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Shermgod 02-03-2012 05:01 PM

Stack Items in Bot Games
Is anyone else annoyed by players using the stack items (soul stealer, Occult blade, etc) in bot games? To me, it seems really pointless, you will never use them in a real match. Also, it ends the game much too quickly so you have no chance to even try out a build. Using the stack items is shameless ip farming. Bots are easy enough without the use of stack items.

I try new builds in pvp and either get chastised by comrades or the enemy team surrenders in 20mins. There are still no intermediate bots for custom games, so how will I ever get to try anything new?

Personally, the stack items are ruining the intended purpose of bot games.

thepantsparty 02-03-2012 05:08 PM

How long a game do you really need to test a build?

And the intended purpose of bot games is not to let you test builds, it's to destroy the computer-controlled team's nexus. That it can also be used to try champions/builds/etc doesn't make those things its intended purpose.

cookehz 02-03-2012 05:19 PM

I see items such as Mejai's used decently often in normals but if your definition of a "real match" is a ranked game, then yeah, I'd agree you probably won't use those kinds of items unless the other team is just awful.

To respond to your point about the length of games, most bot games I've played in have ended rather quickly with or without someone stacking Mejai's/Sword of the Occult. It's not really a big deal imo. Either way, you can still try out new builds in bot games. It can be a little tough to discern if a certain build is gonna be viable in a PVP match but usually you can tell if a particular item build will work or not.

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