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Blanic 02-01-2012 07:24 PM

It is just me or RIOT is contradicting themselfs?
Ok so RIOT is buffing/Tweeking champions and other things in order to "promote more Agressive gameplay", ok i tent to be very agrresive wile playing (Olaf, Yorick ya you got the idea) thats all ok but there is something they are missing... The Twisted Treeline
There is no mode in LoL more agressive than the Mighty TT, this game is basically a "who ganks more" game were top and bot swich faster than my underwear.
I love TT beacuse of this and as we know this "mode" used to apearl in Champin Spotlight like Akali's and i think Olaf too dont remember well.
Unluckly as the time advaned new champs came and the TT was forgotten by RIOT, but some of us were still playing it, even when we had to mess whit an almost unkilable Mundo whit Trynd and Xin covering his back
Patch after patch champions were buffed, others nerfed and then Dominion came, and intence Capture/Defend mode really impresife and fun, even then some of us were still playing TT, all good until...
THE JUNGLE REMAKE at first i was worried how would haffect the current meta and all that, i wasnt aware that remake would affect TT too, so what happen now? jungle creeps give less gold and most of them give NO BENEFICT at all compared to what you did to SR
what im trying to say is this: RIOT needs to work on TT and solve its odvious flaws like the Nexus tower been stupidly close (sorry but its true) to the Pool tower (AKA Obelisk) were a Blits grab or Singed's fling means dead to anyone
For a deeper analysis of this and other flaws look at this tread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=1742976
Leave your coments below and dont forget to thump up me in this tread and Swiftcarp for his awesome tread

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