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FlyingPinkPony 07-03-2010 10:01 AM

[Guide] Karthus -The Destroyer of Worlds
Guide to Karthus Destroyer of Worlds

Welcome to Pony's Ultimate Guide to Karthus - Destroyer of Worlds.

But Pony why make another Karthus guide?
Simple. The other guides are boring and wrong. My guide is for fun to play and has significantly better results. I played multiple practice matches with this build and went over 10/0 each time against the hardest AI opponents this game has to offer. Follow it and results will certainly be entertaining!

Pony what makes your guide different from the others?
Besides the fact they are wrong I am assuming? Well in addition to the correct item and skill build this guide is also about how to roleplay your character and get really into playing Karthus as the Destroyer of Worlds.

Hey Pony if a horse and a pony breed does it make a mule?
No. It makes an abomination with a pink frosted filling. Now out of my thread!

Pony I tried your guide and it sucked. What gives?
Lies and slander! I will 1v5 you anytime anywhere. We'll see whose guide sucks when your world is destroyed.

Karthus is an interesting character and one Riot once again mislabeled as a mage. Karthus is not in fact a mage but a destroyer of worlds similar to the Hindu god Shiva, also a destroyer of worlds. In fact I am of the opinion thta Karthus is actually Shiva and Riot had this in mind when they programmed the game which is why this build is so powerful. Guess they did not figure they would have any brilliant religious pony scholars playing the game eh?

So what can Shiva do that the traditional Karthus cannot.

1. Have a myriad of loyal followers.
2. Have four arms.
3. Third Eye.
4. Destroy Worlds.

So let us address each of this issues to fix Karthus and make the "Ultimate" Karthus build.

Item Build ->

1. Sword of Occult
2. Malady
3. Executioner's Calling
4. Bloodthirster
5. Vision Ward
6. Empty

Reasoning behind the item build. You will first notice the four swords. This is because Shiva possesses four arms so not only does four swords make sense but these items also work quite well to make Karthus the DPS machine he is going to become. With all of these items my Karthus was hitting for over 300 damage by the end game with his basic attack! This is comparable if not better than most physical carries. In addition the absurd amount of life steal and attack speed ensure that nobody kills Karthus ever. Four swords equal four times the death. Most heroes only carry one or two swords. Why? Because they are weak and do not have enough hands. Look at Anivia for example. Garbage hero. Why does nobody get Avarice blades on Anivia. It is not because they don't want to it is because Anivia has no hands. And that is why Anivia is a trash grade hero always going at least 0/15/0. Not convinced. Look at the evidence. The second best hero in the game right now (after Karthus) is Cho'Gath. That dude has a gallon of arms. Case, set, and match.

The vision ward is what confuses most people and it is why they fail at being Karthus. In addition to being Shiva's third eye it also is one of the most invaluable items in the game. This item is essential for information and information is power. I am pretty sure Neo from The Matrix said that and he is also a destroyer of worlds. So listen to the advice of your elders. The mind games are also what is important here. Nothing is more intimidating than a giant purple eye staring into your very soul every time you hit tab. I will go into the mind games more later. Many Karthus initiates I train get to this point and do fairly well but then mess it up by using the ward. Do not use the ward. I cannot stress this enough.

Do. Not. Use. The. Ward.

Why, you ask. As Stalin says "A ace in the sleeve is worth two in the bush" or something like that. I am pretty sure he said that. Anyways using some simple mathematical calculations it is easy to provide proof to convince you non-believers. Any veteran LoL player can tell you a vision ward can be invaluable. Invaluable means too great to price. Using mathematics we get this equation.

Invaluable * 2 (see quote above) = Best item in the game.

For a mere 150 gold. Absurd I know right? I almost hesitate to post this guide as I know Riot will be forced to nerf vision wards shortly once this guide goes platinum.

For the last item you are going to be tempted to buy a pair of boots. Do not fall into this trap. I did once when I was five. My mom bought me a pair of 350 dollar boots and yelled at me when I ran out of church with them on. Why pay 350 gold for a pair of boots if you aren't allowed to run in them? Style? Psh have you seen these unfashionable pieces of garbage? They are wrinkled, have stitches on the sides and dear god the fashion nightmare. Brown and pink do not go together at all. Moral of the story: do not buy boots. They will only slow you down. It is called encumbrance look it up.

But Pony I thought Karthus needed AP and Mana Regen!

More vomit is spewing from your every hole! AP takes away from AD and turns Karthus into some kind of wimpy spellcaster. This is the destroyer of worlds not some WussyMcFailerStein. Mana regen is an interesting idea that I did actually ponder in my build but decided against. There is no need for mana regen in a good Karthus build.

I can hear the gasps now. But Pony everyone knows Karthus has mana issues! Wrong. The reason people have mana issues with Karthus is because they play him wrong. You only have mana issues if you cast spells. That is the real secret to this build.

Skill Build -
Another common place where folks go wrong. Karthus has a number of awesome skills but everyone seems to use them wrong.

Q - Lay Waste - Trash. Ignore this skill completely. Never put a skill point into it even after maxing all your other skills. Why? See Stalin's wisdom above. The first time in a match where I see a Karthus cast Lay Waste I alt f4. Why? Because its going to be a terrible match that won't last longer than the next five minutes and it is going to be a worthless game. George Lazenby as James Bond worthless.

W - Wall - One of the best slows in the game that this build capitalizes on. Why would a hero with one of the best slows in the game resort to casting spells and not chase them down and pummel the ever living bejesus out of their foes. It also looks freaking sweet. Folks will be all "OMG there is a wall i better stop and not run into it cause my mommy said never to run into walls anymore or she'll beat me with a stick." But see it's a fake. Most league of legends players do not know that you can actually walk through this wall. That is how you trick em out. They stop running to avoid child abuse and you punch em in the nose with your fists that destroy worlds. Bah boom, free kill! Take that CPS.

E- Defile - This ability is great for the mana regen it gives. Do not ever turn it on. I repeat never turn it on you lose the most powerful ability this skill grants. Also seriously look at the ability named. Defile. That is a dead giveaway to NEVER use it. Do you want to touch anything that's defiled? Hell no. That **** is whack. Just put the points into it so everything you touch is defiled but you never have to touch it yourself. That is why we have maids, girlfriend's mothers, and roombas to clean up our 3am beer vomit. Same logic applies here.

R- Requiem - Bleh. A decent skill. Occasionally useful for stealing kills from your allies to fund your items but for the most part your auto attack is the way to go. Buddha says "Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds" nothing is more beautiful than kill stealing (and ponies). So I'm pretty sure he means to hang the skulls of your slain enemies around your neck to taunt your teammates and enemies alike while you jingle your wallet full of phatty cash. Buddha said this. And that dude is freakin enlightened.

Random Tips on playing Karthus the Destroyer of worlds.

1. Remember you are the god of destruction. Not your allies. If they backtalk you, or go "OMG why are you AD noob!??!!" you pwn them in the face and feed the enemy.

2. Feed, feed, feed. Here is the deal. You find the worst enemy on the opposing team and feed them relentlessly. Set your allies up for failure. Block their escape with your body. Give false pings. Anything to get the enemy fed. Get them about 10 kills and then hunt them down and murder them with your hax. Why? +1000 gold to feed your item build sweet cheeks! It is the fastest way to max your build. If your teammates QQ because they have the intelligence of an infant force fed only WD40 until the age of 3 tell em it is all part of your 1337 build.

3. Roleplay man. You are the destroyer of worlds and are so powerful and badass you can type during teamfights, dance during pushes, and spam /taunt and /joke until everyone mutes their comp. Spout nonsense about how you will bring pestilence and rain meteors from the heavens above. Or that you will steadily release streams of carbon-dioxide into the air until it chews a small hole in the ozone layer causing the earths temperature to become raised by a fraction of a degree each year until the glaciers melt, some species of frog nobody knew about die off, and our lives become more uncomfortable, as air conditioning becomes less effective and energy costs per kWatt hour increase by almost a cent. Whichever scares the enemy more.

4. Teammates that don't feed are traitors and should be reported, screenshotted, and banned. And possibly shot. The feed is pivotal to this build. Teammates who don't feed are doing a disservice to your team. Remember nobody likes a treacherous snake. Because they have no arms and therefor cannot wield swords. They are thus the opposite of the destroyer of worlds. Remember Maya Angelu said "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you... except letting a treacherous snake live. Murder the little wormy *******."

5. Screw map awareness. Turn off the minimap. Put a post it, duct tape it, or gouge the pixels out of your screen with a flathead. The minimap is nothing but a distraction. Teammates will ping randomly and spew nonsense about team fights. Query: When was the last time a God got all team soft. Result: Never. Jesus didn't have a cheerleading squad as he ripped the cross out of the ground and clubbed the entire Roman legion to death with his pectorals. Ever wonder why the Roman Empire isn't around today? Because Jesus wasn't a prancy skirt wearing team player. Neither should you.

I know this guide will be effective. I look forward to fighting many of my tiny Destroyers of Worlds in game. We'll see who can right click the fastest.

EDIT: I am also accepting SSs of people using this build. Best destroyer of worlds wins a prize.

xOcelotx 07-03-2010 10:19 AM

I'm so going to buy Karthus, just to try this out.

Temlam 07-03-2010 10:46 AM

karthus only has 2 arms.

that's right *****, I went there, now what you gonna do about it huh?

The Promise 07-03-2010 10:56 AM

Now I am become Kathus. Destroyer of Worlds?

FlyingPinkPony 07-03-2010 11:07 AM

@Ocelot- Splendid. My legion of followers has begun.

@Temlam- Remove your arms from their sockets and duct tape em on. Then destroy your

@Promise- Yarr! You has become.

xOcelotx 07-03-2010 11:22 AM

I'll blow up this world!

TwistedMarine 07-03-2010 11:23 AM


ThetaSigma 07-03-2010 11:36 AM


Enrayged 07-03-2010 11:38 AM

I... I think I may have lost a few brain cells...

Tieryal 07-03-2010 12:01 PM

Amazing. +1

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