiseass 03-19-2012 06:41 PM

On-Screen Keyboard Ingame?
Ok, because of a physical disability I can only use the left side of my keyboard. Typing messages while in a game is impossible that way. I would love to be able to use an On-Screen keyboard inside LoL, either adding one or allowing a third party on-screen keyboard to run on top of LoL would be awesome.

The way it is now, I can use an on-screen keyboard during champion select, in the after-game lobby, in the chat windows and of course, to log in. I tried running LoL in windowed mode, and pressing "Enter" to open the chat box works, but once I press a letter the window focuses on the on-screen keyboard instead and I have to press in the game window again to play.

Being actually able to call MIA's instead of just pinging in a line would be great. Also great would be the ability to actually talk to your team without resorting to VOIP.

Please consider this little tweak for the next patch, it would make LoL far more convenient for disabled persons.

T0DdL3RT1CkL3R 03-30-2012 09:27 AM

Edit: I wish you luck with this, but in the event that they don't add it you could try what I post below.

If you get yourself a nice mouse/Keyboard you might be able to set up macros that for example:

[Enter] My lane is mia. [Enter]
[Enter] We need to prep for Dragon. [Enter]
[Enter] We need to prep for baron. [Enter]

I would suggest a G15(or 19) keyboard with macro keys on the side, you can use them to quickly speak to your lanes with your left hand.

Here's some links depending on your $ situation:

Used G15 (always take caution buying used):
http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=Logitech+g15+keyboard&_sacat=0&_odkw=g 15+keyboard&_osacat=0&_from=R40

New G19:

Could also try this auto-hotkey program:


Sounds like you'd want to unbind any key in game you planned to use (Function Keys F1-F8, would be good). I cannot endorse this program since I've never tried it, but it could do functionally the same thing for free.

Here's a snippet of the readme for keybinds:


Keystrokes are sent to the active (foremost) window by using the SEND command. In the following example, Control+Alt+S becomes a hotkey to type a signature (ensure that a window such as an editor or draft e-mail message is active before pressing the hotkey):
Send Sincerely,{Enter}John Smith

In the above example, all characters are sent literally except {Enter}, which simulates a press of the Enter key.

Lexzarr 11-09-2012 06:01 AM

I have the same problem

I got 4 reported with Refusing to Communicate with Team

Im so sad and want to uninstall the game right now

i hope i can use the OnScreen Keyboard ( osk.exe ) of Win7. in the future

it only works in the lobby now


can I set something like micro in the keybinding menu?

F1 mia
F2 leash plz
F3 thanks
thanks for ur help

colonelwheel 04-21-2013 09:52 PM

Bumping for visibility because i'd love this feature too. I can't type fast in-game because of this. Please riot!

GodOfPythons 04-23-2013 03:25 PM

Come on riot, support the people!

Lexzarr 11-15-2013 03:48 AM

bump please help these people with disabled

Marik900 11-15-2013 06:29 AM

Here, try using the script in on this page in conjunction with borderless mode, see if that helps, though it may be a problem due to not being able to easily toggle.

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