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Delmegar 11-16-2011 02:20 PM

((LAST RP - OPEN)) The End of Days
Hi guys, this is my last attempt at creating a grand role playing thread. If this one does not take off, or fails, then I am unfortunately going to have to leave the forum, as it seems most have left already.

The concept of this is that a former Summoner, tainted by evil and the magic he used, now uses his magic to destroy and ruin the world. As villages fall to his power, artifacts are lost to he and his minions, Luparis Erens moves to see the world destroyed and morphed in the image of ruins.

The excessive use of magic has pushed city-states to the edge, toward violence and to pressure the LEague for a swift resolution to this problem. However, use of an artifact taken from the Chamber of Antiquities has allowed him to remain unfound.

Now as pressure builds up and the landscape is morphed, outlanders from Runeterra move to Valoran in seek of answers, and if possible, to end the weakened country. As all out war ensues, Luparis sits back, orders his minions to gather his forces, and waits to see the world fall to its knees.

Any in the land would be affected by these events. It is for you to decide if you will help end the world and ensure Lupa's reign of tyranny and destruction, or see his defeat at any means.

Setting: In the dimly lit halls of a Noxian noble's home, a host of Noxus soldiers storm inward to find several high ranking officers dead. Among them are beasts of strange nature devouring the corpses, and an unfamiliar man towering over them, his red eyes gleaming from beneath his red hood. The dim light of his mana infused eyes reveals a malicious smile.

"You there, stranger, speak your name so that we may carve it on your tombstone!" A soldier threatened, unsheathing his sword and lifting his shield to a defensive stance. His eyes looked over the shield, his sword level with the strangers chest. "Well, speak up!"

The man in red chuckled softly into the back of his hand, folding his arms and leaning against the stone wall where a broken table now lay. The impish creatures; beings with red skin, patches of white fur on the top of their heads and back of their necks, stopped to sniff the interlopers. They cackled to, making laughs like that of a hyena.

"Luparis, former Summoner, and the Destroyer." The man said in an inhuman voice - his eyes flaring with each word spoken. A soldier lifted his axe and brought it down on a curious imp. It's skull shattered in a sickening crunch as brain matter and bone showered the room. The other creatures backed away, screaming and brandishing their tiny claws. "Now you've done it. Fresh meat, my darlings. Feast, for tomorrow, we visit Zaun."

TheTraitorMagnus 11-16-2011 03:25 PM

((i dont have enough time for more than one rp. Sucks that your others have died. freAK's a close friend of mine and he was really hoping Conquering Valoran would live :( it looked cool too))

Rafeo 11-16-2011 03:34 PM

((Dude, Conquering Valoran is almost 1,000 posts long. Holding the record for fourth largest RP on the forums. That's pretty grand.))
((EDIT: You're always welcome to join my RP as well.))

Delmegar 11-16-2011 03:34 PM

what happened to freak? and I did too. It always dies off at the most imprtant part...

Delmegar 11-16-2011 03:35 PM

i wanna finish it but not enough people :/

Rafeo 11-16-2011 03:41 PM

freAK's real life is calling him away for a while. A long while.

TheTraitorMagnus 11-16-2011 03:42 PM

((well, do you know about mormons and their mission? Thats what hes getting ready for and is too busy to rp anymore. ya real long, about 2 years.))

Necromonger 11-16-2011 03:48 PM

(( questions:

1 - Open rp's, especially something as big as this in scope will have overly broken power levels. From what I gather we'l need champion or summoner level characters? and if we go lower, does that mean there's still a long character development ahead of us?


1 - It would be better if this were broken down into parts or chapters this time to accommodate people leaving and going, as well as to gauge people's interest.

2 - An rp that's TOO open, where we pretty much decide everything we do, is, for me, uninteresting and feels awkward. You need to engage the group in a single side or activity or else it becomes a collection of short stories rather than actual interactive role-play.

these are my thoughts anyway. ))

Delmegar 11-16-2011 04:04 PM

((Necro, this will be nowhere near as open and necessary to develop in as I planned Conquering to be. Chapters is a possibility, and likely if people take interest.

And I can be more strict in the story line, but for conquering, I was in too many laces at once, because I wanted people to not know what real danger there was, etc. To learn as it unfolded. So, I am open to making it more linear.

As for the broken level's. My main character, Luparis, the Destroyer, is not as broken as it'd seem. He simply uses what magic he kows, and the artifacts he posesses to destroy the world. As the Summoner's time spell did with Skarner chapter. That is where the true trouble is, is the changing world.))

HellBringer 11-16-2011 04:06 PM

(should I join this rp o:? )

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