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ReginaId 10-31-2011 12:10 AM

What actually happened.
Events that happened:
Before you read the email below, please remember that Canada played a bo3 with a 1 game advantage.

Voyboy talks to WCG Admin, tells them that Canada played a bo3 with 2 series. (a lie)

WCG Admin wanted to keep everything consistent , which did not happen and forced us to play again.... after we had already won wcg and earned a trip to korea.

Matt marcou appears on state of the league ( VERY ignorant of the situation). Lies to 10k viewers... tells the whole community that the bo3 with 2 series was intended... at first ... which it wasn't.

Matt marcou sticks with the terrible decision... because he doesnt want to be "bullied" into changing his decision.

Jatt played in 2 qualifiers, which he shouldn't of... (2) In case a player has multiple citizenships and/or has recently obtained citizenship, he/she may not represent more than one country at the WCG Grand Final.)

Matt gives them a free pass.. lets them play .

Jatt participated in both qualifiers and made it to the semi's of canada and grandfinals of the USA tournament.

After losing the canada tournament, supposedly ... matt marcou DQ's jatt out of the tournament he had already lost.... and gives him eligibility to play in the USA .

"4) If any infractions regarding the above rules are found, the offending player will be immediately disqualified and may be banned from future WCG tournaments.""

There is much more.. but imma go eat and do a vlog on this... JUST extra info ppl need to know about matt marcou and WCG.



Myself along with Riot Games have been in constant communication for the past 6 or so hours and have come the conclusion that the match is to be continued. This decision was a joint decision between WCG USA and Riot Games, and agreed upon unanimously by both parties. It will be the final ruling in the matter, without any further discussion or comment.

We have determined that another Best of 3 will need to be played, with the winner of that gaining immediate admittance to the WCG Grand Finals in South Korea. The finals of the WCG USA League of Legends tournament is going to be played in a consistent format to that of the WCG Canada Final which was Best 2 of 3 sets with a 1 set advantage to the upper bracket winner. When we made the format for the tournament, we consulted Riot Games, who provided last year's model as a recommendation. However, since the removal of the National LAN Qualifier, we have since adapted the original rule set to match our needs and make for the best competitive format possible. The original intent was to have this on stage at the LAN Finals, and because of time constraints only a one-game advantage would be awarded to the upper-bracket winners. However, since the cancellation of the LAN Finals, we altered the format back to what we consider to be the better one with regards to competitive integrity.

The current rule-set posted on the WCG USA site were intended only for the online qualifiers, and not the National Finals. In the rules we (the tournament directors) clearly reserve the right to make changes and updates to the format as we see fit, based on the progress and spirit of the competition. This is one of those times in which we will enforcing this rule. Teams were emailed after the first match and notified they would need to play ANOTHER bo3 set. We are sticking with this initial ruling.

Although the rules could have been better formatted and communicated to the players, they were nonetheless consistently enforced throughout the tournament. We believe we have settled on the best solution possible. The essence of a double-elimination tournament is that all the teams get equal opportunities not only for success, but for one failure as well. Since all MATCHES are based on a best-of-3 “maps” scenario, the team coming from upper-bracket has not actually lost a MATCH. To eliminate them from the tournament based on only the loss of one match in a double elimination bracket would go against the logic of a double elimination tournament.

Obviously we hope you will work out your differences and get this match scheduled and played in a timely manner. We're going to impose a 48 hour deadline upon which the match needs to be completed and results reported on the WCG USA Website. You have the option to forfeit if you're not satisfied with our decision, but no exception will be made if you choose to do this. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this is the fairest solution as far as tournament integrity is concerned and we hope to see an excellent match with the winner advancing to the Grand Finals in Korea.

Best of luck to both teams,

Kevin Rosenblatt

Tournament Director


"Series Length: Preliminary – Best of One; Playoffs (Final Eight OR Four depending on registration) – Best of Three; 3rd place match & championship match – Best of 3 with one game advantage to team from upper bracket"

"All national representatives must have proof of legal citizenship for the country that he/she is representing before being allowed to participate in WCG Grand Final competitions
1) Each country’s organizer has the right to set their own participant qualification rules. However, WCG Committee reserves the right to refuse any player, regardless of his/her standing in the National Championship, from participating in the Grand Final if he/she does not meet the above citizenship requirement.
2) In case a player has multiple citizenships and/or has recently obtained citizenship, he/she may not represent more than one country at the WCG Grand Final. Choice of country is locked once he/she has participated in any of the official WCG competition in a certain country. This decision cannot be overturned until next year’s competitions.
3) His/her citizenship status during prior participation in the Grand Final shall not prevent the player from selecting to represent a different country in this year’s competition.
4) If any infractions regarding the above rules are found, the offending player will be immediately disqualified and may be banned from future WCG tournaments."

Lortimus 10-31-2011 12:11 AM


Haunter 10-31-2011 12:12 AM

thats pretty uncool

Yudus 10-31-2011 12:12 AM

Baylife bro

VMan7 10-31-2011 12:12 AM

real bm

WCG proves they're incompetent again.

Dærek 10-31-2011 12:12 AM


Low Key Lyesmith 10-31-2011 12:12 AM

Complese BS bro, CDE -> Korea now.

IS16e7c68f67142a 10-31-2011 12:13 AM


Uzna 10-31-2011 12:13 AM

inb4 riot censors

Unclephillip 10-31-2011 12:13 AM

Reginald butthurt

Go rage in solo queue

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