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0 GRIM 0 12-19-2011 12:31 PM

[Update] Crystal Scar's Aura
I feel that Riot has done a great job with Dominion so far, however I'm sure there are many people who feel that certain mechanics or champs are 'broken'. I've heard people complain about semi global ults, certain speed characters having too much map control, and knock-backs being unavoidable in most cases.

I feel as though there are multiple reasonable ways to address these issues through updating the 'Crystal Scar's Aura' buff and 'Speed Shrines'. For example...

Crystal Scar's Aura (In addition to it's other effects)
Reduces knock-back distance by 10% (Rough estimate based on lane size & Angle)

Speed Shrine
This could possibly have a movement speed cap, or simply override the bonus your boots give.

I don't know how to limit a Semi Global Ult like Noc/TF/Panth without too many issues across the board. Possibly predetermining what is a global ult through the engine and having the Crystal Scar's Aura reduce the range of said abilities by X%.

Yeah I enjoy the mechanics of these champs, and I pretty much play Noc all the time on Dom, and love having my friend play Speed Rammus or bend you over a wall and rape you Vayne lol. But I've also been pitted against similar comps and have felt the pain. Knock-Back mechanics on Dom are virtually unavoidable leaving a small window for player skill to avoid death by wall rape.

Eh this post is meant to be constructive, not saying super nerf these champions but rather set up a built in fix that could be useful to control 'overpowered' quality to future champions released with similar mechanics.

See you on the fields of justice! zoooooooooom

Dimwitt 12-19-2011 12:53 PM

No thanks.

I rather like having these champs viable and not gimped.

FDru 12-19-2011 12:56 PM

Sounds like a clever whine about champs you think are OP but aren't. Knockback nerf? Really?

Dem Alistars and Jannas tearing it up in Dominion? lol


Lythal Wolfy 12-19-2011 01:45 PM

The unavoidable knock-backs that are talked about are most likely Poppy's Heroic Charge and Vayne's Condem.

gnmish 12-19-2011 05:14 PM

[Criticism] I like how you've decided to give your post a greater air of officiousness by using square brackets

[Rebuttal] No the mechanic you want to nerf is fine, it's a core part of Vayne & Poppy's kit and basically defines the champ. As to speed shrines there is already a soft cap on excessive movement speed.


"Diminishing returns on movement speed: Any movement speed bonuses that would cause a champion's movement speed to exceed 415 are reduced by 20%. Any movement speed bonuses that would cause a champion's movement speed to exceed 490 are reduced by 50%."

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