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Druukian 01-03-2012 12:16 PM

Current Meta of SRift
=== All my thoughts and sources are coming from the latests tournaments I've watched ===

Current State:
The current state of the game is as follow; 1 tanky dps top, 1 tanky dps in the jungle, an AP carry mid, AD carry bottom with a support.
The role of each is pretty simple, the two tanky dps and support protects the carries while those just kill the enemies.
This makes the game long for around 20 minutes with the only action comes from both junglers and rare skirmishes in lanes.

Tanky DPS
They give up too less damage for so much health.
On top of that, they do have crowd controls to be even more powerful. This is what's currently killing the game.
The cause of this is the power of items and the easy access to them which leads me to that other part of the game that lacks.

Minions are easy to kill and they are worth too much gold. There is no reason to leave your lane in order to gank because if you don't kill, you've
lost gold that you could easily have farmed at your lane.
Current gold received by minions is around 15+2d3 : 20 minions = first blood worth of gold
it should be cut by half and be 5+2d3 : 40 minions = first blood worth of gold

This would bring up the possibility of pushing your lane and try to gank an enemy since minions aren't that gold worthy of killing

This is about the only lane that keeps on improving in order to make the game less boring and less of a farm fest.
It should stay that way.
The only thing I fear is laners will farm jungle, so it should have reduced gold over time.

Now that we know what the problem is; money and items. We should make them worth a bit less since farming is "killed"
but also make them a bit less powerful so tanky dps stop existing.

The metagolem
it should be killed deffinetely; Atma's passive should be removed, it's way too good combined with Frozen Mallet
and Warmogs. Life isn't much of a problem since there are items and skills to counter it.

Gold per 5 passive will have to be removed, since we're reducing farming and item cost, with such a change, support won't
actually need all that gold. That and if we don't want to see the new meta being around those items.

The assassins
If we make minions less worth and ganking viable, what would stop assassins?
With less powerful items, they will still deal good damage, but since you'll be able to go around the map easily
yourself, it should be a good way to counter them with your own allies.
Currently, an assassin just has to go from lane to lane and your allies will be far from you (since they are farming)
Now that farming is less important, you will be moving too around the map making wards a more important thing.

Those champions are the only ones that could have NO damage at all and still be powerful with their CCs and shield/heal.
The problem is, if you're being caught, you're instantly dead so you have to be careful of course. Warding will be even more
important with this new meta, knowing where everyone is will increase the chance to victory and the reduced price for items
will help the support to make them a bit harder to kill.

Now if we nerfed the farming and items, what's remaining to make your champion unique? Runes, those shouldn't change in strength
so that will be how you truely customize your champion.

Control Points
What will also cause action in the game is the map control, and of course the points to control which is Blues, Reds, Dragon and Baron.
Red and Blue : Increase the buffs, make them harder to get (requires 5 ppl) and more powerful, increase the duration on them.
Dragon : Make it immune to madred's passive, make it harder to get (requires 5 ppl) and increase gold given by it.
(Could also have permanent vision of it from both sides or just a warning : Dragon is underattack with Ping.)
Baron : Make it immune to Madred's passive.
(Could also have permanent vision of it from both sides or just a warning : Baron is underattack with Ping.)

New Meta
Back and forth kind of farming will be less of a problem since you'll want your lane pushed to try a gank.
Getting items will be easier, even though they will be weaker making snowballing less of a problem.
Tankydps will be dead and gone
Wards will be used earlier in the game.
Controling objectives will be even more crucial.

XDestroboyX 01-03-2012 01:19 PM

I like you bro, you are almost 100% correct!

demonicmonkeys 01-03-2012 03:19 PM

Personally man, I dunno, I'm not that great of a player, but I don't play tanky dps and I think the meta is pretty fun right now. I think there should be a slight nerf to tanky dps AD or maybe make some slight overall role balance changes, but I like the way farming and stuff is now. I don't think that people (especially at low elo) ever really have a lane where both people farm nonstop and don't harrass or gank one another. Maybe solotop lane, if you have two very tanky champions with more passive playstyles. Part of farming and laning is people trying to zone each other out or get each other low, and I like it that way.

xXCFXx Avenger 01-03-2012 03:30 PM

U are replacing one kind of meta for another.

It sounds like u might be better suited to dominion:
less farming
more ganking
more gold but not from farm
capture points

Yo0Baxterhimself 01-03-2012 03:44 PM

You sound like an Annie that ran full glass cannon now you can't because you get stomped on my tanky dps and now are QQing about it... Adapt and change build some survivability or in this case keep losing.

blonky 01-03-2012 03:55 PM

jungle less gold??
Sounds like terrible changes. Go play dominion

Druukian 01-03-2012 04:03 PM

I specially said that this is to make matches more action-packed with high-elo in mind. I like the game right now, but these changes might help on the laning phase where nothing happens for 20 minutes because of farming. This is actually what needs changes.

tweaking a few numbers would make the show better for the 100K viewers Riot has every tournaments and it would make the game pretty much more newcomers friendly.

I personnally hate Dominion with a passion. I like action packed games and if you haven't seen the Ehome vs WorldElite game 3, I'd invite you to check it out cuz it was AMAZING.

KnightxSScarlett 01-03-2012 04:32 PM

New Meta - Alistar + Malphite double jungle and 3 solo lanes.

- Mageinta Warrior

Tokinatoor 01-03-2012 06:09 PM

Ive been playing tanky/dps since i started this game...

Its the most fun play style....

Tanks can barely do damage.... And carries die in 3-4 hits....

Some of us like the middle ground and dont want to have to play assassins....

Queen Sejuani 01-03-2012 07:40 PM

This is about the only lane that keeps on improving in order to make the game less boring and less of a farm fest.
It should stay that way.
The only thing I fear is laners will farm jungle, so it should have reduced gold over time.

Worst thing I have ever read, just go play dominion, those are the worst changes I have ever read.

Not to mention what is the point of removing Atmas? Tanky DPS instead will just get Frozen Mallet and an Infinity Edge instead. Or a different damage item. With Wriggles and Frozen Mallet alot of champions already get to around 150 AD without their steroids.

Also what's the point of removing Tanky DPS? They get easily countered by Void Staff/Last Whisper and Madreds Bloodrazor at some point. Those items are in the game for a reason, BUILD IT if you are having trouble with tanky people.

Not to mention, if only Supports would have hard CCs, how would the teamfights look like? We don't want to see a cripple fight of everybody just attacking each other without any stund/slows/snares etc.
It would be dumb and retarded.

For the buff thing, I do agree partly but I disagree too. If you make the buffs alot stronger, the jungler won't be able to get them anymore during the laning phase and gank. It will set him back in farm and levels. Not to mention junglers ARE already set back in terms of levels/farm due to the sh itty remake of the jungle. But on the plus side, that would be really fun because then people would try to guard their buffs more and it couldn't get stolen in just a second by lucky Wriggles procs. Which means hard defending and huge teamfights over who gets the buff (think about it like Dragon and Baron).

As for Dragon/Baron, the "Dragon/Baron is under attack" idea is pretty sweet, but that's about it.

But seriously, reading what you said about the current jungle.... just /facepalm there is no words to describe the retardation of that.

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