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Arth 01-06-2012 12:34 AM

~ Should i get Leona?
hello ppl,

ive been looking for a tank for dominion a while now which isn't top tier but can still perform well.

and recently i saw a leona dominate bot lane to a point that we lost the game due to her

now my question is,

is leona a viable pick for dominion and is she worth purchasing, and what are your thoughts about her?

tyvm for your reply in advance

larkhill 01-06-2012 01:04 AM

leona is a great pick. she's good in all lanes but i feel like she's much more useful top than bottom due to her stuns. the basic idea is simple. start with a kindlegem/boots, getting a hextech sweeper and sheen when u can (preferably early). if doing well, go triforce. if not, go tanky till u can survive. spell priorities are R > W > E > Q

the playstyle revolves around using your ult to stun, then going W, E, Q, then peeling off to attack someone else (remember your passive. after your E + Q combo on the first target ur much better off focusing someone else to proc the passive than u r just attacking 1 target). your spells have a decently long range and u have 3 stuns, 1 being an aoe stuns/slow.

your ult is GREAT for diving a point. a leona with garrison + heal is terrifying to defend against. theres not much u can do about a leona gank. with 3 stuns, ur basically dead if she engages on you.

do be careful though. leona, while one of the best initiators on the game, has no real dmg. she needs a team that can do a lot of dmg for her.

leona is very good at protecting squishy mages so they can do their job.

i dont like her for bot lane simply for the fact that she does better top. if u do have her go bot, u need to use her properly. she's a stunbot. a very VERY dangerous stunbot. the enemy will ALWAYS fear your E + Q + ult combo. short of a qss + cleanse (u need both as leona has multiple stuns), theres not much u can do about leona initiates except build enough defense to survive it. if u have a very mobile champ like a shaco or nocturn/panth, u can basically dominate bot and win that way.

she does have a bit of early trouble with aggressive bots (heimer/karth/mao) since she cant really clear a wave early so she'll need to be careful till she has her ult.

tldr: she's an amazing tank + stunbot but has no dmg. if u have a lot of dps and are short on cc, grab leona for easy wins. spell priorities are R > W > E > Q. 0/9/21 or 0/21/9. garrison + heal. use your ult and stuns to dive points and win games easily. always save 1 stun available after the first initiate in case someone goes for your squishies (usually this is used on the melee like tryn who love to tank early dmg, ult, then go insta-gib the squishies)

bot lane leona pairs with a nocturn/panth/tf and ganks all day. wins bot easily. has issues before lvl 6 against aggressive bot lanes.

Arth 01-06-2012 02:07 AM

i like being some1's shield :P

so im gonna try her


Ardailec 01-06-2012 02:34 AM

Larkhill has pretty much covered it. I don't always see Leona, but when I do I'm stunlocked.

lbgsloan 01-06-2012 06:45 AM

Leona has great cc but can't carry a game. If your team can't take advantage of her initiations, she'll be useless all game. Depends on your hidden elo and frequency you can play with friends; if you think you'll be getting decent teammates go for it. If not, you'll just aggravate yourself. Definitely not a great soloq pick.

krammitheforg 01-06-2012 07:27 AM

Q > E unless you find that you can never hit your Es and need the lower cd. Otherwise once you hit your E, the lower CD on Q will keep them CC'd longer than if you leveled E first. You might even consider evenly going W, Q first, if you feel like you can survive without the levels in W or if you feel like you don't need the extra W damage.

Basoosh 01-06-2012 07:48 AM

Great top, putrid bot. The only way she dominated a bot lane is if your bot lane player was just awful. She can't push, she's terrible in 1v1, she is handicapped with no passive, she can't poke, and has rather low mobility.

larkhill 01-06-2012 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by Basoosh (Hozzászólás 19382471)
Great top, putrid bot. The only way she dominated a bot lane is if your bot lane player was just awful. She can't push, she's terrible in 1v1, she is handicapped with no passive, she can't poke, and has rather low mobility.

u'd be surprised at how well her W will clear a wave when built for it. a lichbane build might actually work

u can play her in different ways. her poke is actually quite scary if u have a good top that ganks often. she has 3 stuns. any gank will almost certainly lead to a kill if u hand ur spells.

her poke goes through minions to hit you. her shield hits everything in the area, no matter how many minions are in the way. her only real problems are bot lanes that outrange her E.

low mobility? she can poke through minions and hit the enemy. hell, she can ult from a mile away and guarantee your E hits.

now dont get me wrong, there are plenty of better champs out there, but if u get a good duo queue partner to gank often and a team that can handle a 3v4 situation and defend top long enough to support a bot gank, it just might work...

Inkyjinx 01-06-2012 08:14 AM


because i like being one of the few Leona players.

* * *

Leona is awesome if you can handle a few things. you're not going to get many kills. you can't beat anyone 1v1. anyone.

that's with a regular semi-tanky build. if you build her damage (which... you can do...) i dunno.

she's a blast. her ulti has absurd range and works great to clean up runners and break up captures. with a bit of CDR and a Frozen Mallet (or similar) you can cause someone going from mid to top to take about 12m doing so. she's a beast in teamfights.

but she's a tank. and she suffers from tank disease: if your team doesn't support you, you're gonna die a lot and be blamed for the loss because, you know, you suck.

* * *

i'd never, ever want to take her bot. her kit is entirely built for teamfights and 1v1 most characters can just laugh at your multiple stuns as they kill you unless you camp under your tower.

Ascleph 01-06-2012 08:19 AM

I used to play Leona, but it can be frustrating when your team is terrible, so now I'm saving her until I raise a bit more in elo where teams are supposed to be better (right..)

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