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chinfinger 03-07-2012 08:10 AM

Ryze and Blue Buff
I had a Ryze go AFK because I smited the 4th blue buff when our Ryze already had tear of goddess, banshees, glacial shroud, and around 2.8k mana. This is to all those Ryze's out there who think they need blue buff when you already have 2.8k mana.

Ryze does NOT need blue buff after the 3rd blue buff spawn. Period. His mana pool by that time is large enough to not go oom in team fights and the CDR on his spells would only reduce time by about .2 seconds. If the jungler on Ryzes team can spam abilities and really use CDR better like Skarner or Maokai or someone, then IMO, jungler should get blue buff every time.

Let me know what you all think

Go Explode 03-07-2012 08:19 AM

I play ryze and I agree...I only need blue early on to charge up my tear faster w/o recalling and later on I have 40% CDR with FH and my masteries so ya

Dwarfling 03-07-2012 08:28 AM

I only ever need like 2nd or at most 3rd blue as Ryze. At 3rd it's mostly for the CDR because I GS after Catalyst. And it's not like I "need" them either.

corallein 03-07-2012 09:20 AM

It still helps. Contrary to what people think, it's still quite easy to go OOM as Ryze even with that much mana, because you use up a ton pushing waves, and Tear is pretty ****ty mana regen.

Also, that Ryze isn't capped on CDR, so blue buff helps with that as well. Depending on your team, Ryze can still get the most benefit from blue even later in the game.

PandemoniumHeart 03-07-2012 09:24 AM

I suppose it does depend on the jungler, but CDR is obviously quite useful and worth giving to him, even with his big mana pool.

chinfinger 03-07-2012 09:47 AM

Ryze with ultity masteries + his passive + his mana pool does not need blue. cdr would be fractions of a second that would not change team fights as much as potentially a skarner or maokai or even a mana user top or bot lane using blue. there are plenty of other options to who takes blue before a ryze mid to late game.

Warrrrax 03-07-2012 09:56 AM

Ryze benefits from blue, but certainly not as much as many champions... and definitely not as much lategame when he already has tons of mana and maxed CDR (10% ryze +20% Heart +mastery/rune = maxed easily)

I guess if a Ryze never goes back and spams nonstop pushing waves (which he isn't very good at anyways), then he might run OOM. But Ive never had any issue. Maybe I just go B often enough (to buy wards, stuff) that it never turns into an issue.

Newtons Balls 03-07-2012 10:44 AM

Honestly, if ryze could get first and second blue buff he would be perfect. He doesn't need anything after third, at the latest. So if you're a jungler that doesn't need blue buff and/or lvl 4 to gank, then giving a ryze first blue buff is ****ing awesome. He goes oom so fast early levels and gets pushed back hard. Once he charges up his tears a bit tho, he does not NEED blue buff, but it's one of those things that if he is carrying you, then it is probably a good idea to give him blue buff to help him even more.

SuperCheapJoe 03-07-2012 10:46 AM

I like the blue buff. Even with 2k mana I will still throw enough heat to run out at times..

Nores 03-07-2012 11:40 AM

I main ryze (over 260 ranked games). If you dont give him every blue buff you severly gimping him. He needs blue early to charge his tear and late game he needs it for CDR and mana still (when sieging tower for example he can actually OOM if he keeps constant harrass of enemy team).

Yes 4k mana is alot .And yes you can run out in prolonged engagements.Ryze with blue is scary -ryze without is a gimp who can be bullied out of the lane .

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