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ImCoolerOnline 11-02-2011 12:17 PM

Why am I so bad at this game?
I always sucked at SR even though I have a positive win ratio and now Ive been playing only Dominion for a month or so.... I almost always finish my games in the bottom 2, I seem to love playing melee champs, so I frequently play as Pantheon, Sion, and Jax, along with the new champ who came out. My recent game history I think I had a lucky game or two but I was playing a lot of ARAM lately.

But in all honesty I just cant seem to do that good on average, meaning I die more than I kill, I dont get a lot of points for a score. Ill get jumped by someone and get killed, Ill gank someone and instead they rip me apart, I just feel like no matter what I lose in fights.

Funny thing is I have positive win ratios Im about 190/165 in Dom, and I have 100 wins over losses in SR which I dont play anymore. Do I just have poor timing on my fights?

I can share more information on builds or something, just annoying to go into fights and nearly always lose them. When I play Jax, my teammates consistantly comment on how Im the worst OP Jax ever lol :(

Skeeep 11-02-2011 12:24 PM

Got to know when to fight and when to run. You always need to be thinking...
Where is the enemy?
Who is good who is bad?
What items do they have?
Did I read a guide today?
Is this game really for me?

ImCoolerOnline 11-02-2011 12:28 PM

Seriously, I consider just not playing some days so I dont get yelled at by my teammates for doing bad if we lose. Everyone has their occasional good games, I just feel mine are so few and far between.

Skeeep 11-02-2011 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by ImCoolerOnline (Hozzászólás 16734896)
Seriously, I consider just not playing some days so I dont get yelled at by my teammates for doing bad if we lose. Everyone has their occasional good games, I just feel mine are so few and far between.

I find that I drink a lot when I play. This game has an ugly community and being a lil tipsy makes everything funny as hell. Who cares what tryhards think. They are so pathetic that a little bit of imagination makes me laugh at them every time.

I started playing support recently. I'm way better at support than I ever was at DPS so who knows, stop trying to play Jax and you might have fun again.

Tenebrae Corvus 11-02-2011 12:49 PM

Maybe you should be more selective when choosing to commit to a fight. A champion can't be expected to 1v2 and leave alive. If you are attempting a gank be sure to have a escape, like Flash, and try to pick targets you are sure you can kill. Once you get a kill your team can outnumber the enemy and tip the scales in your favour in any team-fight.

brainlizard 11-02-2011 02:02 PM

If you're +100 wins on SR, you're a **** good player.

Nekrogen 11-02-2011 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by Tenebrae Corvus (Hozzászólás 16735694)
A champion can't be expected to 1v2 and leave alive.

This is not necessarily true :P

But yeah, it isn't easy to know when to engage and when to back off, especially with/against randoms.

AoXoA 11-02-2011 10:11 PM

Watch high elo streams on solo mid, or other sites and see what they do. It helps you to learn when to be offensive or to retreat.

Dominion is alot different however where a good offense always triumphs a good defense most of the time. Burst is most important in it. However learn that 3 nodes wins. 4 and even 5 win faster however are much harder to defend.

Buy good items for your hero. Bloodthirster or the dominion equivilent allows good sustain however unless you auto hit more than 5 times then it is not going to shine as much as infinity edge which is more of a burst (85 starting damage compared to 60, and +20%(or was it +25%) crit. (Not on a computer than can play League of legends atm, and too lazy to google search it hah)

Heroes like Xin Zhao are easy mode for Dominion. There is almost no way you cant do well with him.

Co-operate with your team. Running in solo vs a tower + tanky dps usually results in death. However 2-4 of you doing it will usually get that node capped fast as possible.

While 1 bot and 4 top is the standard way... If your not getting Top then the worst you can do is keep dying trying to get it, but instead to all go for a different node.

Learn what parts of the map has vision, and also a uncapped node or a node your team owns shows stealth detection around it.

Do not choose gimmicky heroes like Sona unless you know what your doing, and either will be useful with her, or just trolling... :P (Best not to troll though).

DO DRAFT PICK! Trust me, no more Rammus, Jax or Akali for most games, and other heroes like shaco, heimer, poppy, etc are banned often too.

Play with friends!!! I lose alot (50% I guess, but thats normal for most people, MM doing its work mostly I hope)... But when I play with my nephews/brothers irl my win ratio goes way up.. However you can easily find good people in dominion games and add them to your F list and invite them to games that way.

Anyway these are some tips and I hope they help but the best thing is practice makes perfect (And so does a good mouse!, no need to buy a expensive one, but just one that does stuff up like mouse buttons not working properly or zig zagging from bad surface etc.

CyberGrrl 11-02-2011 11:02 PM


Originally Posted by ImCoolerOnline (Hozzászólás 16734896)
Seriously, I consider just not playing some days so I dont get yelled at by my teammates for doing bad if we lose. Everyone has their occasional good games, I just feel mine are so few and far between.

there's an easy way to counter this: /ignore all

IS1eae7cbb510cc9b1e2028 11-03-2011 08:42 AM

I've played Ez a lot in dominion a lot. I used to be sucky with him on SR but on dominion it just fell together. If i pick him now in SR i feel a lot more confident.

1. Pick a hero you are REALLY comfortable with. To start to learn how to move effectively you need a baseline. Tanky bruisers are well suited for this, as they all have a general movement pattern which is similar, and can take a bit punishment before dieing. Play this hero exclusively for a while. Try to figure out creative ways of combining abilities so you can maximise their effectiveness. Try to remember where the parts are where you shouldn't walk without care, and remember where you are relatively safe.

2. At a certain point you are going to recognize that some heroes interact in certain ways. Imagine a vlad who will pool at the absolute last possible moment to evade the big one killing him. A sion running up to you with a shield. You know he's going to stun you. All these things, at some point, with that baseline hero, you know that there at things you can and cannot do. You'll be strong against some heroes, regardless of summoner, and weak versus others. If you notice that your natural enemy is going somewhere, just go somewhere else. It's no use dieing over and over again, possibly becoming frustrated.

3. Once all above settles into place, next thing i knew, is that i'm checking the minimap a lot more often. I've got "time" to spare, to look there. Dominion is sooooo fast paced, you'll never get an SS, so you're pretty much on your own, in regards of information. You might be pinged, but that's probably the best you'll get. Same for your teammates, if you see them, and they have enemies incoming, ping them, give them the headsup they should back off. If you're walking towards a point, just check the minimap, or walk with the minimap. You'll start to get a better reading on the enemy movements. If you see that rammus going top mid jungle, and he didn't appear at windmill, better not go too far from mid, he'll probably try and go ninja on you. Because you checked the minimap when you were walking, you got this information. You might even be able to figure out if he's going to have backup for that ninja or not. Same for a point where you noticed 4 enemy heroes are running towards. If you're the only defender, just go. No need to die and wait 20 seconds, just to delay their cap with 2 seconds. Unless you knwo those 2 seconds are going to make all the difference, because of incoming teammates.

4. If it all fell into place, and you feel you can play this hero very fluidly and it all comes natural(moving, attacking, deciding where to go), it's time to move to that 2nd baseline hero. Best if it's a differnt type of hero. You'll probably screw up. I know i did. But it doesn't matter. Just get used to how that hero plays. It'll take a while.

After a while, you might notice there are certain ways some heroes behave against you. As soon as you get comfortable again, try to do the rest too. (Hero interactions, map awareness). At some point you'll start to notice there are certain things you can do, and some things you don't. Because of the exclusive play with 1 or 2 heroes, it's a lot easier to focus on the things not hero related. When you get to that point, a lot of fights are going to seem a lot easier. After a while, even if you pick a diffent hero, because of the increased knowledge and experience of the fundamentals, you can still feel a lot more confident.

Focus playing with 1 or 2 heroes, up until boredom strikes. Notice the patterns other people are making to your playstyle/hero, and try to exploit it. Whenever you are "idle", try to check the minimap if something interesting is happening.

This is how i kinda learned to play lol, and thus far has helped me. I'm only good at a few heroes, but with those select heroes, i am confident :) Don't let score fool you, you know yourself if you were usefull :)

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