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Predinchuk 08-01-2010 08:28 PM

Riot, Please, can we Eradicate the Noobs?: An Effective Way to Educate the Masses
By training them to be effective LoL players?

UPDATE: July 8th, 2012: Thank you everyone for your support! It took me a while, but I finally got around to starting up a youtube channel that will be featuring short (60-90 second long) video tutorials to help assist newcomers in developing their skills at League of Legends. Eventually, if the channel catches on, I hope to start releasing more and longer videos that detail more complex gameplay mechanics. Please head over to the youtube channel to check out my videos!



My idea is to implement a series of in-game tutorials that would cover many of the basic fundamentals of League of Legends that many players don't know about, even at level 30. It would be nice if completing these tutorials was required to play ranked games, or else would be set up in a "challenge" format, complete with leader boards and rewards for the top X players on top of the reduced IP/XP rewards gained for playing a challenge. I believe that if the latter format is used, more players will actually want to play the "challenge" tutorials, and therefore will have their basic game sense improved.
Addition: Perhaps letting new players reach level 5 or 10 before submitting them to "required" challenges would be best, to avoid frustration and overall loss of would-be community members. The challenges would, of course, still be an option for them, but would not be required until they've had some game play time to realize that they might need some help.

It may also be worth it to offer a test regarding the Summoner's Code, the completion of which test would reward the player with a free skin, IP boost, forum badge, etc. This would promote cooperation and lessen the friction between players who aren't in a premade together, as well as improve the overall quality of the game for all parties involved. I believe that the Summoner's Code is not appreciated or practiced by as many players as it should be (I've heard "umad?" so many times that I found myself saying it for a while).

Examples of these challenges include;

You play as a tank (with a taunt or stun), with a squishy, heavy DPS champion as your teammate. The enemy is a heavy DPS champion bot, who can easily take down your teammate due to a much higher level, while you are more than able to tank their attacks long enough to win the fight. It is your job to taunt/stun/use ball curl to tank the enemy's hits to win the challenge via their death.

You play as any melee DPS champion. You are to defeat a heavy magic DPS bot in three fights; one at level 6, one at 11, and the last at 18. Before each fight, you are allowed to choose any two items from the shop. The player should realize that they must stack both magic resist and DPS items if they hope to win.

You play as any caster champion. You are to defeat a heavy melee DPS bot in three fights; one at level 6, one at 11, and the last at 18. Before each fight, you are allowed to choose any two items from the shop. The player should realize that they must stack both armour and AP items if they hope to win.

You play as any physical DPS champion. You are to defeat a Rammus/Cho'Gath/Shen (any tank) in three fights; one at level 6, one at 11, and the last at 18, all three under a time limit. Before each fight, you are allowed to choose any two items from the shop. The player should realize that they must stack armour pen via items like last whisper, bloodrazor, etc.
This challenge could also be done with a caster who must use deathfire/void staff to conquer a Magic-Resist-stacked tank.

You play as Katarina and are given three sight wards (to drop on the other side of a wall to be shunpo'd to). You must escape three enemies who have 500 move speed against your 425, using bushes and shunpo to escape. You have enough HP to take up to 3 hits, but must hit at least one enemy by shunpo'ing to them. You have a Rylai's scepter, so using your bouncing blade is also an option to chain-slow your enemies (although they would still be just as fast as you despite a 15% movement speed slow).
This challenge would have to have multiple difficulty levels, as many players will not be familiar with advanced juking techniques while using Katarina (such as running into a bush and shunpo'ing to the last enemy in the line of three running after you into the bush, then running for dear life in the opposite direction)
The hardest difficulty of this challenge would have you using somebody like Poppy to try to escape, with the "I'm a complete noob" difficulty (obviously non-existant) would have you using Shaco. If you were to fail this ridiculously easy difficulty, your account would be terminated and you would have your IP address banned such that you can never play this game from your house again. PS - I'm kidding about being banned for failing the challenge! I realize now that this really isn't funny :S

You and a friend play as two melee champs. The two of you must turret dive a low health enemy (such that he can take two hits from each of you) while at 50% hp, and must juggle tower aggro such that both of you survive.

This is one that really gets on my nerves; when your team won't let your carry get the kills, yet the other team has slowly been feeding their carry and "somehow" they come back and win the game despite being hugely down in team and turret kills during mid-game.
You or your friend play a typical carry champion, while the other is a support. The carry out-levels the support by 3 levels (level 11 and 8, perhaps) and starts with 6k gold while the support starts with 4k gold. The Support must obtain less than 5 kills with 10 assists while the carry must obtain 10 kills. This would most easily be done in gladiator-fashion with teams of 2 enemies appearing at your feet, each wave increasing in power. You may buy items with your obtained gold as the challenge goes on, emphasizing that the carry must be fed. Also, the next 2 enemies you will be fighting will be shown during the shopping period, which can be "locked out" to lower the time of the break, much like in champion selection. This could perhaps be one of the hardest challenges, as it will incorporate all techniques of countering certain types of champs.

You will play as Ezreal and will 1v1 another Ezreal using only Mystic Shot and Essence Flux. You are to dodge the enemy Ezreal's shots while hitting him with your own, using your minions as cover while shooting through/around his. Once the enemy Ezreal's health is slightly below 300, he will run, and two teammates will join him while he flees. Your job is to eliminate him with your Trueshot Barrage before he can return to his base, but he will, of course, be running at an angle. Should your barrage collide with one of his teammates, or any minions that you did not kill (minions will not be spawning while he runs, so the only ones in your way will be those in plain sight) it will not do enough damage to finish him. Should you take too much time to fire the shot, you will be shooting into the fog of war to try to make the perfect blind shot.

These are only a few of the many challenges that can be implemented to appeal to more practical learners who do not frequent the forums and would rather play the game than read about it.

If you would like to have me suggest more challenges, go ahead and propose one so I can toss it in here. Try to use the same format to make things easier for me.

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!


You and another player-controlled champ are pitted against each other in a single lane. You are to farm 400 gold while not crossing a certain line in the lane. The first player to complete the task is the victor (obviously, killing the other champ is an auto-victory, but you both start at level 1, so this is difficult, especially when not allowed to cross a certain line).

======> V.2 (CO-OP CHALLENGE)
You and an ally are pitted against another team of two in a single lane. You are each to farm 400 gold while not crossing a certain line in the lane. The first team to have each teammate farm 400 gold is the victor.

You and another player-controlled champ are pitted against each other in a single lane. You are to keep your opponent out-levelled for at least 3 minutes by at least one level. If you are ahead by two levels, then time passes twice as quickly (60 seconds left --> 30 seconds left), if you are ahead by three levels, time passes three times quicker, etc.

You and another player-controlled champ are pitted against each other in a single lane. You are to destroy the other player's turret without being struck by it; a turret shot is an instant-kill and will allow the other player sufficient time to push back to your turret. (No taunts allowed, and the challenge would likely start at a higher level to keep things rolling a bit quicker, perhaps level 6)

You and a teammate are to destroy the other team's turret. However, the turret cannot be destroyed until the "inhibitor" in the jungle has been destroyed, which is protected by several jungle mobs that will severely hurt you should you ignore them while killing their structure. The "inhibitor" will be located in the jungle on your side of the lane, and as such will strongly resemble a real 5v5 side-lane jungle mob.

You control a Soraka/Kayle/Janna/etc. and fight alongside four bots against a team of five bots. Your goal is to win the team fight by acing the other team, with no casualties on your team (easier difficulties would have your cooldowns largely reduced). You may not use offensive spells that damage the other team; therefore, your silence from Infuse would still work, but it would not damage the enemy target (this is to combat all those Sorakas out there who like to push/use their basic attack on enemies in teamfights/starcall for "sick AoE damage").

You must destroy the enemy tower(s) while equipped with the Dragon buff. You will not be able to target the Dragon with any skill but smite, and obviously your auto-attacks will not be an option. The enemy Warwick will make frequent stops at the Dragon to attempt to solo him; it is your job to steal the kill with a smite before you can continue to push in the enemy towers. Obviously, this will be nearly impossible without the use of of a constant sight ward placed at the dragon. Higher difficulties will have a stronger Warwick/multiple enemies attacking the dragon/ganks coming at you while you attempt to kill a tower/steal dragon (warding obviously can prevent this).


You control any character with a taunt, and must keep two turrets from being destroyed by five enemies. You must keep the turrets protected for 1 minute while your team respawns, and then you must keep the turrets alive for an additional three minutes. You have teleport as a summoner skill on low cooldown, so that you may teleport to each turret as needed. Harder difficulties would have you using characters that do not utilize a taunt, or would simply disable your taunt.

You control any character and must ace a team consisting of Twitch, Evelynn, and (*shiver*) Shaco. The respawn time is 30 seconds, so the kills must be chained together in close succession. This challenge could be CO-OP, or CO-OP HEAD TO HEAD. It should be obvious to the player that an Oracle's elixir or the use of wards is absolutely necessary to complete the challenge.

You control a support character and must support your carry. You will start at one end of a jungle section, cross to the other side, then return to the beginning. Once you go from A to B, two enemies will pursue you. Your carry will be extremely low in health and out of mana, while you and the enemies will be at full hp/mana. Both you and the carry must reach point B alive. This challenge will combine the tanking, support, and juking challenges into one, as well as giving the character a crash course on how to creatively use their spells to protect the carry (taunts, stuns, shields, speed boosts, invulns, snares, heals, etc.). This challenge could also be CO-OP or CO-OP HEAD TO HEAD.

You and your team (of players or bots) will be put up against a team of 5 bots. If with players, you must communicate to them to let them know which player on the enemy team must die first. If with a team of bots, you will simply have to; a) ping the focus target, or b) begin attacking them and your team will follow. You will have three fights against the enemy team, and you must win each time (once at level 6, once at 11, and finally at 18, each player on your team choosing any two items before each battle). The carry on the other team will have 75% armour penetration/magic penetration, and as such will completely destroy your entire team in seconds if left to do so, regardless of builds. However, the other bots on the team will be ignorable in comparison to the carry. That being said, the carry will not be obvious until the fight begins, at which point you must intelligently pick them out and focus them down.

You and your team are to pick a balanced team, as dictated by the challenge (each player will select a role, which will be "taken" as they're chosen, much like characters. Once the roles are chosen, only certain champions will be available to that player). The team is then to initiate and gank 3 squads of 5 bots, without any casualties and without returning to heal (however, the team will be able to shop in between fights for obvious reasons). This will require healers that can work quickly, extremely durable tanks, and carry champions capable of destroying both armour and magic-resist stacked tanks. It should be obvious to the player that the tanks must initiate and that they must attempt to hold the enemy carries/healers in one spot such that they can be quickly digested by their team's carries. This challenge will hugely promote team synergy and should be available in solo/duo-queue as well as pre-made, to allow you not only to practice with your team, but also to practice adapting quickly to a team of people that you do not know.

You control any character with a single-target skillshot (ie: ones that affect minions and champs) and will shoot at three rows of targets. The farther back the targets get, the harder they are to hit, and the more points you will get for a successful shot (duh), which is based off of the damage done to the target. If a target takes enough damage, it will pop and bonus points will be rewarded. Additionally, there will be minions walking amongst the targets that will take two shots to kill and will reward a small amount of points. The point of this challenge is to train skill-shotters to pick off tough targets on command.

You control a specific character and are taught what each of their abilities does, how to use them, and situations in which you should and should not use specific skills. These spotlights would be available to the player at any point during which the character is available for them to use (either through purchasing, or when that champ is on the rotation). It may also be wise to disallow use of the character until their spotlight challenge has been carried out. This would cut down on the "I just bought champ X so I'm gonna try him out!" comments and subsequent dodges in the pre-game lobby. Perhaps challenges could be added at the end of the spotlight to ensure competence of the summoner in controlling the champion.

You control any character; it is up to you to type /miat, /miab, /miam (the command will register on the system, obviously miat = mia top, etc) whenever an enemy bot leaves their lane to gank one of your teammates. You will "win" the challenge if you succeed in calling mia a certain amount of times in a set amount of time, and will lose if you miss too many calls. It may also be worth it to add "pinging" to the challenge, which would allow you to use one "clairvoyance ping" every time you call a /mia, and if the enemy runs through your clairvoyance ping, you would gain a bonus of some sort.

You control any character and begin at low health. There will be several bots who are fully capable of killing you with a few hits, one of whom you must "kite" to a safe destination where the bot can be ganked/killed or you can escape safely.

I'd just like to say thank you all for your support. If anybody wishes to talk directly to me about this idea, feel free to add me in-game and chat with me. If anybody wishes to be my third, see above :) Keep the constructive criticism coming, and please, don't forget to vote, poll, and comment!

***NOTE***: I feel that Battle Training was a step in the right direction, but it still needs some work! This thread has been up since August 2010, so Battle Training may have stemmed from it!

iiNsanity 08-01-2010 08:29 PM

This would make me happy. Please riot.

Jaawn 08-01-2010 08:30 PM

dude... this is such a good idea. +1

Melky 08-01-2010 08:30 PM

I was going to come in here to troll...

But it seems like a solid idea for new players to learn how to play and experienced players to refine their skill. These mini-games also sound like a lot of fun too

Lysergsaure 08-01-2010 08:31 PM

I really like these.

Serpentongue 08-01-2010 08:32 PM

Skill Shot tutorial sounds like a fun.

uub3r 08-01-2010 08:33 PM

thats a pretty good idea and would definitely cut down on the number of noobs

Laurix 08-01-2010 08:34 PM

I love you.

griddark 08-01-2010 08:36 PM

Imo they should remove solo queue, and you would remove 99% of complaints from people who think others are worse then they are.

Valahiru 08-01-2010 08:40 PM

As a noob with skill shot and juking (at least), I say great idea

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