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oO Undersky Oo 10-14-2011 05:36 PM

How long it takes to get a good game?
How many games do you need to play to get an actual good, fun and enjoyable game?

Im on my third and still no good game.

Game #1

Bot feeds top enemy Talon 7 death in 10min, tank didn't want to tank, instead he jungled the whole game. Surrender at 20.

Game #2

After overextending and dying with a 1-4 score our Sonna announces she wants to leave, and she did leave. Surrender at 20.

Right now its 40 minutes of not being able to play a enjoyable game.

I don't know about you but time is precious and 40 minutes is a lot, it sucks to waste so much time and have no fun because of leavers, feeders and griefers.

There should be a rule that separate feeders from non-feeders and leavers from non-leavers.

Leavers should only be able to play with other leavers, same to feeders, we all deserve to have a good game and have fun without wasting 40mins trying to get it just to surrender at 20.

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