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IvaDemicol 10-20-2011 07:26 AM

Better Players in Normal Blindpick than Ranked Draft
Is it just me, or do the players in 5v5 Blindpick seem to be better than the ones you run in to in 5v5 Ranked Draft? (I am talking about solo que only) When I play normal blindpick, I tend to find that teammates generally don't auto-lock carries, there is almost always a jungler and a tank on a team with a solid AP and an AD carry. People communicate mias, jungler has buff control and ganks reasonably well, and the lanes aren't too aggro and pushing all the way to opposing tower. People are generally nicer too, when a lane is not doing particularly well they apologize and explain what happened, people don't rage out over someone going 0/2/0 at the start. I am not saying there are no a**holes in blindpick, believe me, afkers, trollers, and feeders are a plenty, but this is nothing compared to Ranked solo que, where people hardly call mias, no one wants to jungle or tank, everyone wants to play carries, and people start raging over first blood. Teammates in Ranked solo que refuse to communicate or group up or are just farm happy the whole game. Is this impression generally correct? Or, have I just been lucking in blindpick?

Btw, I am not a hardcore tryhard omg I have to win kinda player. I am grad student so game time is restricted to 1-2 a day. But, I am the player who will lock in a tank or a jungler if my team needs one, even if everyone else auto-locks carries, just go give my team a chance of winning. It's always better to be on a winning team full of a**holes than a losing team full of a**holes.

Hyfe 10-20-2011 08:40 AM

Uhm... obviously this all depends on your nomral elo vs your ranked elo?

If you are +250 W/L in normals and 1300 elo in ranked... duh?

Ambrotos 10-20-2011 11:43 AM

I've been thinking for a few weeks now that normal games have been more competitive than ranked. But I think this is largely due to the season 2 start that reset all of the ELO. I avoided ranked for the first 2 weeks in hopes that people would sort themselves out and I can get more normal games in. But ranked games are more lopsided than normal of late in my opinion.

I'm not a great player either, usually around .500 win percentage. So I'm likely playing against the same players as the op. The lower rage is probably due to a visible ranking changing. Losing in normal doesn't really mean anything to most people.

BlackCat9001 10-20-2011 06:10 PM

I don't really see a point of doing ranked if we have normal draft mode now. My normal ELO is and always has been/will be higher than my ranked. I want to play with people on my level; not to struggle to get up to that level and lose over and over again because of it.

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