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ricklessabandon 01-24-2012 05:26 PM

dominion cursor bug
hello all,

today i received a report of 'unable to reproduce' regarding the disappearing cursor bug that affects only dominion players. since i browse this forum somewhat regularly, i find this particularly disheartening news since i still see posts saying that the issue is alive and kicking.

in hopes to get this resolved, i'd like to make a request of anyone that can reproduce this issue (intentionally or otherwise):
please reply to this thread and let us know how often you see this issue, describe the circumstances under which the bug occurs, and attach a dxdiag.txt report from the computer that has the issue. the dxdiag.txt is particularly great.

if you're not sure how to get a dxdiag report, here are some basic steps:
1. select the 'run...' option from the windows start menu. (search for 'run' if it's not a default option.)
2. in the 'open' field, type 'dxdiag' and click 'ok'.
3. after the directx diagnostic tool finishes generating the report, click 'save all information...'
4. attach the text document to a forum post.

the most sought-after information would be a solid reproduction--it would be tremendously helpful. if you can give us any other supplemental information such as video settings, any potentially relevant programs you have running (fraps, xsplit, etc), performance information (framerate/latency information from the client--ctrl+f enables it by default), etc it would be the greatest.

thanks in advance to anyone that can spare the time to help out. i'd really love to make this issue a thing of the past.

Commander Yordle 01-24-2012 05:29 PM

I have yet to run into this bug. I just heard about it today, and now in every one of my games I am uber paranoid.

urmamasllama 01-24-2012 05:41 PM

from what i've been hearing its only happening on ati cards that being said i can't reproduce it because i don't have one

Sauron 01-24-2012 05:56 PM

I've played Dominion lots on both nvidia and ati cards, as well as on both XP and 7, and on x86 and x64. I have never experienced this issue.

But! I have not played Dominion ever on an ati mobile card, and everyone who I have talked to who has had the issue all had it on a mobile card.

ricklessabandon 01-24-2012 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Sauron (Hozzászólás 20138044)
everyone who I have talked to who has had the issue all had it on a mobile card.

same thing for me, but we have a couple machines with ati mobility cards and i've been told that we have not been successful in our attempts to reproduce it. i'm curious to know if there are other factors involved. i'm hoping to get some posts here that will shed some light on the issue.

Phourc 01-24-2012 06:33 PM

Rickless, er - rickless, you da man. Wish I had any actual info to give you, but it's always awesome to see a red so visibly working to help the community ^^

StealYourMoney 01-24-2012 06:40 PM

I've been told that closing any web browsers helps prevent it. I personally have not had problems without a browser in the background whereas I lost my cursor around 10% of the time with a browser in the background.

FossaFerox 01-24-2012 06:48 PM

It's an issue for anyone with an ATI mobility card. I stopped playing Dominion it's so bad. It only happens once every 3 games or so, but when it does I've just forced my team into a 4v5. Worse, really, since I end up feeding.

Glad someone is still looking into this. The last official word I heard on the matter was that no one at Riot cared, that it had been written off as "Not Riot's problem" since the bug persisted outside of the game. That doesn't mean that it isn't your fault, just that it's unbelievably severe. For people like me Dominion is essentially malware.

I'm on a stock Lenovo Y560 for what that's worth.

IMSOJUICY 01-24-2012 06:54 PM

my gaming laptop is an ASUS g73jh with a 5870 radeon. i don't play LoL on it usually, but I don't recall seeing the cursor bug on the laptop when i do play on it.

Charcoales 01-24-2012 07:08 PM

i have ati mobility card and it happens to me every so often. I can't reproduce, it happens randomly, (but maybe it happens because i remember it happening once when I'm by a point and click to capture it then cancel capping it)

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