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XDarkWizard 02-22-2012 02:17 PM

Should I jungle Shyvana or Udyr?
Which has better ganks? Jungle times? 1v1 pre lvl 6, post lvl 6, full builds :O?

FrostOrFlame 02-22-2012 02:20 PM

Shyvana imo.
Udyr would get CC'd like nothing.

Gahlo 02-22-2012 02:21 PM

Udyr has much better Ganks. Shyvana doesn't gank well, her goal is to bash the enemy junglers face in. They both clear VERY fast, but I think Shyvana might be a bit faster.

Don't know about head to head, never had the oppurtunity in game or a full control spectator to watch it play out.

Hyosun 02-22-2012 02:55 PM

Udyr has cc so he can gank. Shyvana does not, so ganks are difficult but possible pre-6 if favorable conditions are in place. She DOES have high damage so don't discount that.

Shyv and Udyr have comparable clear times. I don't know who is faster but here are records of a game where Saint jungled Shyv.

Saintvicious Shyvana: starts with 708 hp w/ dor shield

wolves 1:40 -> 1:48
BLUE: 1:55 -> 2:06
wraiths: 2:24 -> 2:32 ( he starts wraiths with 600hp )
golems: 2:44 -> 2:57
RED: 3:06 -> 3:17 ( he gets low hp )
<< buys boots >>
wolves: 3:53 -> 4:00
wraiths: 4:11 -> 4:17
| GANK | 4:30 with red ( tf has to gold card 2x in order to not die )


Shyv build: Wriggles, Treads, Frozen Mallet / Warmogs, Atma's, Wit's End
Udyr build: Wriggles, Treads, Wit's End, Trinity Force, Banshee's Veil, Randuins
Treads, Wit's end, Trinity, BV, Shureliyas

Udyr's build is a lot more flexible.

tl:dr Udyr if you want to gank, more utility, cc, and flexible builds. Shyvana if you can be patient to turn into a late-game beast and don't mind the lack of cc.

TotallyInsane 02-22-2012 04:04 PM

Shyv is kinda my main, and have met Udyr at all levels I think.

1v1, both lvl 1. Depends what Udyr gets first. If he gets Tiger stance first, he MIGHT win (depends on runes), if not, Shyvana's Burnout will get him down faster then he kills you.

1v1 both lvl 2. Shyv with Burnout + Twin Bite sucks to get in the face, no matter who you are at these lvls. Udyr can get Bear stance and stun you, but Burnout will still be doing dmg.

You see where this is going...

As long as you keep ahead, farmwise AND with kills, you should be fine with a 1v1 Udyr. But, everyone knows how annoying a fed Udyr can be, but there really isn't anything worse then a angry and fed dragon, jumping our of the bushes, pops Burnout, use Twin Bite and chases your ass down.

That's what Shyv does best, either harass the enemy out of lane so your teammate can farm in peace, or they die in the progress. Shyv doesn't need any CC to gank, no champs does. All you need is timing!

And if the enemy is to aggressive in their lane, there is your call to gank. The further he's away from his tower, the longer you can chase and procc your Twin Bite!:)

Hyosun 02-22-2012 05:12 PM

I love twin bite. Shyv really does have ridiculous damage early on. I'm really eager to get pro with her and was wondering what your build usually looks like and if there are some unconventional items you've found to work.

Shyv is a badass.

TotallyInsane 02-23-2012 01:57 AM

Wriggles, Merc's, Warmogs, Wits End, Atmas.

And for the 6th item, you have alot of options. Zeke's Herald, Triforce, Frozen Mallet.
Oh, and you could switch out your Wriggles with a Bloodrazor if the gamelength allow you to.
Works VERY good with Zeke's, btw.

xRias 02-23-2012 06:56 AM

Shyvana since I think she does way more damage early game than Udyr.

Tokinatoor 02-23-2012 07:27 AM

I play them both a lot...

I use preatty much the same builds on them...

I find Shyv to be more mobile than udyr, and more survivable when your alone..

But udyr is almost a tank when it comes to team fights...

Both of these champs are high priority CC targets, but I JUST LOVE UDYRs turtle stance....

My favorite skill in the game...

After you catch the enemy champion, udyr is better at chasing them because of Stun... But I find Shyv is better at the intial getting to enemy champ (and avoiding kiting).

But CC > damage & mobility

Hyosun 02-23-2012 12:08 PM

Yeah seems like the typical build insane. I find myself usually getting a mallet just so I can stick to targets better but there are games when I want to be more tanky for my team where I'll go warmogs. Bloodrazor is something I've always thought could work well, perhaps even not building wriggles and wit's end and just going for MBR's constituent parts. Afterall, wit's end and MBR both do magical damage.
Zeke's seems alright. As silly as it may be I've been considering going full offense and getting ghostblade + bloodthirster + GA or something. Instead of getting more hp you could rely more upon lifesteal.

Just a thought. With her armor / magic resists and high mobility / damage I think she's got more flexibililty than the standard build.

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