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Ask Gragas 03-12-2012 12:12 AM

(OPEN RP) 'Appy 'Our! - A Gragas and Udyr RP Oh and don't forget Arthur
It was a perfect day to grab a drink. Udyr and his fellow Champions and the Trinity Wraith had just finished digging a whole room, with a drinking bar, out of the cave and woods. Stones and bones hung on ropes from metal hooks forcibly pressed into the walls. Mugs of Silver for the special people and mugs of glass for the customers rested on polished wooden shelves on the end of the room, standing between the doors to the restrooms, respectively for men and women.

Large vehicles of metal sat inanimate on the side of the road, each containing soldiers of the Trinity: Falcons, Knights, Wraiths and Iron Guards alike. Two vehicles containing barrels of unflavoured Graggy 'Eavy and a vehicle containing crates of garnishes, seasonings and flavourings of variety faced door-first to the door of the bar.

White-robed servants carried the barrels and crates to the storage room-- the door behind the bar.

Udyr sat on a stool, expecting his good friends to come in, sit and drink as soon as the Trinity's servants finished.


'Appy 'Our!

Gragas, Udyr, Arthur, Calibor and Salya toasted with their silver mugs, standing on the newly-carpeted floor of red. It was the first time that the Trinity's Wing leaders were seen without their armour, though their guards were up: Blades and guns were mounted under their wrists, respectively the left and right wrists. Though their grey suits were modest, Salya's suit was not as skimpy as what the champions of the League wore; it covered most of her body, except for the forearms and her head.

Calibor disbanded himself from the group to kiss his love, Sona. Sona was seen in her Pentakill suit, just like Mordekaiser, Yorick and Karthus who were present in the bar. Arthur spoke to Garen regarding their names being confused hence Arthur's name being 'Gareth'.

It was a 'Appy 'Our for Gragas and his fellow League champions. Though it was meant to be going for an hour, the trio of Udyr, Gragas and Arthur decided that they open the bar for most of the day except for 2 hours for maintenance.

Time to put in some NPCs and who can and can't control specific NPCs:

Public NPC(anyone can control):

Trinity Servants(Non-waitress/waiters; there are 10, 5 men and women, wait your turn if they are all taken)
Trinity Servants(Waitresses; there are only 5 so if all are taken wait for your turn)
Unnamed Trinity Wraiths/Knights/Falcons(There's 6/5/5 in respective order and there are 3/3 men and women Wraiths, 5 Knights(men) and 5 female Falcons)
Unnamed Ironholme Warriors(Wait for ST's signal when he comes in as Tristan; there are 4)

As always, PNPCs can be taken at any time but if they are all taken and you want to control one, you'll have to wait your turn.

Condition NPCs(only the people below can control):

Arthur((ST is swapping to Tristan in a few to join the brawls so Arthur is now an NPC sitting on a bar stool))

People that can control Condition NPCs:

Udyr(or the guy running Ask Udyr, please specify yourself if you want to control the CNPCs.)
Silver Trinity

People that can write the story

Silver Trinity

Events/things that happened:

Chapter 1 - Grand Opening

Chapter 2 - Udyr, Gragas and Arthur fought.
-Arthur and Gragas gave up as Udyr and Omen goes in a spar, Tristan steps in with a murderous mood in mind.

Chapter 3 - Pentakill arrives and plays, Brolaf being a guest drummer.

Chapter 4 - Mordekaiser and Yorick join a hellish mosh pit as Singed((Udyr) threw people around.

Chapter 5 - Pentakill leaves, Sona holds hands sits with Calibor.

Chapter 6 - Jax's Bachelor party((I think))
-Arthur and Gragas fight for no reason at all.

Ask Jax 03-12-2012 02:49 AM

"Ah, so you go by the name Arthur?" Garen drank some Graggy 'Eavy, it gave him a great burning sensation the moment it had flowed down himself.

Kg Maw 03-12-2012 09:35 AM

Kog'maw has somehow managed to get his head stuck in a barrel.

... please to be helpings!

he promptly runs into the nearest wall.

mn 03-12-2012 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by Kg Maw (Hozzszls 21962563)
Kog'maw has somehow managed to get his head stuck in a barrel.

... please to be helpings!

he promptly runs into the nearest wall.

Omen sighs, watching his charge manage to flip the barrel over with his head still stuck inside, landing with the barrel upright, and the poor little voidling kicking his legs in the air attempting to free himself.

Come along little one. This party appears to be invitational only, and something tells us our antics would go unappreciated here.

Omen pulls Kog'maw from the barrel, holding the small creature under his arm and stalking away.

Besides, your father would not wish for you to loose yourself to the drink... Unless it's the stuff he does the commercials for. this alcohol IS rather good. but you're not old enough to drink yet. 521 is proper drinking age, and you'll wait like everybody else.

AskUdyr 03-12-2012 10:19 AM

Udyr shifts his weight on the bar stool, silver mug in hand. He rarely relaxed, he was always either training or discussing matters with certain Ionians. Today was a day of relaxation, and he dearly needed it.

Tilting his head back he finished his drink in a single drought, it is quite good. He lumbered over to the keg and poured himself another draft, this time crushing a hot pepper into the base of the mug. Drinking this in one drought made the spice envelop his mouth, he smirked quietly to himself

He most definitely needed this.

IS10aa73f25589a39b94e65 03-12-2012 10:21 AM

Jax opened the door with his lamppost, "Gragas!" he shouted out, "Could I have some of the strong stuff, and make it a double?"

AskUdyr 03-12-2012 10:31 AM

"Gragas is busy, Jax." Udyr grunted. He walked over to the bar, grabbed a silver mug and proceeded to fill it with a cask. He handed it to Jax while holding his own, "However, we can assist you. Cheers."

IS10aa73f25589a39b94e65 03-12-2012 10:50 AM

"Cheers," Jax said solemnly, then opened the slot on the front of his mask and downed the whole mug.

AskUdyr 03-12-2012 10:53 AM

Udyr growled at Jax, "You seem downcast. That is irregular, even before you were seeing Shyvana. What is wrong." Udyr downed his third mug of booze, pouring himself yet another.

IS15ae86e1c3de7a2369ab3 03-12-2012 11:09 AM

Using a little handkerchief that he kept in his breast pocket, Jax wiped away the vestiges of ale from his lips and tucked it back away, tapping the rim of the mug with a bound pair of fingers. "Old contracts have resurfaced, Udyr, and they aren't particularly pleasant."

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