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SmokingJoeNL 12-27-2011 01:22 AM

About to have my breakfast.
What do you people eat in the morning?

I am having 4 poached eggs with spices, ham, cheese and a bun.

edit. make that 2 buns.

Sailor Cosmos 12-27-2011 01:25 AM

I eat men for breakfast.

SmokingJoeNL 12-27-2011 01:26 AM

I got something you can eat right here.

Sailor Cosmos 12-27-2011 01:28 AM

I hope it's fatty.

SmokingJoeNL 12-27-2011 01:30 AM

It's nutritious for sure. Lol.

Sailor Cosmos 12-27-2011 01:31 AM

Are you Australian?

SmokingJoeNL 12-27-2011 01:33 AM

Depends, are you Chinese?

Sailor Cosmos 12-27-2011 01:34 AM

No. I'm beautiful porcelain.

SmokingJoeNL 12-27-2011 01:35 AM

I stopped watching glee after the glee project. We can still go out though.

Sailor Cosmos 12-27-2011 01:37 AM

Are you Australian?

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